80 million people—right now—are struggling to survive in areas uprooted by violence and disaster. 60 million of those individuals are moms and kids. One in four children in the United States lives in poverty. Every minute, 13 children ages four and younger worldwide die from preventable or treatable causes. Families in 120 countries need the kind of help only international relief agencies like Save the Children will even attempt to provide.

When life gets very hard for anyone, it gets harder for us all. Here at KCL, as mothers ourselves, we dedicate what we save through couponing not just to supporting our own families, but to helping families around the world. Join us in getting involved with Save the Children, one of KCL's favorite charities. Together, we can save the children—literally.

Learn what you need to know about Save the Children, a worldwide humanitarian relief organization that has been providing aid to refugees, indigents, women, children, and families since 1919.


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1. What is Save the Children?

Save the Children is a charitable organization that works in 120 countries and is absolutely committed to financial integrity and transparency. Save the Children spends a full 89% of its revenue stream annually supporting programs and services, just 6% on fundraising, and only 5% on management and administration. So when you support Save the Children, you know that your funds work directly to ease suffering, hunger and pain.

2. What kind of credentials does Save the Children have?

As a charity, Save the Children is vetted by some of the top names in the field.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) lists Save the Children as an Accredited Charity.
  • Charity Watch lists Save the Children as a top-rated charity.
  • Guidestar Exchange lists Save the Children as one of their Gold-rated charities.
  • Charity Navigator gives Save the Children four stars.
  • Save the Children's celebrity artists and ambassadors include Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Connelly, Julianne Moore, Rachel Zoe, Cristiano Ronaldo and other luminaries.

3. What if I don't have funds to donate right now?

Donating money is just one of the many ways you can support the work of Save the Children.

How to help Save the Children

Here are other vital ways you can contribute to the mission of Save the Children.

  • Make a donation: Donations in any amount are gratefully accepted (and tax deductible). You can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation.
  • Sponsor a child: You can select a specific child in the United States or anywhere around the world and sponsor that child's needs.
  • Shop for gifts online at Gifts of Joy!: Gifts of Joy is Save the Children's online store. There are lots of great gifts that will warm your heart and give to others.
  • Become a volunteer: By volunteering with Save the Children you can make a direct impact on those who need support the most.
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