Summer is winding down and soon the kids will head off to school. I fondly remember the excitement and enthusiasm for a new school year. Just because my elementary school days are over, my learning doesn’t have to stop. In fact, I have found an abundance of resources that offer free online courses and enrichment workshops to keep the brain working hard.

Many of these courses are available to download onto your iPad, iPhone, or desktop computer, and you can also view courses on Youtube. Courses vary in length, subject, and many are taught by accredited college instructors. Many sites even offer free textbooks for download, full length instructional videos, and printable resources.

1. Open Culture: This site is amazing! It offers over 500 free educational videos, courses, and downloadable textbooks. Browse from their vast selection to find a topic that interests you. Choices include philosophy, biology, literature and more.

2. OEDb: The Online Education Database promotes the belief that a high quality education doesn’t have to come at a high cost. In fact, it’s possible to take classes from big name institutions like Yale, MIT, and Tufts without ever submitting an application or paying a student fee. OEDb has compiled over 200 free online classes, no strings attached.

3. Academic Earth: This site offers a variety of classes taught by top scholars for free! Choose from classes including print and design or history. Watch lectures and print free study aides.

4. Open Education: This site offers a variety of free online classes that vary according to what professors are offering. Check periodically for the free courses offered at any given time.

5. Education Portal: This site offers a variety of free online classes provided by well-known universities. Take quizzes, watch videos, and so much more for free. Look for the chance to earn free college credits.

6. Free Ed: This site features not only free online classes but a huge variety of free textbooks to download. Free Ed has promoted free courses since the early 1990's and offers a comprehensive selection.

7. GED for Free: Working on your GED or just want to refresh your brain? This site offers free GED prep classes as well as practice tests and quizzes. Refresh your brain or prepare for your GED at no cost to you. Now THAT is smart!

8. Khan Academy: This site offers over 32,000 free educational videos! Choose from a variety of subjects including the sciences, history, arts and drama, computer science and more. Watch as many as you would like at no charge.

9. Free Video Lectures: Offers a huge variety of instructional lectures online. Choose from a variety of topics and subjects, pause and rewind as needed. Going at your own pace is convenient and easy with this easy-to-use site.

10. Free Online Art Classes: Fulfill your inner artist’s desires and take free online classes and freshen up your craft with this free site. Watch videos, tutorials, see full color examples and illustrations and more. Choose from collage, printmaking, oil and canvas, and more.

Learning is a pleasure when the classes come without a hefty tuition bill. And because you can take classes in comfort at home, you won’t feel like passing notes or sneaking off to the bathroom. Sharpen up your #2 pencils and get to class!

This has been a guest post by Katie
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Online 101: 10 Sites that Offer Free Education