Wondering where to use your $5.00 off Olay, when you buy Secret Deodorant coupons from Sunday’s P&G coupon insert?  I’m gonna use mine this week at Walgreens; the register will deduct the entire $5 for every coupon, even if you buy the Olay bar packs.  Price on the Olay may vary by region.

Update: This post has been updated to show using only 4 coupons per transaction. Thanks to those of you who let us know the wording on the coupons limits us to 4 “like” coupons per transaction! You guys rock! ;)

Spend $30 or more Receive $10 Register Reward

Buy 5 Secret Deodorants, 2.6-2.7 oz $3.99
Buy 5 Olay soap, 2 ct $2.24

Use 4 $5.00/1 Olay wyb Secret from PG 10/31
Pay $11.15, Receive $10 Register Reward
Final Price: $1.15 or $0.12 each!

Thanks Common Sense with Money!

Come back and let us know if your store allows the overage!!

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78 thoughts on “Hot Deal at Walgreens: Secret Deodorant & Olay!”

  1. leigh says:

    secret is on sale at Kroger for $1.97 as part of there 10 item mega event. so you could use those coupons there and get both the secret and the 2pack bars for FREE!

  2. artmom6 says:

    I just went to Walgreens and used $31 worth of coupons to get:

    one full size secret, 3 trial secrets, 2 HUGE 20.2 oz olay body lotions, 2 gillette deodorants, 1 four pack olay bars, 1 2 pack olay bars,and 2 old spice body sprays.

    I paid $7.61 after RR.

    I then went to Jewel and got:

    2 packs of mentos, 1 box of tampax tampons, 1 box of always pads, four boxes of kleenex, and eight bottles of fuze – all FREE.

    I luv coupons!!!

  3. Hipychk says:

    ps I meant $5/1 secret/olay yes, it took the whole $5.00 off each time. so they gave me overage.

  4. Hipychk says:

    Well, I guess I didnt pay attention to the limit of 4 (has it been there in the past?) Here were my transactions:

    1st transaction

    3 Domino Brown Sugars @ .99 (limit was 3)
    5 Secrets 3.99
    1 Olay Lotion -Quencher @ 6.74
    4 Olay Lotion- 8.4 oz @ 3.74

    Walgreens .49 in ad for sugar, -1.20
    5 $3/1 Secret/Olay coupons
    1 .50/2 domino sugar
    Total $20.90
    RR $10

    2nd transaction

    Toy Story3 DVD @ 17.99
    (Got rain check for toy free with dvd purchase, worth 11.99)
    Used RR $10
    Total $9.25

    Paid $30.15
    I thought that was great 5 olay lotions, 5 secrets, 3 sugars, toy story dvd and toy. I was happy with that. I know I could have used another store’s Toy story deal, but I liked the extra toy Walgreens offered. And I was hoping for the Vicks RR, but they were out. that would have made it a much better deal!!

    Bottom line… 5 coupons worked. but now I know it has a 4 coupon limit, is it cheating if they take them all? Just started couponing last month.

  5. Amy says:

    I used this today at Wal Mart. I got one secret for $3.77 and a two pack of Olay bars for $2.48. Total $6.25 -$5.00 coupon= $1.25. Not too bad! No trouble at all at checkout either. :)

  6. lorena says:

    i did this deal at walgreens..eventhough i spent $10 at the end after my 10 RW…i was happy i got 4 secret deodorants and 4 new olay 20.2 oz lotions( huge bottles)..normally these lotions are around 7 dollars..i use 4 $5 coupons and paid with the free RW i got from the sinex deal..

  7. Bonnie says:

    I just ent to walgreens and tried to use the $2.00 off coupon for any Gillette deodorant and they said if it doesn’t say Secret on it they can’t use it! They said a lady got fired doing it so to tell everybody you can get fired for doing that!

  8. candice says:

    i tried to use it a walmart….. tried a trial size secret and 1 bar pack olay dumb dumbs told me i had to buy what was on the picture….. i fussed and put it all back but it worked fine at target!!!!!!

