1 Tide Liquid Sport 92 Oz $11.99. 1 Gain Flings 42 count (my personal favorite, love Gain) $11.99. 1 Tide Pod 42 count $11.99. Buy 3 get $10.00 Targer Gift Card. Print 3 p and g everyday coupons, from their website. 1 Tide Pod $3.00 off, 42 count or higher. 1 Gain Pod $3.00 off, 42 count or higher. 1 Tide Liquid $3.00 off, do not remember the details of the coupon please read the fine print. My coupons would not scan, but my cashier was AMAZING, and manually took off the $3.00 off each item. For a total of $9.00 off with coupons, or $8.99 each. Plus an additional $1.50 off digital Target Circle coupons. Plus 5% off for using my Target Red Card. Total was $25.47, Red Card Savings brought my total down to $24.63. PLUS a $5.00 Target Gift Card from last week, brought my OUT OF POCKET total to $19.63, minus the $10.00 Target Gift Card I received, For an AMAZING grand total of….$9.63 OR $3.21 each!!!

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