Being a student is challenging, period. There are all those classes…and all that studying. Then there are the bills. And bills. And bills. And more bills. Even if those bills are deferred while you’re earning your degree, they won't go anywhere. In fact, they’ll wait patiently for you to emerge, new credentials in hand, and then immediately present themselves for payment. The problem is, now you have a new job to juggle as well as student loans to pay back. Here’s where these free apps and websites can really come in handy—and save you some of that hard-won bacon in the process!

1. was actually created for students and schools by a student who kept running into trouble managing student loans. In addition to creating a comprehensive platform from which to view all loans in one place, students can apply for loan repayment programs, manage their debt burden, negotiate for better terms and more. New students can use the searchable database to find and apply for student loans. Schools also use to support their students in applying for and repaying student loans. The tool has won so many "best of" awards it’s not surprising more than 3,000 students are managing more than $1.5 million in debt using

2. Student Loan Hero


With a reported $1+ trillion dollars in unpaid student debt for American students, it’s clear debt-assistance tools are long overdue. Now students can use Student Loan Hero to review more than 70 repayment programs, apply and manage payments—all from one streamlined portal. Students can also consolidate loans, apply for loan deferment, use free loan calculators to monitor payoff progress and more.

3. NelNet's Loan Assist

NelNet is a free, online-based resource to help current and graduated students consolidate loans, lower or postpone payments, take advantage of special loan options for military personnel, apply for forbearance, manage loan payments and more. The apps take NelNet's resources mobile so you will never miss a payment again. You can also learn more about charting a healthy financial future.

4. Loan Look

Loan Look is a tool designed to be used online and via mobile apps for students, parents and schools. The tool is very comprehensive—especially the online version. Users can get real-time updates on federal, school and private student loans; chat live with student loan counselors; get notifications of any changes with their funding or the repayment process; develop payoff strategies and manage them; and sync information across multiple smart devices. The online Loan Look tool also offers a secure storage site for your financial documents.

5. Student Loans

Finally, the federal government's student loans website has a wealth of information in English and Spanish to help with student loan application, management, refinancing, forgiveness and more. Learn about changing loan terms, make use of free loan calculators, find out about special forgiveness programs for teaching/public service/others, and apply directly for loan consolidation.



5 Resources to Help You Save on Student Loan Payments