Resumes today look very little like the ones I formatted just a decade (or two) ago to win my first post-college job. Today, resumes are built with the digital job market in mind. This means they are streamlined, highly mobile marketing machines…just like the job seekers they represent. Whether you are a brand-new grad, an upwardly mobile mid-career pro, or an executive vying for the top-dog spot, there is one job-hunting fact no candidate today can afford to overlook. To stand out in today's competitive online recruiting scene, you need a resume that overpowers the competition—in just six seconds. These resume tools and helps can get you there.

1. Resume Star

This unique app is free to use—until you win your first interview. At that point, it’s on each user (re: the honor system*) to pay for the app ($3.99).  The free version is the full version—no "lite" or "trial" apps to deal with. You can create a full-featured, cross-platform compatible, PDF-friendly resume, along with customized cover letters and export ability to Dropbox and other storage print-friendly platforms. When you download the app, you can also make use of the accompanying free guide, How to Score That Interview with a Precision Targeted Resume.

2. Resume Mobile

Resume Mobile – Pro Resume Maker on the Go has won so many awards it justifies its $2.99 price tag. The app guides users to create a highly professional resume from scratch—no need to know anything about resume building in advance. Resume formats include PDF, JPG, RTF and printable. Sharing options include email, Dropbox, iLibrary, Evernote and others. Options include adding a photo, customized resumes for different positions, and even the option to sync with your LinkedIn contacts.

3. LinkedIn Resume Builder

Speaking of LinkedIn, the career networking powerhouse has a resume builder that can literally take your LinkedIn profile and turn it into a fabulous resume—and it does it in mere seconds! All you need to do is select your preferred resume template, add or edit your content, and print/share as desired. With users in the six digits, this new resume builder is clearly worth the time spent.

4. Resume Baking

This mobile-friendly, web-based app gives you the ability to "bake" your resume. With three price packages to choose from (starting at $1/month) you can choose the level of functionality that works best for your job search needs. The biggest reason to choose Resume Baking is the level of social media interaction it can generate. In addition, you can customize cover letters to go along with each resume, view real-time statistics about how many times your resume has been viewed/downloaded, and customize your resume as needed and as often as you like.

5. DoYouBuzz

DoYouBuzz is one of the newest wave of resume builders on the market today. The online app will deliver three versions of your resume: a web version, a print-friendly PDF version, and a mobile version. You can choose between free and paid plans depending on your needs. The site also permits you to view statistics on either plan. The paid plan will even give you your own custom domain name to boost your name in job search results.



5 Tools to Help You Create the Perfect Resume