    • birdie says:

      I used the buy 1 secret deodorant and get $5.00 off olay x2, $1 off any one olay body wash x1, and free old spice body spray when you buy 2 secret deodorant x1. All at Wal-Mart. I bought trial size deodorant @ $.97 x2, olay 2 bar pack @ $2.46 x 1, a body wash @ $5 x1. I stacked the coupons and also got the old spice body spray and then I had to get another item (cotton swabs) to as a freebie cause you actually make money on the deal. I paid $0.22. =)

  9. Tyana says:

    I did the deal today with 5 body washes and 5 secret, but didn’t get the $10 RR. The manager said it was because I could only do it online. Can someone tell me what I should do now to try to get the $10 RR since the manager didn’t seem responsive that it could be done in store?

    • sara says:

      Since there are different ads in different regions of the u.s. i always check my area ad first to make sure the “deal” is valid in my area. If you are still sure you should have recieved a RR i would talk directly with that store manager. Coupons equal cash so the manager should help you or explain the problem. like maybe your total wasn’t quite $30. That happened to me one time where I was short by like $.07 so I didn’t get the RR. OR just return it all if its not worth it. Then they are losing out because like i said, coupons equal cash to the stores too, they get the money back

    • tisa says:

      this happened to me too but the manager at the Wags I went to is really nice. He tried to help me figuring out why I didn’t get the $10RR and found out that I only spent $29 before tax (eventhough the after tax is more than $32), that’s why my $10RR didn’t print. So he returned all the stuff I bought 4 Deodorant @ 3.29, 4 Olay @3.96, I picked up 2 old spice with free coupon with buy 2 deodorant-paid nothing except tax. $10RR printed! So Happy!!
      Check the price of the item you are buying- they are varies by stores.

  10. Jen says:

    I tried this today and didn’t get a $10 register reward. When I tried to talk to the manager they couldn’t find any where saying that you should get one. All we could find was that you get and extra 3000 bonus points. It is still a good deal but was confused about the RR.

    • sara says:

      You are in a test market for the walgreens loyalty card. They have slightly different ads. You get points where if you don’t live (or shop) in the test market you get register rewards.

      • Jen says:

        That’s a bummer! I guess the 3000 points can be traded in for $7.50 in Walgreens certificates so I guess it’s close to the same.
        BTW I used the coupon for the free OldSpice spray with the purchase of two secrets and it worked. So all in all, I still got a great deal.

  11. gypsietravelers says:

    Used my Coupon at Walmart in Monroe, Mi today:
    1 Trial size Secret $.97
    1 Olay Body Moisterizer w/Shimmering $5.88
    Used 1 coupon 5.00off Olay w/secret purchase
    Used 1 coupon $1.00off any Olay
    Total .97
    Now I TOTALLY know why it’s important to buy multiple papers! I’m a KLC Virgin – started last week and this is FABULOUS, hope I catch on quicker. I thought I was frugual but YOU LADIES ROCK!
    Thanks for the beginner tab 411 – soooo helpful.
    They also honored the RITE-AID prices for the 50oz TIDE for $3.88. Had 1.00 off for that too! Stocked up!

  12. Momma says:

    Worked great for me! This is how I worked it
    4 Secret Deodorant @ 3.99
    4 Olay Ribbons body wash @ 3.74
    Total $30.92
    Minus 4 $5 coupons
    Total Paid $10.92
    $10 Register Reward
    That’s only .92 cents for EVERYTHING!
    I LOVE coupons!

  13. Kathy says:

    I have no idea if I’ll like the Oil of Olay soap but I needed deodorant and figure I can use the soap for gifts if all else fails. I ended up doing 4 transactions so I could get other things I wanted/needed. (Tucson AZ)

    Trans 1:
    4 Secret @3.99
    1 Gillette @3.99
    3 2-pk Olay soap @2.24
    1 4-pk Olay soap @3.74
    Used 4 $5 Olay Coupons
    Paid $13 and change with tax, got $10 RR

    Trans 2:
    4 (BIG!) boxes chocolate covered cherries (these weren’t marked but showed on sale in ad at 4 for $10)

    Used $10 RR to pay for these, $0 OOP, got $5 RR

    Trans 3:
    2 Head & shoulders @3.49
    2 Suave @1.00
    4 Soup @0.50
    Used 1 $2 off Head and Shoulders coupon
    Used $5 RR
    Paid $4 and change OOP with tax, got $1.50 RR

