Grocery convenience is super important right now — from Walmart Grocery Delivery to Instacart to Amazon Now.

And at the same time, automakers and tech geniuses are working on perfecting self-driving cars.

As companies are trying to make deliveries faster than ever, with as little contact as possible, CVS has partnered with robotics company Nuro to see if a driverless car might be the way to bring you your prescriptions.

Get excited about this:


Robots are delivering prescriptions in Houston for free right now.

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According to a CVS press release, customers in three different zip codes surrounding the CVS at 5430 Bissonnet St. in Bellaire Texas, can choose to have their prescriptions and other CVS items delivered via autonomous delivery.

Shoppers simply place an order via the CVS Pharmacy app or website, choose “autonomous delivery” and confirm their identity to place the order.

CVS employees fill the vehicle with the order and send it on its way, delivered for free within 3 hours.


A robot that looks like a skinny SUV could show up to your house.

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While Nuro and CVS be doing a lot of testing with a fleet of self-driving Toyota Priuses, customers may start to see a strange little car show up to their homes this month.

The R1 and R2 vehicles are as long and tall as a family SUV, but is really narrow — just over 3 feet wide — so people can navigate around it.

Built for deliveries, it can carry 242 lbs. of cargo.


Customers get their orders by entering a unique code.

When the vehicle arrives at its destination, the customer punches in a unique code to reveal the pre-bagged items inside.

We’ve talked about 8 Smart Ways to Get Groceries Without Going Into the Store, but this is next-level.


There’s a good chance CVS is planning a bigger rollout of autonomous delivery vehicles.

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The Houston experiment will test whether or not CVS wants to expand this program, and since more than 76% of the U.S. population lives within 5 miles of a CVS Pharmacy, the driverless deliveries could be well-used.

And the chain’s recent partnership with UPS to deliver prescriptions via drone in Florida shows they’re dedicated to using new technologies.


Kroger has also used Nuro bots for deliveries.

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Kroger has used Nuro bots to pilot test grocery delivery in Phoenix and Houston.

The pilot program has ended, and since Kroger has doubled-down on their relationship with grocery delivery service Instacart, it’s unclear if they’ll keep going with the program.


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CVS Using Self-Driving Robots to Deliver Prescriptions & Groceries