Dandruff. There aren’t many beauty problems more embarrassing than that! Not too long ago, I found myself ducking into the ladies’ room to brush my shoulders off throughout the day, and mortified, planned to head to the store and grab a bottle of dandruff shampoo. But then a friend told me the cure was probably already in my medicine cabinet! The salicylates found in aspirin are the same active ingredients found in most medicated shampoos that are designed for eliminating dandruff. These shampoos can cost anywhere from $5 to as much as $18 per bottle! Instead of purchasing these pricey shampoos, I tried this trick, and it worked great for me: crush up 2–3 tablets and add it into your shampoo. Shampoo as you normally would but allow it to sit for 4–5 minutes before washing it out. After a few treatments, you should be dandruff-free!

Can an Aspirin Really Prevent Dandruff?