1. Shop with the retailer that gives you the free bird.

In the past, Winco, Albertsons, and some Kroger stores like Fred Meyer have offered free turkeys to shoppers who spend a certain dollar amount. Check our grocery deals page throughout November for more information.

2. Stock up when the price is right.

There are going to be some awesome deals around the holidays—make sure you know when a deal is truly a great one with our Thanksgiving Stock-Up Price List.


3. Have Thanksgiving a day late to take advantage of clearance deals.

4. Serve a few hors d’oeuvres to curb appetites.

This is a great place to cut down on per guest meal costs by taking the edge off guests' appetites with cheaper appetizers.

Get the recipe for this Cranberry Salsa Cream Cheese Dip here.

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5. Set out smaller dinner plates and beverage glasses.

Standard size dinner plates can cause people to eat up to 16% more food. To keep per-guest meal costs lower, offer smaller dinner plates (and wine glasses).

6. Decant boxed wine to save on drinks.

Unless your guests are wine connoisseurs, they won’t be able to tell the wine you’re serving them came from a box—just decant it before they arrive. Even at full price, most box wines retail around $20 for the equivalent amount to four bottles of wine—or $5 a bottle.

7. Make two smaller turkeys to save on cooking time.

The smaller the bird, the faster it'll cook.

8. Skip the pre-made baked goods and pre-chopped vegetables.

The cost of grocery store baked goods (pies, cakes, pastries, bread, etc.) is pure labor. Even if you only bake once per year, opt for a box mix (where you only have to add eggs, milk, etc.) over pre-made pies, cakes, or other baked goods.

Same goes with pre-chopped produce. Plan to chop your veggies a day or two ahead and refrigerate so you save yourself some time and effort on the actual holiday.


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