I'm a twenty-something professional living more than two states away from my family. The distance between us has always meant looking for cheap flights or making plans for long drives. To add to that strain, it's all about finding the time and the dime.  Then I saw the sign – Megabus!

The Cost

My mom and I decided to use Megabus to meet in the middle for a girl's weekend in Atlanta. My trip to Atlanta was free, due to a special promotion I jumped on when Megabus was added to my city.  My mom only paid $24 round trip for her fare. Where else can you get such a deal?  Ticket prices are based on when you buy and how many seats have already been sold. As the bus fills up and the closer you get to your trip, the fares will gradually go up. The average ticket price one-way is $20 but could be as little as one dollar if you plan ahead!  If you are a repeat Megabus user, you will receive coupon codes for your next trip.

Why Travel By Bus?

The buses were on time and even early to our destinations. The bus drivers were very friendly and helped load and unload our luggage. The drivers even stayed with the passengers who were waiting for their pickups rather than leaving everyone to fend for themselves.

Inside the bus it was very clean and comfortable. There's an overhead compartment for your extra bags and a bathroom located in the back. The seats recline. There were outlets for charging your phones or computers and FREE Wi-Fi!

Time Versus Money

Traveling by bus may mean a few extra hours on the road, but for the six hours my mom spent on the bus, it was only two hours longer than had she gone to the airport and sat on a plane.  Not to mention the cost for airfare would have been around $300 round trip. That's a big price difference! In my opinion, saving money is more important than saving a few hours.

Since the buses stay on a very strict schedule, here is my warning to you–be responsible and stay on time. The buses make a pit stop for everyone to get out and stretch their legs. If they tell you to be back in 15 minutes, you should be back two minutes early. The bus will leave you behind. They don't count heads or call out names. My mom said her bus left one woman behind at a rest stop.

Megabus is an affordable, comfortable, and safe way to travel. They make stops in 70 major cities in the United States and Canada. I highly recommend using Megabus. So check out the Megabus website and start planning your trip!

This has been a guest post by Amanda from Montgomery, AL
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