I’m a firm believer that duct tape can literally fix anything. I have plenty of rolls stashed around the house for whenever an emergency comes up.

Take a look at these uses for duct tape you’ve never heard before:


1. Remove pet hair.

Wrap duct tape around a paint roller cover, sticky side out. Roll the paint cover over furniture or carpet to pick up the pet hair. Add more tape as the surface gets full of hair.


2. Create a temporary hem.

Use duct tape to create a temporary hem on long pants. Simply fold the excess fabric under, and use a small piece of duct tape to secure it in place.


3. Open a jar.

Wrap a piece of duct tape around the edge of the lid, leaving an end to pull on. Grasp the jar firmly, and pull on the tape; the lid should twist off with minimal effort.


4. Wrap a dog leash with glow-in-the-dark duct tape for walks at dusk.


5. Baby-proof electrical outlets.

Traveling or staying at a relative’s house for the weekend? Use duct tape to baby proof outlets in a pinch.



6. Remove warts.

My mom would always tell me that duct tape would help remove warts. Well, Mom is always right.


7. Protect your floors from scratches and scuffs.

Place duct tape on the bottom of the legs of your furniture. The duct tape layer will help protect your floors from scuffs and scratches.


8. Change the look of outlet covers.

Spruce up your kids’ rooms with decorative duct tape on the outlet covers.


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9. Prevent blisters from ruining your hike or workout.

When you first feel the symptoms of an impending blister, apply duct tape over the irritated spot as smoothly as possible. If a blister has already developed, protect it from the duct tape glue by placing a circle of paper or gauze directly over the blister, and then apply the duct tape on top.


10. Make slippery soles — well… not slippery anymore.

Place a piece of duct tape on the soles of the shoes that are slippery. Then, use scissors to rough up the tape for better grip.

11. Pick up glitter, sequins and other small craft things.

12. Decorate your iPhone charger.


13. Make chip clips.

Wrap cute duct tape around office clips and voilá — chip clips!



14. Wrap water bottles in decorative holiday duct tape.


15. Play bean bag toss with rice-filled socks and decorated cans.

Fill a couple of small socks with rice, and tie the ends with rubber bands and patriotic ribbon. Then, cover six empty and cleaned 15-ounce cans with red, white, and blue tape, making sure the tape covers any sharp edges. Set cans up in a pyramid, and have kids stand several feet away. Whoever knocks down all the cans within two tries wins!


16. Make homemade coasters.

Cut cardboard into circles or squares, and cover them with decorative duct tape.


17. Make a collapsible playhouse.

You’ll need two boxes, some tape, and a box cutter for this playhouse.

Remove one entire side of your box, keeping the removed part for later. Lay the box on its side with the missing section skyward. Extend the box’s flaps, and tape inside and out to prevent them from folding in. One flap will function as part of the playhouse’s floor.

Get your second box or another large piece of cardboard. Using the piece of cardboard you just removed from the first box as a guide, measure and cut a duplicate piece of cardboard. Tape the two pieces together; these will form the roof. Attach the roof to your playhouse’s frame (the first box).

To make the playhouse collapsible, cut straight down the back of the box, the bottom, and the bottom edge.

Lay the box flat on the floor and securely tape just the vertical back and bottom cuts you made. Don’t tape the horizontal, bottom edge; otherwise the box won’t collapse properly.

Open up the playhouse so it’s standing, and secure the inside (back and bottom cuts only) with tape. You may need to add a few more pieces of tape to keep the playhouse together, but that’s it. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild.


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17 Crazy-Cool Uses for Duct Tape