New-reality check: people aren’t caring what they look like from the waist down. Just ask Walmart, one of the biggest retailers in the world, what the hot items are. (It’s not just toilet paper and hand sanitizer.)

With the growing number of Americans staying home to help flatten the curve during COVID-19, the number of white-collar employees working remotely has also risen to new heights. And with that comes Zoom and Slack video meetings to keep business running as normally as possible — meetings mostly seen from the waist up.


Walmart reports more sales for tops, not bottoms since the coronavirus outbreak.

Picking up on a new lifestyle behavior, Walmart’s EVP of corporate affairs, Dan Bartlett, told Yahoo Finance Live on Mar. 26 that the mega retailer is seeing increased sales in tops, but not bottoms.

Teleworking, aka working from home, means not necessarily needing to abide by office dress codes. Workers can get away with wearing a nice shirt and combed hair because that’s all coworkers can see. Little do bosses and colleagues know what might be going on below — sweat pants, pajama pants, no pants? Why not if no one’s gonna see it?!

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Walmart DVDs and crafting items have also seen an increase in sales.

Walmart also reported that home entertainment items have also seen increased sales since the coronavirus outbreak. DVDs and craft supplies like popsicle sticks are selling quickly, among other high-demand items like Purell hand sanitizer.

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Walmart Sees More Sales for Tops, Not Bottoms During COVID-19