    Trans 4
    3 Snickers @$0.49
    1 Brown sugar @0.59
    Used $1.50 RR, paid $0.56 OOP

    Hubby wanted goodies after I made a killing on the chocolate cherries :D

  14. BELINDA says:

    I used mine last night. I bout a travel size secret for $.99 and then bought a ribbons olay body wash for $3.24. I also had a $2 off coupon for Gillette deoderant that was on sale for $3.99 at Walgreens. After all of that I payed $1.72 for all three things. Does anyone one know a website where I can print out the coupons again. I don’t have another Sunday paper.

  15. CJ says:

    I used mine to get a huge bottle of Olay body wash ($7) and a travel size Secret ($1.49) at CVS. Got a $3 ECB which made them free and my local CVS ad had a coupon for $1 off any skin care item so I made .51 profit. Much easier than trying to play Walgreens’ games.

  16. Kendra says:

    Today I got:

    3 secret (3.99 ea)
    3 olay 4 pack bar soap (3.74 ea)
    2 olay body wash (3.74 ea)
    1 childrens cough syrup (5.99 ea)-not in olay deal

    3 buy one secret get $5/1 olay
    2 $1/1 olay bar soap,lotion,or body wash

    paid just over $23.00
    got $10.00 rr for olay/secret and
    $6.00 rr for cough syrup-making it free
    about $7 for all!

  17. mindy says:

    It worked for me to use the old spice coupons at walgreens!

  18. Kaui Eiklor says:

    I’m VERY frustrated. I just went into Walgreens to do the exact same scenario and didn’t get the $10 in RR back. When I talked to the manager he told me that it wouldn’t work because I used the coupons which dropped the price below the $30. Did I do something wrong??? Please help me :(

    • Tracy says:

      Same thing happened to me!!! I was SO mad and frustrated! UGHHHH!
      ALMOST took everything back!

      • Kaui Eiklor says:

        Lol! I almost did too. I was pretty upset :(

      • Tracy says:

        I have decided that I will ONLY go for the Walgreens Register Rewards if it is a ‘Buy a specific number of items and NOT a $$ amount’ that way I can use coupons and not have the whole thing backfire on me! :)

    • Teri K says:

      If you use a RR to help pay for a new transaction, the register will not issue you your new RRs. I learned this from a clever cashier who worked there. If you press the issue,they may go ahead and manually issue them to you anyway (I claimed dumb and didn’t tell them that I knew why they weren’t printing, I just asked where my new rewards were & they called the manager, who issued them to me manually).

  19. Meredith says:

    I’ve never shopped the RR before. So my question is, is the $10 RR for a different transaction or is it used and applied to the current transaction? So pertaining to this scenario, am I paying oop $11.15 or $1.15 / $0.12? I’m going to assume I pay $11.15. Thanks for the help! :)

  20. brooke says:

    i saw this on another site, it worked for her but idk if i want to try it.

    (3) Secret Deoperents
    (3) Oil Of Olay Bar soaps (4pk)
    (1) Old Spice Body Spray

    Used (3) $0.50/ Secret coupons
    (3) $5/1 coupon any Olay product w/ purchase of 1 Secret
    (1) Free Old Spice Body Spray w/ purchase of 2 Secret

    pay 8.88 and get 10RR

    i would love to try this!

    • phuong says:

      Why don’t you try this i just came up with this deal:
      Buy 4 secret
      Buy 4 olay 2 bar

      • phuong says:

        I sorry not don’t yet st wrong with my lt
        Buy 4 secret
        Buy 4 Olay 2 bar
        Buy 2 old spice body spray
        Use 4 coupon 5$ off olay wyb secret
        Use 2 coupon buy 2 secret get one old spice body spray free
        OOP about 5 $ then you get back 10$ in RR
        Am I right with this

  21. Heather says:

    Couldnt you also use 2 of the “buy 2 secret deodorants get one old spice body spray free PG 10/31″ coupons with this deal ? that way your getting 2 free oldspice body sprays free making the cost per item .09c each?

