Krazy Coupon Ladies are just, well, fantastic. We’re frugal, we’re smart, we’re stylish. And we’ve all got a bad habit or two.

KCL confession: I bite my nails constantly, and I shop at Target way too often. And until recently, I lacked the motivation to stop.

What finally served as the metaphorical kick in the tuchus? I get paid to shop less and to no longer gnaw on my fingers.

There are several companies willing to pay folks to kick bad habits. It takes a bit of work but is worth it for the money and the changes in your life.

Smoking: Clinical Trials is a results database of federal and private clinical trials. The site provides all needed information about the trial and requirements to join. Those selected are paid $20 – $900, depending on the study. Considering the average smoker spends over $3,000 a year on cigarettes (which could be deadly) jump at the chance for financial motivation to stop.

Texting and Driving: SafeCell App lets drivers know about phone laws in the area. It also awards points for safe driving. The app tracks where drivers are and gives a head’s up when texting and cell phone use aren’t allowed. Parents can use the driving log created by SafeCell to make sure teens aren’t engaging in dangerous behaviors. The company offers a $5 pre-paid Visa gift card for every 5,000 miles safely driven. Be warned: points are docked if the app detects any law-breaking.

Couch Potato: Earnd It links to portable GPS devices like cell phones, Garmin or Foursquare (and plenty of others). It gives points for exercising. Redeem  points for gift cards to all kinds of retailers, or even donate points to charity. The gift cards are $10 – $100.

Being Wasteful: Recycle Bank rewards points for pledging to recycle trash, turn off lights, or even make a switch to bottled water. Those points can be redeemed for coupons, gift cards to retailers, or charitable donations.  Obviously, not recycling isn't going to put your health at risk. Why not get paid to help the planet?

Everything Else: Daily Feats takes kicking bad habits to a whole new level. Instead of just focusing on one thing like exercising or eating healthy, Daily Feats will give points for stuff like waking up early, completing chores, eating a healthy meal, reading a book or newspaper, laughing with friends, budgeting finances, and even having fun with family outside (plus dozens more). Complete a feat and be rewarded in points,. Trade those points in for things like magazine subscriptions, discounts to retailers, gift cards, or donations. The gift cards are valued at anywhere from $5 – $25.

You're not going to be dinning with Ivana Trump, but getting paid to better yourself is a sure way to stay motivated and keep track of your progress. Good luck!

This has been a guest post by August from Granite Falls, NC
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