A short attention span is nothing to be ashamed of. Squirrel!

A daily deals site called Woot! not only understands the beauty of a short attention span, it embraces it by offering deals in a blink-and-you’ll miss it format.

Imagine traveling through a massive department store on a Segway, darting in and out of departments at warp speed. Hardware department. Whoosh! Sporting goods! Whoosh! Gifts! Whoosh!

Woot! is like a virtual Segway, taking shoppers through the latest assortment of deals at a super fast pace.

Check in daily to see "Today's Woot!" (the featured item of the day) and get ready to act fast. Woot! promises the best deal possible at the lowest price on the Internet.

Featured items are only available for one day. Seriously. So get in the habit of checking daily to avoid the pain of missing something like this:

  • Maximo iMetal earphones for $19.99 (regular price: $69.99).
  • A pack of 5 children's books from the Discovery Channel for $14.99 (regular price: $64.95).
  • iHome portable stereo alarm clock for $65 (regular price: $149.99).

Like to live on the edge? Check out the Woot Off, a once-a-month lightning round where limited quantities of items are offered at prices designed to move merchandise fast, and once the item is sold out, they post another one. Look for the flashing lights on the Woot! site for the indication that a Woot Off is in progress.

Woot! is free to join and shipping is always $5. Now that’s the way to hold someone’s attention.

This has been a guest post by Caitlin,Trumansburg, NY
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