I was doubling at Albertsons on Tuesday night last week and ran into my friend Heather.
Heather is basically the queen of ingenuity, so I wasn’t too suprised that she came up with this clever way to carry her binder. Check this out:

She takes the strap that you would use to belt your toddler in, and she pulls it through the part that separates your child’s legs, and then she buckles it.  Then her binder rests on the straps and stays perfectly still.  Perfection!

It was SO sturdy!

Isn’t this genius?! I was so excited when Heather showed this to me! Anyone else have a clever way of shopping with their binder?! Share in the comments! 😉

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74 thoughts on “The Coupon Binder: A Clever Way to Carry it at the Store!”

I take my binder everywhere and I am proud of it! I actually have more and more people that approach me and ask me about it and even ask me how I do it. I always refer them to KCL!!

I used to use a binder system, but it got overwhelming. I just switched to MyCouponKeeper’s system and I’m back in the game!
Kudos to those of you who have stuck with the binder!

I just starting couponing. The first week I didn’t take my book, only coupons. There were so many things I saw I could have bought and didn’t have my coupons. I now take the whole binder and it works out great.

I’ve tried to do that, but the seat belts in the carts are not long enough where I shop. Unfortunately my 1yr old is usually sitting in the seat anways. I always have my binder with me, makes shopping so much faster if I find a deal I can’t pass up. But I always pull the coupons I know I’m going to use and put them in a plastic envelope and as soon as I’m ready for checkout, I pull the coupons out of the envelope and hand them over.

I already posted this elsewhere here, so I’ll make it short.

I tape my coupons to paper pages in my binder and transfer the taped coupons to my list next to the sale of each item for each store, then at the store, I transfer the taped coupon to the item as I put it in my cart. When I get to the check out, all I have to do is put the items on the belt with the coupons already attached and sorted and the cashier takes them off as they ring the items up. I have time to watch the screen and make corrections as necessary.

Sometimes I get flustered and end up forgetting to submit a coupon at check out. Does anyone have a good system for what to do with the coupons that you have pulled to use?

I always have an envelope with me to put coupons in as I go and then I can just pull them out at the register and hand the over. The reason I do it this way is that I find many times there are items on my list that are out of stock or not the price I was hoping for. I find it easier to pull coupons out of my binder as I go than to try to and go thru the envelope to remove coupons for items I’m not getting and then put them back into the binder later. If I have multiple stores I am going to and have ECB’s, RR’s, or gift cards to use, I have an envelope labeled for each store because I know that no matter what I will end up using that “free” money.

I use a binder and pull the coupon out of the card holder and put it in the folder on the inside of the binder once I’ve placed the item in my cart that way when it comes time to check out I have my coupons neatly stacked to hand over to the cashier.

I like to use the small plastic photo albums that can be purchased at the $1.00 store. These show the coupons easily and can be carried in my purse…

After seeing another comment on here i googled the coupon clutch and i think this weekend im going to purchase the pattern and make my own!

I have questions about the binder system. I can see that most of you use a 3-ring binder, but what do you actually put the coupons in?

I use the basebasll trading card holders and they work great. I have a 3 ring binder that zips up so that nothing falls out. Hope this helps

Shannon, that’s a great idea, I’m going to try that! I have one question, though, how do you categorize your coupons? Thanks!

Has anyone ever used that cupon clutch if so, how did you like it?
I was thinking about purchasing one but they’re pretty pricey.

I dunno if you’re talking about the same thing that I got, but I got the Couponzier. At first I LOVED it. Now it’s way too small and I could have made my own for…like 50% less. Oh well, live and learn I guess. The reason I hate it is that the pockets are too small and they rip every time I try to get a coupon in the pocket.

I am not new to couponing, but I would love to know more about using a binder. I have a small, plastic, accordian type holder & sometimes the coupons spill out.
Could someone share how you use a binder….?
Thanks Ü

Wish I had read this post about 2 hours earlier. Just finished whopping w/my binder cotinually slipping and closing in the child seat. Great tip. Thanks for sharing.

I always take my binder with me too. I usually just have it resting the the kiddie seat closed though. I try to plan out my trips with the lists and coupons so that I’ll everything ready for checkout before I leave my house. I will definitely try the straps next time I need my binder open.

