Use two rebate apps to get cash back on Kind cereal and Kind oatmeal in stores at Walmart. Download the Ibotta app and download the Shopkick app to get started. Follow these steps:

  • Activate the Ibotta offers for Kind Cereal and Kind Oatmeal before shopping.
  • Scan the product barcodes on both Kind Cereal and Kind Oatmeal with the Shopkick app. You’ll earn 15 kicks ($0.06) each.
  • Pay full price for the products at checkout.
  • Submit your receipt to Ibotta for $2 back on the Kind Cereal and $2 for the oatmeal. You’ll receive the credit almost instantly.
  • Scan the store receipt with Shopkick to receive 300 kicks ($1.20) each.
  • You’ll also receive 250 kicks ($1) as a bonus when you buy both Kind products.