They’re not quite back to 24-hour status just yet, but as of Aug. 17, Walmart has pushed their closing time a little bit later.

This comes on the heels of Walmart’s new requirements regarding masks and cash payments, and a brand-new partnership with Instacart.

Although we’re still enjoying Walmart Grocery Delivery and Pickup as our favorite ways to shop Walmart right now, it’s helpful to have a little extra time for those inevitable in-store shopping trips.

Here’s what you need to know:


Most stores now close at 10 PM instead of 8:30 PM.

There are 4,700 Walmart stores in the U.S., and 4,000 of them have expanded store hours by 90 minutes. Most stores are now open 7 AM to 10 PM.

Check your local Walmart to make sure your store is one of those with the expanded hours.


Walmart says a later closing time will help spread out customers.

In March, the decision to reduce hours was initially made to allow Walmart employees more time to clean and restock during the initial shopping surges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now the frenzy has died down, and Walmart is adding hours to spread out shoppers over time, while maintaining their cleaning protocols.

Additionally, employees will have time to get used to the extended hours ahead of the holiday shopping season.



Senior shopping hours are still happening Tuesdays at 6 AM.

One hour before opening to the public, Walmart is allowing seniors (age 60 and older) and people with compromised immune systems to shop.

They’re not alone, though — plenty of national chains still offer senior shopping hours.


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Walmart Has Expanded Hours at Most Stores