Things I struggle finding the time for are neither few nor far between.  Time to exercise seems near the top of the list.  Time to prepare gourmet meals and bake my own bread aren’t far behind.  Even when I get up an hour early, it still seems that by 10 O’clock, my time is gone and my domestic ambitions are left in a heap (next to the pile of laundry that I never started).   Moms, Dads and everyone else in between—we all seem to have about 20 hours of work per day and no more than 18 hours to do it in!  Let’s all pat ourselves on the back and devote the next ten seconds to feeling sorry for ourselves.

Here’s the part where I convince you that you DO have the time to coupon!

(1)    Coupon shopping pays BIG dividends no matter how big or small your time investment.  Spend 5 hours per week and realistically save over $1000 in one month!  Only got 15 minutes per week?  In one short hour per month you can cut your grocery bill by $100!

(2)    Time is Money.  Getcha some!  Did you know that coupon clipping pays an average of $86 per hour according to the Wall Street Journal.

(3)    Maybe with all the money you’ll save shopping with coupons, you can hire a personal assistant!

How have you made time to coupon shop?  How many of you are still hanging back wondering if you’ve got what it takes?

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27 thoughts on “YES! You have time to be a Krazy Coupon Lady!”

  1. Theashburns says:

    I am super overwhelmed. I have tried to master this process for months now. I went from clipping from my sunday paper(s) every coupon I use and organizing into all 30 some odd catergories which was crazy time consuming to now not clipping at all and saving all my inserts from PG/RP/SS as a whole. I went through a photo album and a binder to now nothing but a huge basket of craziness and an accordion file. It seems I am clipping coupons that rarely save me much money. I check all 3 of my local stores every week. Target, Jewel, and Dominicks and I can never save more than 50% and usually have maybe 2 or 3 coupons max for that item. I want to start using a clipping service but not sure how the coupons get there in time to match the current sale only available THAT week? Can someone help address a few of these roadblocks?

  2. kaylin says:

    I am brand new at couponing…this morning was my first time. I spent a couple of hours this week studying up and getting coupons online. I go to winn Dixie and they have a great website that helped me get organized with their weekly sale and my coupons. I don’t have problem with the time I spent, my concern is figuring out how often I will actually be going to the store. I saved $95, total spent was $120. Not too shabby for my first run, but I won’t save anything doing that every week. So can someone break down a month of couponing for me? How long should it take me to stockpile my house? And what is it like after you are only restocking or keeping up?

  3. Samantha says:

    I agree with everybody on the savings idea. It depends on how you shopped prior to couponing. We had a few stockpile things, but not much. I bought what was necessary for the week, and if it was on sale, I might have bought 2 or 3. I recently purged my filing cabinet and came across grocery receipts from 1-2 years ago and my savings ranged from 11 – 18%. Now, I average from 33-46 % just on groceries. I usually paid full price for all of my toiletries. I have only cut our grocery bill overall by about 20%, but we eat well, and I can still continue to buy the organic food, I once bought.
    I cannot get our grocery budget to 40/week, but each week, I try to do a little better.

  4. Betsy says:

    I used to spend all day Sunday Couponing it seemed like when I first started…Now I have cut that down a lot. I am a full time working mom so I usually use my Lunch hour to clip and organize my coupons and do my little shopping trip so that i don’t have to haul the kids with me after work. Also the hubby was always on me saying “Can’t do nothin’ today cause its coupon day”…that changed very quickly when I came home bragging and he seen the savings!!! I am TOTALLY ADDICTED!! I have a 10 & an 8 year old and they have also got into clipping the Q’s for me so that also helps free up some time. I am soooo Grateful to this site it has helped me soooo much!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I am going to do my best to communicate this to my friends who seem to be resistant still to couponing. They know how to do it, but don’t seem willing to take the time. I tell people who mention how much time it takes that it is similar to working; you are getting paid for the time you spend doing it.

