Your Ultimate Retailer Clearance-Markdown Cheat Sheet

Timing is everything when it comes to getting the best deals at your favorite retailers.

To save the most while shopping the biggest selections, mark your calendar or tell Siri to remind you when to head in.


1. Get TJMaxx’s biggest selection on markdowns on Wednesday mornings.

Besides Wednesday morning markdowns, TJMaxx also offers two annual sales to keep the cash inside your wallet!


2. Buy Target’s kids’ clothes on Mondays.

Yes, Target marks down their discounts five days/week for different departments. . . which means you have a valid excuse to wander the aisles every day. (You’re welcome.)

Shop the first day that items in each department are marked down for the best selection:


3. Ask for an extra 20% off patio furniture in August at The Home Depot.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually pretty easy to save a bundle at The Home Depot (if you know Home Depot’s secrets).


4. Get 50% off Hobby Lobby home decor every four weeks.

You have to practice self-control when you know our Hobby Lobby shopping strategy.

Knowing the best time to buy virtually everything they offer will help you know when to pull the trigger, and when to pull the reigns.


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5. Stock up on hair products at Ulta’s annual sales.

If you know what you like, stocking up at Ulta’s annual sales could tide you over all year long. If you like trying new things, there are plenty of Ulta tips to save money year-round.


6. Shop summer clearance at Macy’s on July 1.

Bottom line: You should never pay full price at Macy’s. Knowing when to shop is just one of the many ways to save serious cash at Macy’s.

Seasons at Macy’s are defined as follows:

That means the best times to stock up are:

Additionally, when you see a sign that says “Lowest price of the season,” it refers to the three-month period listed above.



7. Buy shorts four weeks after they arrive on the shelves at Gap.

Shop Wednesday mornings around four weeks after seasonal apparel arrives to snag a few great deals!


8. Shop Friday evenings or Saturday mornings at Kohl’s.

Kohl’s has some of the best money-saving hacks in all the land, and Power Hour is one of the easiest sales to take advantage of.


9. Shop Sunday, Monday, and Thursday for the best Old Navy steals.

Every day seems like a great day to shop at Old Navy, but certain days totally nail it.

Did you know that by the time summer officially arrives on June 15th, your local Old Navy store is receiving its first shipments of fall apparel?

A month later, the store will begin to clearance out summer apparel, making it the best time to buy for next year.

See the following list of best times to buy for each season:


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10. Find your new bedding at JCPenney on Fridays.

Stack this monthly tip on all the other best-kept JCPenney secrets (then get ready to brag.)


11. Go in the exit (instead of the main entrance) to shop IKEA’s As-Is section on Mondays.

If you’re alright with a few dings, head straight for IKEA’s As-Is section to save.

Shopping in this section is the absolute best way to score a deal at IKEA, and it’s the most full on Monday mornings!



12. Get up to 80% off seasonal decor after a holiday at Michaels.

Michaels doesn’t shy away from 50% off sales or clearances, but you gotta know when to go:


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13. Buy golf equipment in March at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Seasonal sales at DICK’S Sporting Goods can save you up to 50% on things like golf equipment and apparel if you know when to shop:


14. Shop Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sales for up to 75% off.

Wait a few weeks to buy that lotion, and you could save enough to stock up for the year.

But, if you’re looking for the best discount and you don’t care about selection (I’m talking up to 90% off), hold out until the end of the sale.


15. Shop H&M’s nine discount seasons.

H&M has nine seasons (what?!). Learn how to shop to save year-round:

The season is the seventh number in the first line of numbers under the bar code. You’ll see the tag above is for a season two item.



16. Get your Victoria’s Secret swimwear in August or September.

Everyone knows about VS‘ amazing semi-annual sales, but why wait?


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