I take my binder and turn it on it’s side so that the divider tabs are sticking up where I can see them. I put the binder into the kiddie seat of the cart(spine of the binder against the bottom of the seat) That way I can use my binder like a file cabinet, simply thumb through it, find what I need with out being worried it’s gonna fall out. The kiddie seat is wide enough so that my binder opens with room enough so that I can see all the coupons I have in my holders.

I have thought someone should invent a coupon (something) to do that….awesome. I can’t wait to try it. I usually have a baby on my back, toddler walking and hard to get coupons out of bag…this is a fab idea!

GREAT IDEA!! I will have to try that…I take my whole binder in, as well. I had a question…has anyone ever cut off the expiration date on a coupon and will the stores still take them? My co-worker said that her aunt told her to do it and she did and it worked…i am just afraid that after i do it, that i would waste all of my coupons b/c the cashier wouldn’t take them. One more question..i vaguely remember reading somewhere about the first number of a coupon code being 5 or 7 or 9 or something and that you can do something ‘special’ with that? does anyone know what i’m talking about? thanks in advance:)

In my experience stores are not suppose to take coupons that do not have the date on them. Also, some computer systems now “know” if the coupon is expired or not. To me cutting off the expiration date to purposely use it after expired is unethical. Stores are given a certain amount of time to get the coupons sent in for reimbursement. Manufacturers will know what that expiration date was and could deny the store reimbursement. I believe this would not be becoming of a KCL. Just my thoughts.

I too have seen something on the coding on coupons. I can’t remember which store it was, but it was in the store’s coupon policy. I have only read the coupon policy from 3 stores so it was either CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid. Hope this helps.

I think I read somewhere that the numbers had something to do with whether the coupon could be double or not. If oyu hear differet I would like to know which number means what.

Great idea! I take my whole binder, too. My fear is that I’ll see a deal and not have my coupons. I put mine in the seat, and most of the time it fits nicely on top of the kiddie seat, but sometimes it slides down, falls off, etc. I’ll definitely try this next time. Thanks!

I put my binder on top of my purse in the kiddie seat area. It’s not as good as the child straps through. I’ll try the straps the next time! Thanks for the tip.

I wouldn’t dream of dragging a big binder like that into the store….just not my style. I have manila folders marked for each store, then have that store’s list and coupons already organized in the folder before shopping. My “couponing” purse easily fits all my folders in it, as well as my accordian file (where all my additional coupons are filed alphabetically by brand name, so that i can easily find one if i run into an unadvertised special). When i am in a particular store, i pull out that manila folder to check things off on my list, but i don’t need to mess with coupons until i am checking out. Then i pull out my bundle and hand them off, one by one.

That’s great! My twins usually sit in the front basket and I can’t tell you how many times my binder has ended up on the floor!

my binder is that big! And now I am going to make a binder just for target only, lol

I love that idea! I will try it tomorrow when I do doubles at Farm Fresh. I normally shove all my reusable bags & purse under the binder. My binder is that big (if not bigger). I broke down & bought a new one (on sale) that has a strap & 2 sides of metal ring things & I can buy (or wait until I get a coupon) extra things to put in it…file folder thing, pencil bag, etc… I love my new binder!!

Good golly, that’s a big binder! It’s all I can do to juggle my little coupon bag. Most trips I only take a couple of envelopes with me.

That is one big binder! I use a smaller one that I’m able to prop up in the kid seat area ok.

My binder is that HUGE! I’m insane :) The first time my hubby went couponing with me, he grabbed a cookie sheet from the baking aisle & stuck it under my binder, so I had a shelf. LOL! It worked GREAT. So I bought a large lap desk from Office Max, & I lay my binder on it. Or… Just use a big cookie sheet!

Heather. Would you post Pictures of your binder close up. Like: Divider, clipped Q’s what is the purple page, what is going on on the left side of your book? maybe an in depth tutorial under the organization tab?

I know… you don’t have enough to do already…

that neat i would have ever that to do it that way

I try to keep my binder in one of my reusable shopping bags so I remember to bring them in the store with me. Then I balance my binder on top of my purse and reusable bags, too. I have gotten into the habit of putting the empty bags on the front and top of my grocery order so the cashier can be sure I haven’t shoplifted. It’s bad enough getting those dirty looks from everyone because I’m a couponer. I’m a saver, not a shoplifter!

Actually today I had a nice WOW experience from the guy behind me and the cashier.. I only had two items, the 30 oz Gain was $1.88 on sale at Harris-Teeter, free with my doubled $1 Q and I had a $1.50 Q that doubled to make a 2 mos. size Bounce Bar only $.49. This is an urban grocery store and no one seems to appreciate my couponing hobby but this guy behind me was suitably impressed! I saved $6.50.

That binder is HUGE! :)

Awesome idea BUT check out all that frosting in the cart!!!!! What kind of deal was gotten for all that?!?!?

I have yet to graduate to a binder, I’m still useing a makeup cluch (freebie lol) with everything (including my organizer) shoved in it. I usually hand it to my 10 month old to play with while we are shopping – so win/win. It’s handy, and she’s happy :)

I love that Idea I have alot of problems with my book cuz it would be like swaying and falling in the place where the kid would sit SO i like this idea … Also I have some xtra coupons i DONT use. What is the address for the OVERSEAS thingy to send them too.

that is awesome!! I was getting tired of my binder falling down in that part that is perfect, I will have to try it next time I go to the store!

My purse is very big, so I just place it in the cart and place my coupon binder on top of it.

I love it! What should I do with my 1 year old though? LOL Too bad they don’t have a double seat shopping cart.

This is genius! However I usually just open it up on top of my pile of reusable bags and purse.

I’ve just started with my binder and I must say I’m glad I took the time to do it. I also don’t mind to bring it into the store with me either. I just throw it in one of my reusable bags with the rest of the reusable bags and throw it over my shoulder. Works out great.

I try to pull my coupons before going and put it in my organized accordion coupon organizer, but i like having them organized in the binder so I know exactly where a certain coupon is. My binder definitely isn’t as large as that woman’s though. haha.

When I’m clipping, all the ones I know I won’t use I mail to a friend of mine. I know she uses much more than I do, especially certain meat things (vegetarians here). It’s only 2 stamps, and I’m making back the 88 cents I’m using to send to her so I don’t mind. ESpecially if they’re getting used. My expired ones I’ve been sending to overseas program now. :) Glad I came across that.

I wish I didn’t have kid sitting there!

DON’T THROW AWAY THOSE EXPIRED COUPONS! Mail them to the gal that sends them overseas to our military families!! I do this roughly once a month (there are about 4 of us that coupon at the office and I collect them all up)

Sure its a few bucks for postage – but knowing that they are going over to help the families overseas – well it makes me happy 😉

I need to start doing that. But usually, I am so angry at my inability to make use of most of my coupons, I am furiously throwing them in the trash :( Maybe I wouldn’t be so angry with it if I thought I was helping someone?

Her coupon binder is insanely huge. There’s no way I could wrangle that sucker around, no matter what trick I had to strap it in the cart. Yowza. I don’t even want to tackle my own smaller binder in the store. I make my plan before going and then clip the coupons together for each store and take an envelope in with me. BUT I do keep my binder in the car in case I find a killer deal, I just run out to the car and get the coupons I need.

Holy cow, that’s incredible… though I must say that I have never (and will never) bring a binder that huge to the store with me. I pull coupons the night before and sort them by aisle into an expanding coupon envelope.

I can’t even imagine how upset you would be if you thought you lost your binder or ended up leaving it at a store. lol. The amount of hours spent cutting and putting each coupon into the little space takes FOREVER.

I stopped doing the whole binder thing because I just felt like I was cutting them and throwing them away way too often. : ( I did like being a little more organized but it just took so much of my time I don’t know if it’s worth it. I think separating them by week is the easiest…. I don’t have time to binder shop anymore like I used to. I just fill an envelope with the coupons I plan on using & write on the envelope what I plan on buying. If I find something on clearance for a good price I snap a picture of it with my phone & find the coupon when I get home for another trip… It is just so much easier!

I do the exact same thing!!!!!! I just don’t have the time to do all of that.

I am the same way too! I don’t have time to do a binder but I go to town everyday so I can always come back with my coupons!

Tiffany – I’m a newbie at this (about 3 weeks in now) and it took me what seemed like forever to get a binder organized. That was because I just started printing coupons away and letting the pile stack up, plus saving the entire inserts from the paper – not a good plan!! lol I finally got around to a binder and I really don’t think it’s a waste of time – the money I save by putting in a little bit of time is worth it to me. As far as throwing alot out – I haven’t been doing it that long to know – but it shouldn’t be too much if you use up what you can when you can and I don’t even bother saving the coupons I KNOW I won’t be using since it’s stuff we don’t normally use, no matter how cheap. That cuts out alot in my opinion. Hope that helps.

Ok so no one ever answers my questions, but I’ll shoot anyway. On average, how many coupons would you say you use out of the binder on average (%). And how many do you end up just throwing away at the end of the month or whatever? I’m still considered newbie especially with the binder thing, but it never worked for me in the past (took too long to cut, fold, insert, sort etc.). I’d like to know because I am considering starting it up again, but don’t want to do it if its a waste of my time :(

I throw a lot of coupons away at the end of the month. I also don’t clip all of my coupons but only the internet ones. For the newspaper inserts, I insert them in full page sheets along with a listing of their contents. I do separate each page and put in its own sheet protector. I usually pull the coupons for my shopping list before I leave the house but use the sheets if I see something on special while at the store.

I would say I send away quite a few expired coupons – but I have to say I have kicked myself for not clipping the right coupon (aka the $3 tide stain release a few weeks back) – so I’d rather clip them (or just save them) then not have them.. but I’m KRazy :)

Hey thanks you guys! My stockpile had actually started becoming very, very empty because I was so frustrated with coupon piles that I just quit. I am going to take these tips and integrate them with my sad sad pile o’ coupons and empty binder 😉

I have also thrown away a lot of coupons. But now I color code them….krazy I know. I have 6 colors that rotate thru the yr. So at the end of the month I look for that color and check the dates.
Example. Jan is blue, Feb. is orange, etc. I put a line near the top of the coupon. When I cut the coupons I have my markers on the table and color code them right away. It works well on Sunday afternoons while hubbie watches the Packers,I can listen to the game and still have my time…lol
Hope it helps!

Ha! I do the same thing and the checkers at my local Albies tease me that my my binder is my ‘child’

Oh, I did figure out that I can keep track of the coupons I’m ready to use while I’m in the store by putting an extra page cover (one of the full size ones, not the baseball card ones) in the front of my binder, and I just slip the coupons in there as I decide I’m ready to use them. That way I’m not dropping them and I have them all ready to go when I get to the check-out line. I also have extra page covers for my shopping lists and WIC checks in the front. Makes things go a bit smoother!

Great Idea thanks so much for sharing that with us 😎

Brilliant! I’m developing a plan to make a cover for mine so I can strap it shut, but we’ll see when I get around to that. :)

Great tip, but I have 2 binders that size! I have to shop with 2 buggies: I push the one with the binders (1 open in the toddler area, and 1 open in the bigger area below), and my hubby pushes the cart for the actual groceries. Thank goodness our kids are old enough to walk now! :)

I saw a lady at the store the other day that had her binder in the kid seat of the cart but she didn’t have it like this. Too bad I am just now seeing this or else I would have suggested she put it like this rather than angle it in the cart!

Great tip! Will definitely have to try that one!

HOLY SMOKES!!! Look at the size of that thing!!! LOL! No wonder she needs to strap that sucker in! :)

Great idea! I’m going to have to try that!

Ok that is smart. I will def use that trick.

That’s how I put my coupon binder on my cart (minus the strap, which is brilliant!). Guess I’ll have to start using the strap, now! Thanks for the tip.

Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

love it!! I am so glad this was posted!! i have been tripping or picking mine up over and over again!

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for showing me this! I have tried every which way of having my binder open while I shop and you have literally saved me hours of refiling my coupons when the silly thing falls from the cart to the ground and the coupons go flyin’! Love it!!

Awesome…at Albertson’s & Smith’s my son likes to sit in the front where they have a ‘car’ that he gets to drive. I place my binder on the top of his car.