One of my favorite things about my smartphone has to be the money-saving apps. Although there are apps that offer savings by giving users cash back, apps to scan barcodes to search for the lowest price on a product, and apps to tell you when items drop in price, we haven’t found an app that focuses on the best sales going on at my favorite local stores. That’s where Zoomingo comes in!

What does Zoomingo do?

Zoomingo, a free mobile shopping app for Apple and Android devices, allows users to find the best sales and deals locally. With Zoomingo, you can check out the latest markdowns, view weekly ads and browse top items at your local stores. You can even use it to set price alerts on items that you’re eyeing or quickly find coupons while you’re waiting in line to check out at your favorite store!

What kinds of deals can I find on Zoomingo?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to view a variety of deals from your homepage. You will see categories such as Weekly Circulars, Hot Sales and Coupons, and Half Off Sales, which showcase items that are 50% off or more in stores near you. You can also select your favorite stores when registering, and your homepage will include top items currently available at those retailers.

What stores does Zoomingo search?

Zoomingo searches over 70,000 local retail outlets in every category from clothing and shoes to electronics and hardware! Stores that are currently available to search include H&M, DSW, Forever 21, Carter’s, CVS, Walgreens, Target, Best Buy and many more. In addition to just searching by store, you can search by product and brand, and even view items with the highest discount!

I left my store coupon at home—can Zoomingo help?

Yes! One of the worst feelings when shopping is definitely when you get up to the register and realize that you left your coupon sitting on your kitchen counter. Forget about running back home for it when you have Zoomingo! Simply open up your app and select the "Stores" category at the bottom of the screen. From here, Zoomingo will bring up the list of stores closest to your location. Once you select one, you can view that store’s current ad, all of their sale items, and, of course, any coupons that are currently available! While you’re in the "Stores" section of the app, you also have the ability to view local malls. When you select a mall in your area, Zoomingo will bring up all of the latest sales and coupons for stores in that mall.

How do I set price alerts?

When you’re scrolling through items on Zoomingo and you see something that you love, you have a few options for what you would like to do. Next to the product, you will see several square buttons with different icons in them. The top icon, which features a thumbs-up, will allow you to add an item to your "like" list. The second button allows you to share the item on social media, giving all of your friends and family a few hints for your upcoming birthday! The third button that features an image of an eye will allow you to watch that item. Once you click on the watch button, the item will be added to your watch list, which you can view at any time under your profile, and you will be alerted when any items on that list drop in price. The last button is a “buy” button, which will immediately take you to that product online (if available) where you can buy it right then and there!

Do I have to have a smartphone to use Zoomingo?

No! Although the majority of features that Zoomingo offers are specifically for the app, you can create and use your Zoomingo account from the website. From the site you will be able to see a selection of recent markdowns and browse products by store, brand or price.

Find the Best Deals at Your Local Stores with Zoomingo