WOW, Thanksgiving is nearly here. In just a few weeks, it will be time to sit down with family and friends, give thanks, and dig in. Just a few weeks after that, the next round of holidays will hit. And then it will be the New Year. So now is the time—the time to plan for everything you need to make your holidays happy, bright, fun and yummy—and full of savings!

These holiday apps will keep you out of hot water in the kitchen (and afterwards)—and help you have a great time as you prepare for the big day!

1. Snapguide

If you are not totally at home in the holiday kitchen (and even if you are) having a trained helper is always great! Snapguide gives you all the tools and visual aids you need to create a perfect holiday meal, table centerpiece and place settings, decorations and more!


2. Timer+

One thing even the most experienced cooks need during the holidays is a reliable timer—in fact, typically we need more than one reliable timer! Timer+ gives you up to seven reliable timers—and you can use them all simultaneously! Now you don't have to worry about ruining that awesome turkey you got on sale—or overheating your great aunt Betsie's stuffing!


3. Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach

This is the app I need—should I ever actually be invited (allowed) to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for my family. The app is free and specifically designed for Thanksgiving dinner newbies. It walks you through the steps to make nine popular T-day dishes. You even get shopping lists, timers, and starts your planning two days before the "big day."


4. Leftovers

Finally, what to do with all those leftovers? For $0.99, you can learn more than you ever knew you needed to know about holiday leftovers. Find out how long certain leftovers keep, how to tell when they are starting to go bad, and how to store them for the longest shelf life.


5. Turkey Calls

  • Get it for iOS (free)

Of course, preparing for the big feast day will go faster if the kiddos are…occupied. Turkey Calls will keep them busy trying out different turkey calls on friends, relatives and each other. The app also offers a great way to rouse relatives who have succumbed to the famous post-meal "tryptophan effect."


5 Essential Apps for Thanksgiving