Kmart Coupon Policy

Following is the Kmart coupon policy. Print this and carry it in your binder when shopping at Kmart. Print from here, or visit the Kmart site directly:

Print the Kmart Coupon Policy

Manufacturer Coupons

  1. All coupons must be presented to the cashier at the time of purchase.

  2. We uphold all purchase stipulation requirements set forth by the manufacturer.

  3. Coupons must state “Manufacturer Coupon”, contain a scanable barcode, valid ‘remit to’ address, and have a valid expiration date.

  4. Item purchased must match the coupon description (brand, size, quantity, color, flavor, etc.).

  5. There is a limit of one coupon per item.

  6. Buy One Get One Free Coupons (“BOGO”) cannot be combined (i.e., you cannot use two BOGO coupons on two items and get both for free).

  7. Coupons and their face value cannot be exchanged for cash, money orders, postage or prepaid/loadable cards including but not limited to gift cards and cell phone minutes.

  8. Coupons cannot be used to pay sales tax. Sales tax will be calculated at the register based on the type of coupon presented, in accordance with state law.

  9. Kmart may, from time-to-time, offer Double Manufacturer Coupon promotions. The terms and conditions of any Double Manufacturer Coupon promotion shall be published in Kmart advertising and available in participating Kmart stores. Please contact store for more information.

  10. All add on fees (examples: bottle deposits and battery core charges) on purchased and free items (including coupon items) are paid for by the customer.

  11. No purchase required coupons, free coupons, and coupon discounts over $9.00 are subject to approval by the manager or lead supervisor on duty.

  12. Coupons void where prohibited.

  13. We do not accept the following coupons: expired coupons, photocopies or counterfeit coupons, coupons from other retailers or coupons for products or services not carried in our stores, and print-at-home coupons (non-newspaper or periodical clipped coupons) for razors, alkaline batteries, alcohol or tobacco.

  14. Kmart cannot accept manufacturer coupons that are presented to the cashier on a smartphone, tablet or similar device (Kmart may only accept Kmart or Shop Your Way coupons directly from a smartphone or tablet).

  15. Management reserves the right to accept, refuse, or limit the use of any coupon at its discretion.

Kmart Store Coupons (Including Shop Your Way coupons)

  1. We uphold any purchase stipulation requirements set forth on the coupon.

  2. Select Shop Your Way member coupons have the option of loading the coupon to the member’s account or printing the coupon to redeem in-store when making an applicable purchase.

  3. Kmart gladly accepts Kmart print-at-home coupons as long as they are legible, provide a scanable, valid barcode, and are not altered in anyway.

  4. In the event of a return, coupon value is pro-rated across all qualifying items and will be deducted from any refund.

  5. If a customer presents a paper coupon and also has a digital coupon clipped and/or loaded to their Shop Your Way account for the same offer and items in the same transaction, the paper coupon value and requirements shall take precedence over the digital coupon in that transaction and the digital coupon cannot be used in the transaction unless otherwise indicated.

  6. If there are multiple digital Kmart coupons that have been clipped and/or loaded to a member’s Shop Your Way account that are redeemable in the transaction, the coupon offer that provides the most points or largest discount will apply in the transaction (e.g., $10 in Points coupon takes precedence over a $5 off coupon.If dollar-off coupon and Points coupon offer same discount amount, (e.g., $10 off and $10 in Points), dollar-off coupon takes precedence).

The pharmacy department has a separate policy on the acceptance of coupons and gift cards.

If you are having any issues with your local store, including coupon problems, you may email Kmart at or contact Retail Customer Care department at 1-800-549-4505.


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Can you use a “shop your way member” coupon that loads to your account and a manufacturer coupon in the same transaction? For example right now they have a loadable coupon for IAMS dog food for $4 a bag 9lbs or larger, and there is a printable manufacturer coupon on for the same thing? TIA! 🙂


Thank you for sharing!!


Do you price match


I am on the phone now with Kmart Corporate and they don’t know how to answer the question about taking internet coupons with the redeemable at walmart logo on it. I explained to her what I was told by several grocery stores as well as Target that it doesn’t say redeem at or only at walmart. its still a manufacturers coupon suggesting you can redeem it at walmart. When I was in there at the customer service desk the clerk didn’t know what coupons they accepted or not and called the manager. The manager couldn’t be bothered to come to the front and speak with me. He explained it was a Walmart Store coupon! I have a little convenience store and I can take those and turn them in for credit with no problem so why can’t Kmart? The lady I’m speaking with is amazingly sweet and trying so hard to help me to end the confusion. I stopped shopping at Kmart, which at 1 time was a fav of mine, over 10 years ago because the staff was rude and the store was dirty. I tried to give them another shot and this was the story above I ended with. She is sending an email to the store about their customer service skills and another email up the ladder about why I would decide to take my business to Target or Walmart between this problem as well as not being able to ‘stack’ coupons. All in all she was extremely helpful and now my frustration is gone because someone listened and is attempting to follow through. That’s customer service!


