, a division of the U.S. National Retail Federation, officially coined the term "Cyber Monday" back in 2005 after research showed an upswing in Internet traffic and sales on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Today, Cyber Monday brings in billions of dollars for retailers and steep discounts to consumers. While Cyber Monday can help you take advantage of ridiculous savings on the perfect gift for your loved ones, it also comes with its own set of rules, since all of the shopping is done online. Here are some tips to keep in mind for the best possible Cyber Monday experience:

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2. Don't procrastinate on rebates

Recently, RetailMeNot stated that 60 percent of shoppers don't follow through on rebates and reclaim their hard-earned cash. So that great deal you received on a purchase isn't that great if you don't send in the rebate. Many rebates offer a major refund (even hundreds of dollars on large purchases), so be sure to set time aside during the holiday season to fill them out and mail them in.

3. Channel your inner Speedy Gonzalez

One of the best ways to get exactly what you want on Cyber Monday is to be speedy. Do your research on items ahead of time and make a list of the websites you want to visit. Select items you want, and check out quickly—Cyber Monday is notorious for items in your "cart" not being available if you spend too much time browsing the site.

4. Don't discount reviews

It isn't uncommon to get excited when you see a great bargain—but before you click, read several customer reviews to make sure the item is really worth it. Don’t load up on impractical gifts and items your friends and family won't use just because they are on sale on Cyber Monday.

5. Scour your social media

With almost $2 billion spent during Cyber Monday 2012, expect retailers to hit social media outlets even harder this year. Make sure you "like" and "follow" all of your favorite retailers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media venues in order to take advantage of secret deals offered only on these sites.

6. Know your rights as a consumer

According to the Better Business Bureau, federal law requires items purchased by mail, online or telephone to be shipped by the date promised or within 30 days if no time period for delivery was given. Consumers can cancel and demand a refund if the shipment was not on time. As far as returns go, you have a right to reject an item if misrepresented or defective—otherwise, you must stick with the company's return policy to receive a refund or credit.

Six Essential Cyber Monday Tips to Maximize Savings!