Shop in stores at Walmart for the best Pioneer Woman deals. We found prices as low as $1 on products such as melamine mixing bowls, select plates, and more.

Inventory and pricing will vary by store. We recommend using the BrickSeek inventory checker before making a special trip. Simply enter your zip code and the SKU numbers provided below to find these items at your local Walmart stores.

The Pioneer Woman Melamine Dinner Plate $1 (reg. $1.50) – SKU: 657100379

The Pioneer Woman Pie Server $3.90 (reg. $6.97) – SKU: 302698298

The Pioneer Woman Stainless Steel Measuring Cups $9.15 (reg. $12.72) – SKU: 302866461

The Pioneer Woman Ceramic Rolling Pin $12.75 (reg. $16.97) – SKU: 516438642

The Pioneer Woman Melamine Serving Bowl Set $11.25 (reg. $14.98) – SKU: 861282466

The Pioneer Woman 3.8-Quart Batter Bowl $13.75 (reg. $18.82) – SKU: 667781749

The Pioneer Woman 3.2-Quart Baker with Tote $19.97 (reg. $25.97) – SKU: 593793511

The Pioneer Woman 14-Piece Cutlery Set with Wood Block $49.97 (reg. $59) – SKU: 372299908