If you see at least one movie per month in the theater (or want to start), you can save at least a few bucks by purchasing a MoviePass for $10/month.

Here’s how MoviePass works and why it turns out to be more cost effective than purchasing a ticket every time you go to the theater:


1. Pay $9.95/month and watch one movie per day, all year.

For $9.95/month, you can go to one movie a day, all year long. That’s 365 movies!

Let’s say one movie ticket in your city costs $13 — you’d only have to see one movie per month for your MoviePass cost to break even.

The memberships are month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime. But before you decide to cut ties with MoviePass, make sure you’re really done — once you cancel your membership, you can’t re-enroll for nine months.

TIP: It takes about two weeks to get your MoviePass card in the mail, so plan ahead.


2. MoviePass is accepted at (almost) every theater in the country.

Use your MoviePass at about 91% of the theaters in the country. Check their website or app (Android and iOS) for a list of participating theaters in your zip code.


3. You can’t share a MoviePass with anyone else.

There are no family subscriptions available… yet. Members must be at least 18 years old to get their own MoviePass card.

You can only buy one ticket per day, per MoviePass. So if you’re going with the hubby, he will need his own card too.


4. Get your ticket cost reimbursed if you forget your MoviePass card.

If you forget your MoviePass card and the theater won’t allow you to purchase an e-ticket, contact customer service through the app. They typically reimburse you for the cost you paid out of pocket.



5. Earn freebies by earning theater loyalty points every time you watch a movie.

If you aren’t already a loyalty member at your favorite theater, sign up and use your regular MoviePass visits to build theater loyalty points fast.

For example, you can earn free concessions and movie tickets with a Regal Rewards Card, which means if you’re going to multiple movies every month, you’re going to be a high earner!!


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Like Movies? 5 Reasons MoviePass Is Worth the Cost