Dining and bar items are available in stores at Walmart for great low prices. We found wine glasses, serving platters, and more for as low as $3.70. Don’t wait to check the shelves at your preferred location because these deals won’t last long.

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Anchor Hocking 8″ Presence Clear Salad Plate $0.65 (reg. $1) SKU: 23888948

Anchor Hocking 10″ Clear Presence Dinner Plate $0.90 (reg. $1) SKU: 23888947

Espresso Mug Set with Metal Stand $2.85 (reg. $3.74) SKU: 36816071

Libbey Bastille Stemless Glasses $3.70 (reg. $4.96) SKU: 257319791

Godinger Shannon Rocks Crystal Whisky Glasses $7.70 (reg. $9.74) SKU: 644397730

Bar340 Dexon Double Old Fashion Whisky Glasses $5.90 (reg. $7.84) SKU: 372534581

Mainstays Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale $4.95 (reg. $19.88) SKU: 49883591

Better Homes & Gardens Porcelain Bakeware Serve Dish $7.60 (reg. $10) SKU: 966328514

Better Homes & Gardens Porcelain Chip Dip Set $12.20 (reg. $15.88) SKU: 341351861

Mainstays Teal Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set $12.50 (reg. $21.88) SKU: 20595131

Better Homes & Gardens Dinnerware Set $34.95 (reg. $49.96) SKU: 538108769