I can't remember the last time I didn't add, "exercise more" to my New Year's resolutions list. Images of a fitter me in a bikini strut through my brain each January. And each January, I confidently decide to finally start using that gym membership whose fee is already automatically deducted from my account each month. By March—okay, let's be real here, February—my motivation starts to decline as I find other ways to spend my time. And so every month, around the time I view my bank statement, I cringe at the debit from that gym membership fee. For a long time, I held on to my gym membership, using false promises to return as an excuse. But I'm happy to say that I've recovered from that mindset and have found other, less expensive ways to work out! Here are three you may not have considered:

1. Join an intramural team

Exhibit your competitive nature in one of the best ways possible—sports! Whether you sign up to play softball with a group of friends or dodgeball with your coworkers, playing on a team throughout a season will help keep your motivation and heart rate high. Check out your city's recreation center for league details. If they don't have the sport you're looking for, start your own teams with friends, family or colleagues.

2. Purchase a trial offer

If you're like me (someone who gets bored easily), do yourself a favor and sample all the fitness programs in your area before even thinking about committing to a membership. Daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social offer trial memberships that allow you to try out a fitness program without any contracts or initiation fees. In the past, I've purchased Bikram yoga and kickboxing lessons and loved the freedom of knowing I wasn't stuck going to the same studio for the next six months.

3. Go to your local community center

Many community centers have fitness equipment for locals to use for a small fee. You can pay by the day or month depending on your motivation. They also have classes you can sign up for ahead of time if you want more instruction and variety. Most centers offer both indoor and outdoor group fitness activities like hiking, tennis and Tai Chi. Not only will you keep your body active, but you'll get to know your neighbors, too!

Get Fit in the New Year with These 3 Alternatives to the Gym