Growing up, I loved music. It was my passion. It was my language. It was my world. I spent hours upon hours cutting out pictures of Cyndi Lauper, New Kids on the Block, Michael Jackson, and even Vanilla Ice. That’s right, I said Vanilla Ice! Ice, Ice, baby, too cold, too cold. (Sorry I was having a jam moment…) I would beg my parents constantly to take me to concerts, and to shut me up they actually took me to a few, and I will never forget those times! We always had crappy seats and I couldn’t see a thing, but I had the time of my life at those concerts!

Today I have two children of my own. My daughter and I have been attending concerts together since she was three years old. I’ve learned a lot about getting good seats at concerts and how to even score some meet-and-greet passes with the stars!

Most of us remember the Hannah Montana uproar when thousands of mothers were logged on to get tickets for her concert, but it sold out faster than one could say “Miley Cyrus”. Parents everywhere were screaming and yelling about how unfair it was that they didn’t get tickets. I was not one of those parents. I myself was a happy camper because when I logged on, I was able to score four tickets to the Hannah concert. Actually, they weren’t just tickets. They were FLOOR tickets very close to the stage!

How did I get tickets to see Hannah Montana when hundreds of parents also logged on at the same time I did and couldn’t get a single ticket? Follow these tips and assure yourself great seats to almost any concert you want to attend.

1. Join the fan club

I can’t say this enough. Join Join Join! Almost every artist out there has a fan club you can join for a small fee of $10-$35, on average. Once you join that club you will get pre-sale info for all upcoming shows. As a fan club member, you can usually buy tickets before the general public, and usually you can apply for meet-and-greet passes as well.  In fact, one of the only ways to have a chance at meeting your favorite singer is to apply for meet-and-greet passes through their fan club. Artists take their loyal fans seriously and are willing to show them their love with autographs, pre-sales, fan only photos, etc….

2. Be logged on when the event goes on sale

Don’t wait a minute longer. Be online and ready to hit that button when your concert goes on sale. Don’t click “best available”. Make sure  you always click the price and section you want. If good tickets don’t show up for you then don’t just take crappy seats. There are other ways to get good seats.

3. Check for tickets the day before or the day of the show

Yes, that’s what I said. WAIT to search for tickets until the show gets closer. It’s risky, but it usually works out great for me! The venue holding the event usually holds a nice chunk of really good tickets for vendors, friends, families, employees, radio contests, etc… They rarely use all the seats and hold off selling them, so a few days before or the day of the concert the venue will release these tickets to the general public. Recently, only two days before her show, we used this method and scored front row pit tickets to see Taylor Swift. We had friends who had bought tickets months before and were sitting way far away from the stage! Nobody could understand how we got our great tickets so close to the concert date.

4. Check eBay

Notice I said check ebay, not buy them right away on ebay. Usually ebay will show very high ticket prices for the concert you’re wanting to attend. However, if you wait until the day before or the day of the show, you will be amazed at how low the sellers will go rather than be stuck with their tickets. Make them an offer. The most they can do is say no.

5. If all else fails, go to the show anyway

At almost every concert I’ve been to, there is always a group of kids standing around with signs they’ve made about how badly they want to go to the concert. Several times I have actually witnessed a person on the crew come up and give them tickets to the show!  As I said earlier, the artists love their loyal fans, and they will go out of their way for the fans showing the most spirit.

Best of luck, and just a note of advice to all the moms reading this: I can’t urge you enough to take your kids and their friends to concerts. It’s a great time together, and it’s something you’ll find a lot of parents just aren’t willing to do. I have taken several of my daughter’s friends to their very first concert, and the memories for all of us will last a lifetime. After all, they’re only young once!

This has been a guest post by Shawna from Bridgeport, WV
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How to Score the Best Seats at Concerts