I have emailed Customer Support at about Walmart (or any store) Logo…it is just advertising…it is a mfg coupon and can be used anywhere as long as it does not say redeemable ONLY AT xxx store. CS at also says this information can be found on their website.
I printed me email from CS@coupons.som and put a copy with each of my individual stores coupon policy!
I suggest everyone look for this info on website and print several copies!


I don’t know if anyone else is having the same issue or if I am late on this but I was just informed by my Kmart’s manager that they are no longer accepting internet printed coupons. I was really upset as I had just been to the same store the night before and used my coupons perfectly but when in this morning and had a terrible service with the cashier and manager. He just explained that the company’s coupon policy changed in February and they only accept newspaper cut outs.


My mom recently tried to use an internet printed coupon at Kmart that I had given to her and they refused to accept it, I was in there tonite and questioned the policy based in the info I had read here and they again refused my coupons, The Kmart employee explained that this was a corporate policy change due to the high volume of fraud and the inability of their cashiers to detect the fraudulent coupons, When I shared this with my favorite Walgreens clerk she quickly showed me at least 3 ways to catch the fake or photocopied coupons and told me that they often have signs in their employee area of coupons to watch out for, needless to say I will only be shopping at Kmart when their is something I really need from now on!


This had happened to me today. I went in to go use my printable coupons, which were then rejected because their new policy. I then read their coupon policy that states “We do not accept the following coupons: expired coupons, photocopies or counterfeit coupons, coupons from other retailers or coupons for products or services not carried in our stores, and print-at-home coupons (non-newspaper or periodical clipped coupons) for razors, alkaline batteries, alcohol or tobacco.”


I’ve had a few problems with Kmart. It’s sad that sometimes the managers aren’t prepared enough to deal with certain situations — or that they don’t know whether or not their store is having a sale/promotion, while having their ad right next to them.


Is this pretty much still up to date? I had a problem yesterday at Kmart…


I rec’d call from Kmart Customer Service (Corp – not local) today 11-3-14 and she emailed me Kmart’s Corporate Coupon Policy and it states Kmart DOES accept Internet printed coupons. We also “discussed” coupons bearing logos “she” understands they are Mfr coupons but many cashiers and managers do not……. she said she is contacting my local Kmart about rude operations manager and will discuss Retail STORE coupons vs Mfr coupons with them. I doubt it will do any good.
I also gave her this url and asked her to review….. and to pass it along to local store manager…..


Does anyone now if you can use mq with a $10 back in points off a $50 purchase if the total after mqs are $50


i currently work there and yes you can use a $10 back in points as long as the total is $50 or higher after mqs, or try having the cashier scan the $10 back in points first of you think the price will drop below $50, and if it doesn’t work then a message will pop up to the cashier that it didn’t qualify.


Does anyone know when they double coupons?


this week there doubling coupons


For how long is the doubling?


I used a $3/2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 printable coupon last week at Kmart. This evening, I sent my wife in with 4 of them to take advantage of the $5 catalina with $20 spent (8 sticks deodorant for $20 – $12 coupons – $5 catalina = $3/8)

She called from the register where they said they do not accept printable coupons. I told her to ask if they would try scanning them, which they refused to do. Instead, they got the manager who said it is their policy to not accept coupons from the Internet.

I told her to just leave and I will come back to try to find the young lady that took the coupon last week, no questions asked!

I am echoing the frustration that the managers need to be trained on the policy (and a printable policy would be nice 🙂


Does kmart allow bogo coupons on bogo deals??


Does kmart allow bogo coupons on bogo deals??


Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!,


I take the wording "exceed the value of the item" to mean that they won't give you overage. It doesn't say it can't be "equal to" the value of the item. Also, if the coupon can't exceed 75% of the value of the item, most of the doubles deals are free only after Kmart matches the coupon value, so the coupon value itself doesn't usually exceed 75% of the item.


Our SuperK's here are superdoubling this week, but with a caveat that you must spend $25 AFTER coupons. I don't recall them having a minimum purchase before?? The text of our local ad is as follows (web version):


thru Jul 14
+ Add to Shopping List

With purchase of $25 or more in grocery & drugstore merchandise.

Wednesday, July 8 thru Tuesday, July 14, 2009, at participating stores only.
Participating stores only. Amount of credit from doubling a coupon cannot exceed the current retail price of a single item. No cash or in-store purchase credit will be awarded for any amount exceeding the retail price of the item. Limit 1 coupon for each item purchased. Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item. You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons. Buy One, Get One offers, Kmart Savings coupons and Kmart Store coupons are excluded from this promotion. Coupons do not apply to sales tax. Limit 25 coupons per customer per day. Offer excludes products prohibited by law, including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medication. Not valid on non-merchandise, federal or state regulated items, prior purchases, Lands’ End, Sears merchandise rung on Sears registers within Kmart and In the event of a return, coupon savings may be deducted from the refund. Exclusions apply. Please see store associate for details. Sears Holdings (Kmart) reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time.

Note the 'Limit 25 coupons per customer per day' also. That should help with the 10 per transaction question, if you want to use your kids. HTH!


I've become more and more frustrated with the doubles at Kmart and the service I've received.


WOW!! Thanks for this extensive post. I know it will help many, many, many of use newbies!!!