Not too long ago I was scrolling through my credit card’s website and just happened to discover a few savings that I was eligible to receive, including one for 25% off chocolate covered strawberries! Although I knew that most credit cards, professional groups and other organizations offer various discounts and perks, I had never really spent the time to look into each one to find out what they were. It always seemed like way too much of a hassle! However, after recently discovering Larky, I’ve found all sorts of awesome discounts that I never knew I was eligible for! And the best part was I found them all in one place in a matter of minutes!

What is Larky?

Larky is a web and mobile service that helps you find all of the discounts and perks that you’re eligible for through various organizations and memberships.

How does it work?

Using Larky is simple! Once you’ve created an account, which only requires an email address and password, you can start browsing through the various organizations featured on Larky. When you see a group that you belong to, simply add the group to your account and you’re done! From here you can click on your dashboard and view all of your perks. The number of discounts varies from group to group, but as I scrolled through the organizations, I noticed that many had upwards of 10 or more! And some of these perks were pretty sweet and included deals on restaurants, entertainment, home furnishings and more.

One of the coolest features to Larky is that when using the mobile app you don’t even need to search for discounts—it will automatically alert you when you’re near one! For example, if you’re a member of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Detroit and you happen to drive by Edible Arrangements, your phone will immediately alert you that you get $5 off $35+ at that retailer!

What types of organizations does it feature?

You may be thinking that Larky probably won’t come in handy if you’re not a member of AARP or another well-known organization, but you may be surprised at just how many groups you actually belong to! Larky features everything from professional organizations to museum memberships and tons more. Larky even features credit card companies, many of which offer cardholders numerous perks and savings. Other organizations that Larky features include Costco, Xbox, and health insurance providers. In fact, after adding my current health insurance provider to my list, I discovered that I get discounts on gym membership rates, fitness equipment, healthy lifestyle books and more!

Does it really save you money?

Yes! Before I tried out this app, I decided to check out the reviews on the iTunes store. Although the app didn’t have many reviewers, all of them gave Larky 5 stars after they were alerted to savings that they didn’t know they had. Once I downloaded the app and added a few of my memberships, including American Express and my university’s alumni association, I discovered that I was eligible for numerous perks and savings that I was completely unaware of! These included such things as discounted movie tickets, free days (with purchase) at amusement parks and promos such as $10 off $50 at select retailers!

What mobile devices can I use Larky on?

Currently, Larky is available on Apple devices only. However, Android users, don’t despair! Not only is an Android app in the works, you can actually use to find all of your membership discounts. To get started, visit or download the mobile app from the iTunes Store.

Find Membership Discounts You Didn't Know You Had with Larky