“Alexa, print my shopping list.”

Amazon is introducing the Smart Sticky Note Printer. It’s a Day 1 Editions concept that works with Alexa to help you make quick notes, hands-free. Pair it with a compatible Echo device, and then ask Alexa to print shopping lists, to-dos, recipes, puzzles, and more. This device is priced at $114.99 and is estimated to start shipping between July and September 2021. If you don’t love it, Amazon returns are super easy — you don’t even need to box up your items.

This device is actually super cool – it’s a direct thermal printer, which means you’ll never need to buy ink or toner. Just set it up within 30 feet of your echo device, connect to wi-fi, and you’re ready to print. The box will include the sticky note printer, power adapter, and one yellow sticky thermal paper roll.

So what is Day 1 Editions? It’s an Amazon program that allows shoppers to help make their favorite device ideas come to life. They’ll share a few concepts for new devices that work with Alexa. For a limited time, you can pre-order the ones you want for a chance to make them real. If an item reaches its pre-order goal within 30 days, they’ll build it – and you’ll be among the first to get it. Read more about the program here.

This device reached the pre-order goal on day three of 30. Since it’s getting built, paper refills will be available to purchase in blue, pink, white, and yellow. If you pre-order the device, you won’t be charged until the item ships.