Hulu is well known today as a free online resource for watching a variety of television series and specials. But what isn’t so well known is that Hulu has a growing movie archive as well. You can browse movies by genre or staff picks, and Hulu has a nice selection for adults and kids. You can also watch a growing library of free concerts by the likes of One Direction, Madonna, Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones and other luminaries—all for free!

How to get Hulu

Hulu offers viewers two options—free and paid. See the details of each here:

1. Visit Hulu online:

2. Hulu for Mobile/Smart devices:

Note: Hulu is only available via mobile/smart devices for Hulu Plus subscribers. After a one-week, free trial, Hulu Plus subscriptions start at $7.99/month.

Hulu 411

Here are some Hulu facts to help you decide if this is the best option for watching your favorite films and shows.

  • Hulu requires no software. However, Internet connection is required.
  • Hulu provides clips, trailers, interviews with crew and cast, and full features.
  • You can watch movies, television programs, documentaries, concerts and more.
  • Hulu will run short ads with most content in order to keep the site's services free (Hulu Plus subscribers don’t have to watch ads).
  • Hulu offers current and past season content from major broadcasting services including ABC, NBC, MTV, Fox, The CW, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and others.
  • Hulu also offers original content produced just for Hulu, including award-winning shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.
  • Most brand-new episodes will be offered to Hulu Plus subscribers first (indicated by a green H+), but after the next episode is released, that episode will be released to Hulu free-viewers.

How to use Hulu

There are several ways you can use Hulu. Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow to get started. 

1. Simply start watching on your computer at

Hulu is an incredibly easy platform to navigate—simply search, select and view.

2. Create a free account

With a free account, Hulu will start cataloguing your preferences and offering recommendations for shows similar to the ones you’ve watched.

3. Visit Hulu Movie Night for more content

While not all movies will be available for Hulu basic viewers, there are still plenty of greats to choose from!

4. Hulu Kids also has shows for babies! 

5. Upgrade to Hulu Plus to use mobile apps/smart devices to watch your favorites

Right now, Hulu is free to watch on the computer, but a paid subscription is required if you would like to watch Hulu content on your phone or television. For parents concerned about advertising content, a Hulu Plus subscription (which works out to $0.26/day—much cheaper than cable!) also removes ads for all kids and babies content.

Hulu: The Free TV & Movie Platform That Just Keeps Getting Better