Ill Makiage let’s you try your first foundation for free, (just pay shipping $5). They also send you a free foundation brush with a subscription and a free gift (mine was eyeliner) regardless.

After I was sent my first foundation, immediately got a 20 dollar gift card sent to me. The foundation didn’t end up matching, so I sent it back which canceled my auto renew (but it kept the brush and eyeliner for free!) so I wouldn’t get charged. They THEN emailed me another 50 dollar gift card (no restrictions) to try one of their products again, so I ordered another foundation- just completely for free, no monthly subscription or anything. Didn’t pay a dime.

THEN they sent me another 20 dollar gift card just for using the 50 dollar one lol. So I still have 2 20 dollar ones left to use if I want. I wonder at what point they’ll start marking money but hey I’ll take it!

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