Even though it makes total sense that Amazon Prime Day 2020 has been cancelled in the wake of extreme demand during the coronavirus outbreak, we’re still a little bummed.

Being stuck at home has made me appreciate Amazon’s household technology devices, from the Fire TV stick streaming Netflix to the Fire tablet I’m reading all the e-books on.

If you were hoping to score Black Friday-like deals on Amazon Alexa devices during Prime Day, you’re not completely out of luck. We’ve taken a look at the price history of the most popular Alexa and Echo products during the past 6 months on CamelCamelCamel and found the best sales right now, and the one’s you’re gonna want to watch out for.

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5 Amazon Alexa Products to Buy Right Now

The most popular Amazon Echo devices are bargain priced during coronavirus quarantine — and a few other Alexa products. Here’s what’s on sale right now:

  1. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa: $29.99 — much cheaper than the average price of $37.93 and the lowest price since Black Friday time when it cost just $22.00.
  2. Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet: $49.99 — dropped to Black Friday prices within the last week and appears to change a couple of times per month. If you need a Fire tablet now, this is the best deal.
  3. Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa: $59.99 — same price as Black Friday and far below the average price of $84.99.
  4. Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) – Smart Home Hub: $99.99 — matches the Black Friday price, and is $50 cheaper than it was on April 1.
  5. Ring Peephole Cam with Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen): $129.00 — like $90 off regular price. This bundle made it onto CamelCamelCamel’s biggest price drops list and has never been priced this low. Typically hovers between $235 and $249.

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9 Amazon Alexa Products That Could Drop in Price Any Minute

You’re going to want to sign up for Alexa deal alerts in the KCL app; the following items have shown indicators that their prices are about to drop. You’ll want to be ready when they do:

  1. Amazon Echo Flex – Plug-in Mini Smart Speaker with Alexa: $24.99 — not a great deal right now, especially since it’s higher than the average price of $22.76, but the price volatility since Jan. 1 indicates that prices will drop again.
  2. Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote: $39.99 — the price it’s been since late February. There have been 18 price changes in the last 6 months, so odds are, it’ll drop from this price (its highest) three times a month.
  3. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K: $49.99 — the standard price for this item. The price bounces lower ALL. THE. TIME. So sit tight and see if we return to the $34.99 price point we saw briefly in January and February.
  4. Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Display: $69.99 — not as low as it was a week ago ($59.99), but it’s still a decent sale, since the average price is $75.87. Recent history would show that in short order, the Show 5 will inch closer to the $49.99 Black Friday price.
  5. Amazon Echo Show 8 Smart Display: $99.99 — lower than the average price of $104.53, but still $20 higher than the Black Friday low of $79.99. Prices have been volatile since the COVID-19 outbreak; it sold for $89.99 earlier this month. Keep an eye out.
  6. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet 7″ Display 16GB with Kid-Proof Case: $99.99 — a price that was only $59.99 a few weeks ago. It was hanging out at $69.99 for a while; it should return.
  7. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet 8″ HD Display 32 GB with Kid-Proof Case: $129.99 — $50 higher than dips we see pretty regularly. A $79.99 price point seems to be a monthly (month-end) occurrence. Stay tuned.
  8. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: $129.99 — a price we’ve seen for much of the last month or so, but higher than the 6-month low price of $84.99, which we last saw in early March. Amazon has made monthly price cuts, bouncing between $84.99-$94.99.
  9. Amazon All-New Fire HD 10 Kid Edition Tablet 10.1″ HD Display 32 GB with Kid-Proof Case: $199.99 — $50 higher than dips we see pretty regularly. A $149.99 price point seems to be a monthly (month-end) occurrence. Stay tuned.



10 Amazon Alexa Products That Are Priced Too High

Of course, not every Echo device or Alexa product is worth it right now. These products are at their highest prices, so stay away:

  1. Amazon Smart Plug, Works with Alexa: $24.99 — and it’s been that way since early 2019. I got my smart plugs through a Prime member promotion for $1 each, but that was pretty special. Either wait for Amazon to discount this someday, or find a cheaper alternative.
  2. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet: $49.99 — 40% more expensive than the Black Friday price, although recent price drops have dipped down to $39.99. No sense of regularity with pricing, so don’t count on anything big right now.
  3. Amazon Echo Auto: $49.99 — $20 more expensive than I bought it for around Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Prices don’t really drop for this one, and with fewer people in their cars these days, it’ll be interesting to see if Amazon tries to discount it.
  4. AmazonBasics Microwave, Works with Alexa: $59.99 — the same price it’s always been, except for one sale in mid-February 2019 that saw a price drop to $41.99. If you want this microwave, don’t count on a sale to get it. Maybe a discounted gift card from Raise?
  5. Amazon Fire TV Cube: $119.99 — $30 more expensive than Black Friday prices (and prices during Christmas week, early February and late February). It’s been this price for the majority of its lifetime.
  6. Amazon Echo Buds – Wireless Earbuds with Alexa: $129.99 — cheaper than some new AirPods, but from late January to mid-February, they cost just $89.99 (the only discount since the product debuted in September 2019).
  7. All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet: $149.99 — $50 more expensive than it was in late January (or on Black Friday). Except for four short-lived price drops, this is the price this tablet likes to stay at.
  8. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free: $149.99 — the price it always is. The only price drop in its lifetime was $99.99, 8 months ago. It’s due for a discount, but it’s not looking like that’ll happen.
  9. Amazon Echo Studio – High-fidelity Smart Speaker with 3D Audio and Alexa: $199.99 — briefly dipped in price March 1 before bouncing back to its highest price.
  10. Amazon Echo Show Smart Display (2nd Gen): $229.99 — far above the Black Friday price of $149.99. The Show 2nd Gen seems to stay at this price almost always.


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