One of our favorite features here at KCL is our Brags page! We love to see all the amazing deals you’re snagging each day. We want you guys to get excited about your shopping trip finds, share them with the rest of us, and check back to see how your fellow krazy couponers are saving big! Here are our top 5 reasons why we think it would be crazy not to check the Brags page:

1. New coupons

KCL’s coupon database is one of the best, but nobody is perfect. Brags is a great place where new coupons may be found! See what people are finding in their local newspapers, peelies on products in their stores, email coupons and more! See how these coupons are being used to get the best deals by fellow couponers. Here are a few Brags using peelies found at local stores:

A Peelie Will Make Your Day! 
Peelies = Free Venus Razor!!!  

Check those Peelies!

2. Regional deals

Many sales, prices, promotions and coupons vary from region to region. Because of this, we sometimes miss some amazing deals. We also don’t cover every store out there. This is where you and all the KCLs out there come into play. Let us know where you are in the world and the stores where you find your deals. Inform your neighboring couponers how you saved and how they can too! Here are some examples of Brags from stores that are not even on our list:

My First Free Haul at Marc’s in Ohio!
Free Clorox 2 at Menards!
Cheap detergent at Pathmark!  

3. Ideas for shopping scenarios

Ever get stuck wondering about the best way to use your coupons? Sometimes putting together a shopping trip is the hardest part. Check the brags to see how other KCLs put their coupons to use. See how they split up transactions, used coupons, and saved big! Check out how these people used their coupons at different stores in different transactions:

Over $100 worth for under $15 at Rite Aid, CVS, Target and Walgreens!!!
"Rolling" at its finest at CVS & Walgreens!
Terrific Target Trip!

4. Connect with fellow couponers

The Brags page is an awesome place to connect with newbie couponers, seasonal couponers and the experts! It’s a fun way to interact with others just like you. You can share deals, ask questions, teach others and learn from couponers all over the country! This should be a friendly place to leave comments, congratulate, give tips, teach and encourage!

5. New ways to save

Many times, we learn different ways to save from new sources like mobile apps, mobile coupons and rebates! It’s fun to see how our fellow KCLs use their Ibotta, Checkout 51 or Shopmium offers. We also have learned how others are using SwagBucks and where they find rebates! Here are a few examples of Brags using these special ways to save:

Over $75 for $0.31 at Target using SwagBucks!  
Target Deals Never Fail! $6.92 Money Maker Using Ibotta and Shopkick! 
Huggies Moneymaker after $10 REBATE!



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Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Miss a Brag!