When I recently googled "bike repair," I honestly did not expect to find a host of apps offering to teach me how to fix my own bike. Instead, I assumed I’d find a long list of the pricey bike shops my friends warned me about. While, of course, prices may vary from one local area to another, general estimates seem to suggest that the going rate for a mechanic's time is about $1/minute…or $60/hour. This is just for labor, of course. Parts cost extra. If you’re like me, a person who initially invested in a quality bike in order to save money on transportation, then you don’t want to pay more than you have to for repairs. These five apps have helped me save money and time in the past and I hope they help you too!

1. Bike Repair

Bike Repair is an app that gives you classroom-worthy information in a simple, clear format. The app offers 64 detailed photo guides so you don't have to guess what the text refers to. You can also access price comparison tools, keep a detailed log of your bike's maintenance and repair history, learn about 87 common bicycle (and rider) issues, and take it all with you on the go.

2. Bicycle Gear Calculator

Bicycle Gear Calculator is the app you need if you are considering making modifications to a cycle you own. Whether you want to change the tires, the gear shifters, the seat, or the pedals, this app has got your back.

3. Mountain Bike Repair

If you enjoy mountain biking, you will appreciate the detailed how-to instructions provided by this specialty app. Each repair is marked with a level of difficulty and accompanied by photos and text instructions as well as a list of equipment needed to successfully perform the repair.

4. Emergency Bike Repair

This app contains detailed instructions from bicycle repair expert Daemion Shanks, head repair technician for the U.S. National Cycling team. The 35 repairs provided in this app are designed for users with no mechanical or repair experience. The app also offers instructions to assemble a portable repair kit you can take with you on the road.




4 Apps to Save You Money on Bike Repairs