Head over to Dollar Shave Club to score on their four-piece starter kit for only $5 shipped.

This starter kit features three shaving aid samples, one razor handle, and two six-bladed razor heads.

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What is Dollar Shave Club?

Dollar Shave Club started in 2011, creating one of the first monthly subscription services for shaving supplies. Each box comes with a variety of shaving essentials and ships every two months after the trial.

Their newest box features a new look and redesigned products to make each shave a perfect one.

Here’s how to get the deal:

  1. Head over to Dollar Shave Club.
  2. Scroll down and click “try for $5,” and then click “try for $5” again.
  3. Enter an email and password.
  4. Input your delivery information and payment type.
  5. Click “complete order.”

Is Dollar Shave Club Legit?

Bottom line cost: $5 for the first month, free shipping, and applicable tax.

When will I be charged? The $5 charge will hit your credit card on the day of your purchase.

When will it ship? Your first month’s box will arrive within 6 – 8 business days.

Will I need to cancel? Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service. If you don’t want to receive future shipments, cancel your membership once you receive the trial. If you don’t cancel, Dollar Shave Club will automatically charge you $20 every two months to ship replacement razors and shaving aids.

To cancel, head over to your membership settings on the site and click the button that says “cancel subscription.”