LRL night cream 1.7 oz, $15.79
-5off 15 LRL facial care
-2off LRL cream mfr Q
$16.50 w/tax -7q= 9.5
used 9 eb, paid 50c

Eucerin calm creme 9.79
Eucerin daily 10.79
L’oreal age perfect 1.7 oz 21.49

2$eucerin mfr LTC
2$eucerin mfr paper
3off10 lotion crt
5off15 LRL age perfect LTC
5off15 LRL facial care LTC
22 own eb
After discounts total came to 7c cash

Got $20 eb:
$10 spend 20 get 10 eucerin
$10 spend 30 get 10 LRL


👉$11.50 oop
For 2 LRL cream and 2 eucerin
4 products worth $63👈 w/tax

$4 ea LRL cream
$1.75ea eucerin

Just wanted to use expiring eb for LRL

Need 6.42 to earn Nov gift for beauty club, whatever the new program is.
Miss ya beauty club EB!

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