Computer viruses, bugs and glitches. It isn’t like we can take our laptops and towers into the clinic for a checkup. The blue screen of death often means dollar signs. Even a quick evaluation by a technician can add up to $50 an hour.

Curing a sick computer doesn’t need to be a hassle or financial headache.  There are plenty of support sites out there where professionals and computer gurus are willing to give their helpful advice for FREE!

Online Help:

1. Tech Support Guy:  Run by volunteers and features a very active forum area. Search past forum messages, which may be the quickest way to get an answer.The site layout has been recently revamped and now is very user-friendly. I tested the service and got an answer quickly by searching the forums.

2. 5Star Support:  Offers a variety of tech support services. A great feature is an excellent FAQ with quick answers to many common problems. The site also offers some excellent technical guides that cover topics from installing a network card to cleaning your mouse. Finally, there is an web form to send a specific problem and receive the answer back via email.

3. Protonic: Provides free computer technical support for Windows and Mac users. The site is exceptionally well laid out and easy to navigate. Free registration required to use the site.

4. Ask Me: This site pairs experts and novices. The site offers hundreds of topics, including many computer-related issues. Computer experts here are very responsive. I got answers to my test questions within just a few hours. Easy to navigate.

5. Suggest a Fix: A free forum where users can post problems. Other forum members offer help. This active and thorough forum site is easy to navigate and very user-friendly!

6. Virtual Doctor: A good set of online resources coupled with a forum area to pose questions to fellow users. Free registration is required. The site is easy to navigate. I posted a sample question and found many answers within less than an hour.

7. PC Crave: Known for offering free online and email tech support for many computer problems. Windows, Mac, general Internet, hardware etc. Use a simple form on the site. No special registration needed and all of the services on the site are free. The site is a cinch to navigate and use!

The next time the computer “gets sick,” don’t panic. Check out one of these free tech support sites.


Computer Bugs: Where to Find Free Tech Support