  22. Kristi says:

    This worked beautifully for me!! I took my $10 in RR and used it on their Bounce Dryer Bar/Tide Stain Release/Downy Promo to get all of that for $0 and $2 in RR. Thanks so much for this awesome tip!!

  23. grad student says:

    I thought you needed 30$ in deodorant not the olay so the 5 secrets wouldn’t add up to 30….am I missing something?

  24. Ruth says:

    When Walgreens submits the $5.00 coupons for the Olay product to PG, even if the price of the item was lass than $5.00, they still get $5.00 plus .08 cents for the coupon so the store isn’t losing money, PG is the one losing the money. I have used my Olay coupons at CVS and RiteAid with no problems at all, no beeps. I haven’t been to Walgreens in a while and since today I’m not in a very good mood after an absolutely horrible experience at Rite Aid this morning, I think I’m going wait until tomorrow to go back out.
    The cashier at Rite Aid failed to scan one of my coupons. When I told her about it, she called the manager who told me that the coupon did scan and told me that I would trying to cheat the store out of %5.00, told me I use the wrong coupons all the time and she is watching me. All the local Rite Aids have told me about the two women who try to use expired coupons and the coupons for the wrong products. They are Indian and I have olive skin so they confused me for one of those women. After basically calling me a thief in front of many customers, the “manager” finally figured out that she was wrong and the coupon didn’t come off. She gave me $5.00 back, at this coupon, I was so infuriated, I couldn’t stop crying which I usually don’t do. I called and emailed customer service so I’m waiting to hear their response. It is unbelievable how a manager feels she has the right to insult me just because I use coupons. However, I’m not one to back down or walk out of the store. At Acme, an employee was extremely rude to me about a year ago and they fired her. When I went to customer service, it was not the outcome that I wanted but they must have had more complaints and decided that she was a liability. I think because I stutter rather severely, people just assume that I have a mental disability and I can’t speak the language.

    • Ruth says:

      Sorry, a couple of my sentences have the wrong verbs and words on them, I guess I’m still upset about this issue.

    • Bonnie says:

      You are a beautiful creation of gods, and I know your kindiness towards the employee that was fired showed great concern. Please don’t let others attitudes make you sad. After all carma always works negative to those who are negative. God Bless

    • Jenifer says:

      So many people in the world are ignorant, and some of those ignorant people are jerks to boot! Sorry you had to deal with one of those people today — proud of you for sticking to your couponing guns!! I’d tell them the name of a few great couponing websites and encourage them to get smart and starting saving a ton of money, too! :)

  25. Sarah says:

    I just went and did the scenario with no problem but, I Use 3 of the Secret and # of the Gillette $2.00 off. The total made it out to be $9.66.

  26. Tammy says:

    I did this in Portland, Oregon and didn’t get the $10 RR but got 3000 points on rewards card.

  27. Josh says:

    Just did the deal as posted, with a little variant. 5 deodorant $3.99 3 2pk Olay soap $2.24, and 1 4pk Olay soap $3.74…Total $30.41 used 4 $5off coupons OOP $10.41 with $10 RR… Total $.41.

  28. Rebecca says:

    My Walgreens is really good about coupons. They let me use some coupons I had on Secret AND the $5.00 off one. I was going to do this with 2 deoderants and 2 oil of olay’s. I forgot to grab the 2nd Oil of Olay. However, they still took the $5 off my total order for that coupon. Because of my mess up I only got $5 in RR rewards but it was still worth it.

    My only struggle is I can’t seem to use my RR. I know I can’t use more coupons than items I have. However, I had more items then coupons and my RR wouldn’t work. Can anyone explain this better to me?!

    • sara says:

      was your total less than the rr value? that is all i can think of if you and the correct number of coupons vs. items

      • tisa says:

        Your RR has to be equal or less than the amount before tax.
        ie: your total is 5$ which $2 is tax, than you can use any RR that is $3 or less. This is how my Wag’s manager explained to me when I tried to use mine. Hope this make sense. If you leave in a state that there’s no tax – then there shouldn’t be a problem.

      • sara says:

        Yes Tisa that is how it works (I am a walgreens manager :)

    • joan says:

      When you count your items versus coupons the machine sometimes requires 2 items for one coupon so you may not have had enough items to use your RR. For instance, this coupon required the purchase of both Secret and Olay so even though you only had one coupon both items counted against it and you would still need an additional item in order to use the RR.

