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He’s the first to squash a bug, jump into [a Halo] battle, bring you coffee, and clean the cupboards before you go on a diet (those Pop-Tarts won’t eat themselves, yo). Thank him with a month of one of our favorite subscription boxes, and save even more with our exclusive deals.


1. Taste Trunk makes BBQ his BFF for $44.98.

Your Guy: Is a food adventurer who likes to get his flame broil on.

Taste Trunk BBQ Subscription: Sources hand-picked, small-batch brands for BBQ aficionados so you get family recipes and distinctive flavors. Simply choose the subscription length; include a free, customized gift note; and pick your delivery date. Each trunk comes gift packaged and ready to send with no receipts or pricing info. Plus, that black Hawaiian Lava salt? Seriously crazy awesome.

Taste Trunk BBQ Subscription, one box $49.99, $33 a month for the subscription.
Save 30% on your first order
Shipping is $3.33
Final Price: $38.32 shipped


2. Foot Cardigan sends a new, sweet pair of socks to your guy for $9.29.


Your Guy: Is a fashion rebel who thinks 6-packs of tube socks are dumb.

Foot Cardigan: Delivers a fantastically random pair of socks directly to your doorstep, crafted from 75% combed cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex, 2.4% natural and artificial flavors, 1.7% laughter, and the last twinkle of a distant, dying star. Bryan and the gang beckon the cool sock angels on high to bring joy to the world…one foot at a time. These men’s socks fit up to a men’s 13 (they’re super stretchy and fit a wide variety of feet).

Foot Cardigan Subscription $9.00
Use code COOLDAD to save 19% (deal runs 5/4/16 – 6/19/16)
Shipping is $2.00
Final Price: $9.29 shipped


3. Sprezza Box curates fashion items for his unique style for only $23.

Sprezza Box FB

Your Guy: Likes swanky bow ties, pocket squares, suspenders, socks, beard lotions, you name it.

Sprezza Box: Delivers over $100 in items to your Dapper Dan every month. Each box is curated by an in-house stylist and typically includes: ties, socks, pocket squares, and other lifestyle and grooming items. They’ve shipped over 100,000 boxes with plenty of love, so you know your guy is in for a treat.

Sprezza Box Subscription $28.00
Use code KCL5 to save $5.00
Shipping is free
Final Price: $23.00 shipped



4. Craft Beer Club delivers craft beer to your doorstep for $34.

Your Guy: Believes happy hour is his spirit animal.

Craft Beer Club: Brings the bubbly goodness in the form of 12 World-Class Craft Beers in 4 different styles, with a monthly newsletter sharing the story behind the beer, what’s in it, and where it originated. There are even bonus items to look forward to! We scored $25 in glasses and a bottle cap opener with our most recent shipment.

Craft Beer Club Subscription $39.00
Use code KrazyLady5 to save $5.00
Shipping is free
Final Price: $34.00 shipped


5. Sock Club makes what’s inside his shoes seriously swankified for $10.80.


Your Guy: Loves to express himself from his head to his toes (especially his toes).

Sock Club: Is an Austin, Texas based company designing and manufacturing quality, American-made socks for a broad range of custom clients. Noah and company create high-quality socks that feature modern-classic patterns using only the finest combed cotton and materials sourced in the Southeastern United States. The presentation is impressive, with a wax-sealed, wrapped package that makes each month feel pretty special.

Sock Club Subscription $12.00
Use code KCL to save 10%
Shipping is free
Final Price: $10.80 shipped


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6. Batch ships Southern-themed food for the soul for $36.75.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 2.47.44 PM

Via Style Blueprint

Your Guy: Is a Southern gent at heart, with a taste for homegrown cuisine.

Batch: Sends subscribers four locally-made items in a way that keeps anyone in the world connected with the South. Dig decadent products sourced directly from Nashville, Austin, Memphis, Charleston, and Atlanta. And when you purchase the subscription box, they’ll even mail you a greeting card to give to your recipient on their special day describing the awesomeness they can expect.

Batch Club Subscription $49.00
Use code KRAZY to save 25%
Shipping is free
Final Price: $36.75 shipped


7. Carnivore Club‘s gift box reminds him why he has incisors for $49.50.


Via A Glug of Oil

Your Guy: Loves meat so much, he could be elected the mayor of Meatopia.

Carnivore Club: Satisfies his inner carnivore by delivering cured meats from unique, featured artisans from around the meaty globe. Members receive 4 – 6 handcrafted packages themed around particular styles of cured meats (like French charcuterie, Italian salami, Spanish chorizo, South African biltong, and artisanal jerky). We’re personally crushing on that garlic salami.

Carnivore Club Subscription $55.00
Use code KCL10OFF to save 10%
Shipping is free
Final Price: $49.50 shipped


8. Chef’d sends quality ingredients and recipes right to your kitchen for $22.

Chefd Box

Your Guy: Wants to get his beardy Betty Crocker on.

Chef’d: Browses recipes from your favorite chefs and delivers the ingredients and step-by-step instructions right to your kitchen! Since their chefs source the highest quality ingredients they can find, all you’ve gotta do is just browse their site, choose a meal or two, and the date you prefer. The pre-portioned ingredients come in classics and vegetarian options too. No more wasted ingredients or canned ravioli, what!

Chef’d Subscription $22.00
Use code KCLCHEF to save $10 on first order
Shipping is $10, or free on orders of $40 or more
Final Price: $22.00 shipped


9. Farm to People sends curated, GMO-free, gourmet grub for $34.09.


Your Guy: Is a fan of transparency, non-GMOs, and humanely raised food.

Farm to People: Through small-batch producers, these guys merge their passion for quality into new excuses to try stuff like ostrich jerky and Lovage soda syrup. Their crew hits the ground all over the country searching quality, gourmet versions of your favorite foods—all without artificial additives or GMOs. You get up to eight new items every month to explore. Just save a goat milk caramel for me.

Farm to People Subscription $29.00
Use code KCL10 to save 10%
Shipping is $7.99
Final Price: $34.09 shipped


10. Dollar Shave Club keeps your guy gloriously manscaped for as little as $1.

Dollar Shave Club Facebook

Your guy: Likes to tackle life on his own terms, but no matter what else he’s got going on, he won’t sacrifice a clean shave.

Dollar Shave Club: Couldn’t be simpler. Select and pay for one of their great blades and get ’em right to your door every month, complete with a compatible handle. Feel free to change razors at any time, and the compatible handle is always free. They even offer exclusive products formulated with top-shelf botanicals. Plus when you sign up, you get shave cream and a razor handle included. Bam: you’re officially the best gift giver.

Dollar Shave Club Subscription $1.00
Shipping is $2
Final Price: $3.00 shipped


Bonus: Hole in the Wall box lets his mouth travel without the TSA pat down for $35.


Your Guy: Loves to visit other cities, but only with his taste buds.

Hole in the Wall: puts together a lip-smacking array of area-themed foods curated from farmers markets, mom-and-pop shops, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, like this rad selection straight from Seattle. The box’s value is a little over $41, making these items about spot on with shipping. I can tell you we were fighting over the whiskey and smoked salt caramels in the office.

Hole in the Wall Subscription $35.00
Use code KCL10HOLEINWALL to save 10%
Shipping is $7.00
Final Price: $38.50 shipped


Note: These are subscription box services, so make sure you read the website rules. This way you’ll know how frequently you’ll be receiving these boxes and other member benefits.

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10 Cool Subscription Boxes for Your Man