According to The Los Angeles Times, "Listia is like eBay—except everything is free." Since "free" is my favorite price, I immediately whipped out my laptop and did a search for "Listia." As it turns out, Listia is incredibly cool. In fact, it has everything I love—an easy way to donate to others, an easy way to get rewarded for donating (that doesn't require itemizing and waiting until tax season returns again), and a grown-up version of an amusement park rewards store where you "spend" your earned credits on cool stuff. If all this is making you curious too, read on to find out how to use Listia!

1. How to Get Listia

You can use Listia online or as an iOS or Android app.

2. How Listia works

Listia works in just three simple steps whether you use the online version or one of the free apps.

  • Declutter: Give away what you no longer want or need by listing it on Listia.
  • Earn Credits: Get credits each time another user claims one of your listed items.
  • Redeem Rewards: Redeem your credits in Listia's online rewards center.

3. How to get started with Listia

Here’s how to get started using Listia to list and claim items.

  • Visit to create a free user account with a username, your email address and a password you create (you can also sign in with Facebook).
  • Collect 1,000 free credits just for signing up (and an extra 100 credits for using Facebook to sign in and yet another 100 credits for linking your Listia account to your Twitter account).
  • Visit to list your first auction item (to do so, you’ll need to select a title, a category, and a delivery method. You can also upload photos, add a description, and specify a location if desired).
  • Next, click on "advanced options" to specify a starting bid and specify the number of days.
  • Collect 500 free credits just for listing your first item.
  • Collect more free credits every time you list another item.
  • Get 500 free credits every time you refer a friend to Listia.

4. How to use your Listia credits

You have several options for using the credits you accumulate with Listia.

  • Use your accumulated credits to browse or search so you can bid on other people's listings.
  • Use your accumulated credits to shop in the Listia Rewards store.
  • Use your accumulated credits to donate to a worthy charity.


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