    Since I am working about 30-40 hours a week now, I set aside at least one evening a week to work on the coupons. It is not as much time as I would like, but it’s all I can give. I usually try to do it on Thursdays (when my husband has a night out with friends). I’ll wait until my son goes to bed and will print and clip coupons and organize them in the binder. I also will pull the ones for grocery shopping that weekend.

  6. sarah says:

    Another benefit from couponing is that we have a lot more food in our house now. Healthy food too, not junk. It just takes a little practice to see what works for your family. You will save money and have more food in the pantry.

  7. Tina says:

    I have only been couponing for about six months and have saved lots of money, clipping each coupon is kind of boring, thinking of switching to putting in sheet protectors with the date on them, sheet protectors are cheaper than card holders. The only problem I seem to have is Rite Aid and Walgreens are always usually out of product, I have to make sure I am there on Sunday morning if I really need it. Krazy Coupon Lady is great……

    Happy couponing!!!!

  8. Patti says:

    One hour a month??!! Sheesh . . . I’d settle for one hour a day!! I love couponing — that’s the problem, I’m probably addicted to it and I do get a lot of grief from my wonderful hubby. But don’t kid yourself — to save the kind of money y’all are talking about is not done in an hour a month or even a day. But y’all have inspired me and make this passion so much fun!

    • Charlene says:

      My husband was giving me grief about clipping the coupons and getting 4 newspapers. Tell I took him shopping with me. He saw all the stuff I was putting in the cart and there prices. Then the total came to $65 and we walked out with only paying $11. He couldn’t believe it, he even double check receipt. Then told me, I was doing a great job and saving the family so much. He hasn’t given me any more grief, he doesn’t mind stopping by the store with me on the way home from work either, even with the kids with us.

  9. lindsay says:

    I think it depends on what kind of shopper you were before, I was already pretty frugal but I was only buying the absolute sessentials that my family would consume that week, where now I have a huge stockpile that I have accumulated on less money than I was spending before, plus now I have three kids.

    Also I think sometimes the savings is figured before store savings and promos, in addition to coupons and even doublers. I can save a couple hundred in a couple days, that doesnn’t mean I have an extra 1000 in my pocket at the end of the month. You will be spending less and being able to create a stockpile so you never have to run to the store for something that isn’t dirt cheap. If we couldn’t go to the store for a couple months we would be ok (our milk would be powdered and our fruit would be canned) but it is reasuring to know that we would have waht we need.
    It took a couple months of couponing to convince my mom that it was worth her precious time to coupon. When she saw what I was bringing home to my family for pennies on the dollar she said I cant afford not to.

    • Tawna says:

      I agree with Lindsey! I was a pretty frugal shopper before coupons too, but only got the bare necessities each week, and was always running out of things! Also, I would just go to Grocery Outlet and Walmart to save time, but it seemed to take all morning, dragging two kids with me!

      For me, couponing has SAVED me time because I am now more organized (even without a binder). I now plan at home before I go to the store. And the kids now know that we aren’t going to be spending HOURS in the store, so they are behaving a bit better. :) Oh and if I cant get to the store, at least I know we won’t run out of tp!

  10. Susan says:

    No doubt I saved a lot of money since I started using coupons in earnest 9 months ago. I cringe at the thought of what I used to spend. But I question the statement that you can “realistically save over $1000 in one month.”

    A thousand dollars savings in a month??? I never spent anywhere remotely close to $1000/month on groceries and household items to begin with. Granted I have a small family, but even my sister, with a husband and 4 kids including three teenage boys who can eat a ton of food, only spent half that in her pre-couponing days.

    Unless you’re feeding a small army, $1000/mo in savings seems like a gross exaggeration.

    • tracie says:

      $1000 a month is very realistic. Add in all the savings that you use…the free Bath and Body Works travel size on the weekends, the stockpile of toothpaster (if you pay a quarter for toothpaste, you are already saving $2.75), the B1G1 free restaurant coupons, EVERYTHING. I can save $1000 per month EASY!

