According to a study published on Statistic Brain: of the 45 percent of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution in 2012, only a measly 8 percent succeeded. Were you in this select 8 percent? Actually, don’t answer that question. Your past success or failure is irrelevant now as the past is in the past; instead, focus your energy on the year ahead.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution for 2013? If so, have you thought about how you might increase your chances of keeping that resolution? A good starting point and an easy way to help boost your chances of success is to diligently use one or more of these free goal-tracking websites to track your 2013 New Year’s resolution or resolutions:


Sometimes all you need to stay on track with your goal is a little hassling (in the form of an email). If that’s the case, then sign up for the free website HassleMe. On the site, you set up the system to send you an email a specified number of times per week to hassle you to do a specified action. (By the way, if you get sick of being hassled, you can cancel the hassling emails at any time). Here’s a sample “hassle” I set up through the HassleMe website:













StickK is a website that is based on years of behavioral and economical research showing that people who put either their reputation or money on the table are more likely to achieve a goal that they set for themselves. On the StickK website (which is free to join), you can create a Commitment Contract for yourself and decide a goal and set a time line to achieve it. As a further incentive to achieve your goal, StickK gives you the option to commit money in the event that you don’t achieve your goal. The money can go to another person (preferably an enemy), charity, or an organization whose views you strongly oppose. KCL Note: If you choose to commit money on StickK, there is no backing out of the contract, so make your commitment wisely! Be smart about your financial commitment and don’t make unreasonable goals or commit more money than you can afford.


HabitForge is a free web application based off the theory that it takes 21 consecutive days to develop a habit into practice. On HabitForge, users sign up for the free service and then designate on the site to start any new habit (or break any bad habit) that they can think of. The service then emails them every day for the next day 21 days asking them a simple yes or no about their previous day’s success. Users say that this simple accountability tool can be just the push they need in helping them create healthy habits. 

Joe’s Goals

Joe’s Goals is a simple, easy-to-use single page interface to track your daily goals. It works equally well for “positive” goals (things you want to do, such as go to the gym) as it does “negative” goals (things you want to stop doing, such as no longer going out to eat). Track goals with simple check marks on a daily basis and receive a daily score. 


43 Things

43 Things is a social-oriented, goal-making site where 2.8 million users share their goals and cheer on each other’s progress. As a member on 43 Things, you can create a list of up to 43 things you want to do/goals you want to accomplish and check off these things/goals as you accomplish them, seek advice and inspiration from other users, and add comments and progress updates through connecting your account to your Facebook account.










Need more inspiration? Here are some additional free goal-tracking websites to check out:

Free Goal-Tracking Websites to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions