Although I’m not a teacher, I have several friends and family members who are, and I’ve seen firsthand just how much work they put into creating their lesson plans and curriculum. Most teachers do what they do because they love it and they truly want to make a difference, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be rewarded for it! Now, with Teachers Pay Teachers, educators have the opportunity to turn all that hard work into cash!

What is Teachers Pay Teachers?

Teachers Pay Teachers is an open marketplace where teachers can buy and sell original lesson plans and teaching resources.

What kind of products can I sell?

You can sell any original curriculum on TPT. This can include such materials as lesson plans, exams, unit plans, worksheets and teaching guides. As a seller, you will need to upload your materials to the site and set your prices—that’s it! Teachers Pay Teachers will handle all of the sales transactions and deliver the downloads to buyers.

What do they charge to sell my products?

When it comes to selling your products, Teachers Pay Teachers offers two types of memberships—Basic and Premium. The basic membership is free and will pay you 60% royalties minus a $0.30 transaction fee for all items sold. If you decide to purchase the Premium membership, which costs $59.95 a year, you’ll receive 85% of the royalties and there are no transaction fees. TPT delivers payments via PayPal, so don’t forget to factor in PayPal fees when crunching your numbers!

How much can I sell my items for?

One of the nice features of Teachers Pay Teachers is that you can set your own prices. The prices on Teachers Pay Teachers vary widely, depending on the subject matter and content, but fortunately, the site offers a free download of suggested prices to help out newbies. After checking out some of the categories on TPT, I discovered items such as a Writing Center Starter Kit, which includes everything teachers need to make a classroom writing center for $8.00; Frogs and Butterflies Life Cycle Fun, featuring all sorts of activities about the science of life cycles, for $7.00; and Fraction Pizza, which includes printables that teach fractions using pizzas, for $2.00.

If you’re wondering how much people actually make on TPT, the site has reported that their top seller has earned over $2.5 million—that’s right, $2.5 million! Over 250 teachers have earned more than $50,000, and thousands of teachers have made between $1,000 and $5,000! So what are you waiting for—it’s time to start uploading lesson plans!

Educators, Earn Extra Cash with Teachers Pay Teachers!