    • Neva says:

      You’re right, Susan. Unless you had a $1200 grocery budget in the first place, the $1000 savings is a bit inflated. Basically, those “savings” are off of Albertson’s pre-sale, pre-coupon price. I would never pay that much for most of those items – I would buy them at WinCo or WalMart for much cheaper – so the “savings” are quite inflated and not an accurate comparison. I calculate my savings based on my budget for the month. If my grocery budget is, say, $400 a month, and through couponing and sales I only spend $250, my savings are $150. Still worth doing, but it’s not going put $1000 in your bank account.

      • Susan says:

        Neva, exactly!

        It does depend on how you measure “savings.” If I sum up the full retail price of every product I bring home, then yes, I can see that it might add up to $1000 in one month. But to me, that’s not a fair measure of “savings” because I would never have spent that much in the first place. We’d find it cheaper elsewhere or go without.

        Tracie mentioned the value of the free Bath and Body Works lotions — I consider something like that as a gift. I don’t consider it “savings” because it’s not something I would have bought.

        I find it somewhat difficult to measure my true savings. I started couponing in earnest this past January, so I try to compare what I’m spending out of pocket to what I spent last year, but it’s hard to get a fair comparison because I didn’t track my spending last year like I do now. A $50 check made out to Fred Meyer could have been groceries, clothes, or lawn fertilizer — I don’t know at this point in time. I can’t go off the “savings” dollars that are printed on store receipts because, like you pointed out, I would not have paid their pre-card, pre-sale prices to begin with.

        Just today I bought 10 bottles of Vitamin water, free at Albertsons: on sale for $1, $5 instant savings wyb 10, and five $1/2 coupons. I don’t consider the $18.90 retail price as “savings.” It’s hard for me to even consider the $10 sale price as “savings” because this isn’t something I would have spent even $10 on. I mean, we like the Vitamin Water, and we will consume it, and I love getting products we like for free. But I don’t think I necessarily “saved” anything because I wouldn’t bought it otherwise. I never bought that stuff ever — or any other kind of souped up bottled water — before I started couponing and figured out how to get it for free (or really really cheap).

        On the other hand, a few weeks ago I combined a promotion with coupons and a rebate to buy 4 huge packages of toilet paper — enough to last my little family at least 6 months. In the end, Rite Aid paid me $.04 to bring it home. (That was seriously fun!) Unlike the Vitamin Water, before my couponing days I still would have bought toilet paper even if it wasn’t on sale, so I definately realized some “savings” there. But even though the full retail price was about $48, I figure I “saved” only about $25 because that’s how much a 6-month supply of toilet paper would have cost me at Walmart or Costco.

        Hope I’m making sense. I’m sitting here typing when I should be sleeping. :-)

        But all that said — I’ve gotten into a great couponing groove to where it’s become my lifestyle. And this blog has sure helped make it possible. What a great resource! I have gotten some unbelievable deals on products we use, and yes, I am saving a significant amount of money. Nowhere near $1000/month — $1000. year, maybe more. But overall, couponing is most definately worth the time and effort I spend on it.

  11. Samantha says:

    I hated coupons for the longest time. Always seemed like they were for products we didn’t use or the inserts weren’t in the paper. I would always leave the 2 or 3 that I did have at home. It wasn’t a big deal until I became a SAHM. With all of us at home, and my husband working from home 3 days a week, our grocery bill was out of control.
    I started and said I would give it 2 months to see what would happen. I spent hours a week trying to find the best deals. It took some time to learn, but my goal was to cut our bill by about 25%. 8 months later, I have it down, I don’t have to run to the grocery store 3 times a week, and CVS. I spend between 1-2 hours a week on the coupons, and my list. It is well worth it! Most of the time our bill has been cut more than 25%. My goal was to have a stockpile and the system down before I return to work next year.
    It makes me sick to think of the amount of money I could have saved over the past few years, had I given coupons a chance.
    Thank goodness for your website, it is my 1 true resource. Keep up the great work. You have helped me stay home with my kids for another year.
    The time it takes to coupon each week is nothing compared to the extras it allows our family; both financially and emotionally.

  12. sarah says:

    I stopped cutting out every coupon a while ago as suggested on this site. Now I just file the inserts by date in a binder. It’s so much quicker this way and works just as good. They show you a good system of how to do on it and it really does work well. Look under the “Beginner” heading up top.

  13. Angela says:

    Sunday mornings are dedicated coupon clipping hours. I sleep in til 7, grab the paper, grab my grocery list and off I go! Only takes me about two hours to save hundreds per month! I love it! And I do it all while my family sleeps!

    • Kelley says:

      I like your method, Angela! I might try that! I was a SAHM for 4 yrs and I was a bigtime couponer—-had to, 1 income family,2 in diapers,etc, had the binder and all and stockpiled just about everything. Then, my youngest went to school fulltime and I went back to work fulltime. That was 3 yrs ago and I’m ashamed to say that I did not coupon during the past 3 yrs mainly due to TIME…..NO TIME! During the past 3 yrs we have went through abt 90% of stockpile(toothpaste,shampoo,razors, cleaning products,etc.). I had an itch 2 mths ago to start back up couponing starting w/ 7/25/10 inserts! I have made time here and there(evenings and weekend)in the last mth to coupon every week and it feels AWESOME to replenish my stockpile AND pay dirtcheap prices! Along the way, I stumbled across this website and am greatful to have discovered ya’ll!!

  14. Beverly says:

    I LOVE couponing so I always make sure I have time. Really, couponing can take up as little or as much time as you want. I am constantly searching for coupons and for the best deals. With our budget, it makes such a difference for us even if I have to go to 3 different stores during the week. I will do what I have to save as much money as possible!!

  15. Nicole Penney says:

    Besides saving money, the “coupon high” is amazing. I am a stay at home mom and consider couponing part of the financial aspect of my job. I follow about five couponing blogs and they are all fed to my mailbox. I go through them as they come in. The scenarios that interest me I leave open. When the kids go to bed, I’ll take all the ones that interest me and start collecting my coupons.

    When the baby wakes up in the middle of the night to feed, I have a lot of trouble going back to sleep. Usually I put my coupons together. I got to Rite Aid and Walgreens once a week and the Albertsons and Safeway twice a week. I can’t believed how healthy we are able to eat since we’ve freed up money to buy fresh produce from the farmer’s market. It usually winds up being cheaper than at the grocery stores.

    Thank you for all of your help and all that you’ve taught me. I’m learning to put my own scenarios together. I’m still pretty bad at it, but working on it.

  16. Sandra says:

    With the money I am saving I am going to hire a house cleaner!
    Well worth it IMO.

  17. Anna says:

    Couponing is necessary for me to continue staying at home with our children…so makiing time for it, even if it means staying up LATE, is not an issue for me.

    I have also found ways to use our actual shopping trips as “learning” trips (playing i spy games in the store, finding things of certain colors, counting the items in the cart, talking about money, etc. So this helps me feel better about always bringing the kiddos along.

  18. Seanne says:

    I always feel like I have no time… Mother, Wife, Student, etc etc…. but the couponing saves so much money that I MAKE time for it. I’m (honestly) a sleeper-inner, lounge on the couch-er, snuggle with hubby watching movies as long as possible-er… but I find time to get off my tushy and save some money every week :) It pays off- my stockpile is CRAZY to the point of almost not having room for it, and I’m helping the rest of my family save money on a regular basis as well.

    I recommend always finding time. It’s way way WAY worth it.

  19. Christle says:

    To me the time i spend clipping and looking for coupons. IT is paying me back 100% back. I got my 9 year old daughter involved in helping me clip and put the coupons in there designated space in my coupon binder and she is always having fun. Even my 3 year old trys to help!

  20. Dana says:

    I am thinking I might try to save enough money in groceries to hire a housekeeper to come and clean my bathrooms twice a month. That, friends, would be AMAZING!

  21. Katie O says:

    I usually have to make time to coupon clip, but i know its worth it! I’ve gotten into the habit of picking up a sunday paper and clipping with some gal pals. We swap coupons and get to hang out with the hubster! :)