If you want to save money this year, there are a few things you absolutely must do. First, stop buying things without shopping around for the best price. Make a commitment to shop smarter and look for coupons and sales.

Don’t stop there. Take the difference of the amount you paid and the amount you would normally spend on the item and put that money into a savings account. Even if it’s just a few dollars per shopping trip, those small sums will add up.

Here are a few apps that can help you get on your way:


1. Walla.by

This browser extension tells you which of your credit cards will give you the most points or cash back for a particular online purchase. Essentially, this will maximize your credit card rewards whenever you shop online.


2. Keepa

Keepa is an Amazon price tracker that will show you how the price of any Amazon product has risen and fallen in the past, helping you know when to buy. You can even set price drop alerts.


3. Trim

It’s a personal financial assistant that finds ways for you to save money. First, Trim analyzes and monitors your credit card transaction history to show you all of your subscriptions. Then, they cancel anything you don’t want to keep paying for.


4. ShopSavvy

Use this free app to quickly scan the product’s barcode in-store and find out where it may be sold cheaper, including online competitors.



5. CrayPay

Purchase gift cards for less than their face value with an app called CrayPay. Enter your purchase amount while standing at checkout. CrayPay will buy a gift card in your exact purchase amount, but you’ll only pay around 97% of the gift card’s value, saving you an extra 3% with almost no effort! Hand your phone to the cashier, and they’ll scan the barcode of your gift card.


6. Sift

Every year, consumers miss out on tens of billions of dollars in reimbursements and benefits from their credit card companies because of jargon, fine print, and sophisticated tools many companies use. Sift gets money back automatically from your hidden credit card benefits including price protection, damage and theft protection, extended warranties, and extended return policies.


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7. Earny

You know online prices constantly fluctuate, but you don’t really have time to sit there and monitor them. That’s where Earny can help. The bot takes advantage of retailers’ price-match policies to negotiate a refund on your behalf. So you don’t have to do anything — just wait for a notification that you’ve earned cash back. You’ll get a refund via your original payment method, store credit or a check in the mail. Earny keeps a 25% “success fee” — but only when it saves you money.


8. Dosh

This new cash-back app pays you for making purchases at more than 100,000 hotels, online stores, and restaurants — including Starwood Properties, Marriott, Cost Plus World Market, Nike, Target, Chuck E. Cheese’s, and many more.



9. Fetch Rewards

This app gives you cash back for taking pictures of your grocery receipts. The main difference between Fetch Rewards and other receipt-scanning apps is that it doesn’t matter where you buy your product. Scan any receipt and get points redeemable for gift cards. You have only 14 days from your purchase to scan your receipt. If you wait longer than this, it’s most likely that your receipt won’t be valid.


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Best Low-Effort Ways to Save Money in 2018