  29. Niki P. says:

    I did this today in UT. The register beeped – but the cashier pushed them through without saying anything. I got 5 deodorants at 3.99, 2 2 pack bars of soap at 2.46 and 2 body wash at 3.74 (my store was out of more soap) paid 12.08 OOP – $10 RR = 2.08 total

  30. Shannon says:

    I did the deal just like it is posted but at my store the 2pk Olay soap was $2.46 not $2.24. Still got the $10 RR so I’m happy =)

  31. Nicole says:

    I attempted the above scenario, but my Walgreens was out of 2-pks of Olay. So I got 5 Secrets, 3-2pks of and 2 bottles of bodywash (that cost 3.24/pc). The cashier didn’t even try scanning the coupon and promptly adjusted the coupons down, so I ended up paying 22.00 oop and got the 10.00 reward….not to happy about it!!!

  32. Nonna says:

    I did the deal just as it was posted and it worked out perfectly. 5 deoderants, and 5 2pks of olay soap. I ended up MAKING $1.24. Thanks for doing everything you can to help us save a buck! (Even if some of them are long shots!)

  33. Wendy says:

    After months of avoiding Walgreens because of their low inventory of sale items and the dreaded eye roll I would receive when I walk in with my binder, I decided to give them another try this morning. I found what I needed for the Secret and Olay deal. Their system accepted my coupons, no problem, but the Register Reward failed to print. The manager was called and she said that I didn’t receive the RR because I used manufacturer coupons in my transaction and that I had to spend $30 AFTER coupons. I went into their store because of the sale they advertised and they didn’t honor what the ad says. It’s dishonest. I called their corporate office to let them know what had happened, I’m still waiting for the official reply.

  34. susan says:

    I did this in hillsboro oregon, we did not get the $10 RR we got 3000 points on my walgreens card. stll a good deal I paid: 5 X 2.99, for the Secret and the olay body soap was $3.74. I used (5) $5.00 off coupons, it came to $8.65, used my $2.60 RR I pd oop $6.05.

  35. Deanna says:

    I just did this deal and it worked just fine. The register didn’t beep at all!!

  36. kay says:

    i went to the Caldwell Wags on 10TH yesterday morning and used 5 coupns (unknowingly) to buy 3 2packs and 2-4 packs. got all 5 of the $5 off each time, the RR and no beeping.

  37. Aja says:

    I took mine to walgreens and they did exactly what was posted. I ended up paying the 11 dollars. Thanks for the Info.

  38. Jaime says:

    If I am thinking about this correctly u should be able to:

    Buy 4 venus cartridges
    Buy 4 Secret clinical strangth
    Buy 2 old spice body spray
    Buy 1 Covergirl Eye

    Use 4 buy one venus cartidge get one secret clinical free
    Use 4 $5 off olay wyb secret
    Use 2 buy 2 secret get 1 old spice body spray free
    Use 1 $1/1 covergirl product
    and receive $10 RR

    I am unsure of the prices though!

  39. Melinda says:

    There was a P&G Everyday Savings mail in form recently. Send in your receipt w/form by Jan 14 & get over $110 in P&G coupon savings. Hey, we like all the coupons we can get, right?

  40. Shari says:

    It all depends on the cashier. I have four local walgreens and they all handle the coupons differently. What won’t work at one will work a mile down the street. I figure it’s worth a shot, so thanks for posting.

  41. Jennifer says:

    I used mine with a body wash and a trial size secret priced for $1 (which I had a 75 cent coupon for). I paid $2.25 + tax and got a $3 RR.

    Still a MM!

    • CJ says:

      I dont see a $3 RR deal in the ad for Olay and Secret, just the $10 RR WYB $30. Is it in the ad or on the shelf tag?

    • Catherine says:

      I appreciated this idea to buy the $.99 trial size Secret. I only had one $5 off Q, so bought the trial size, and an Olay lotion that was 25% off ($3.74), so using the Q made it a $.27 MM. No RR….but wasn’t expecting one either.

  42. patsy says:

    There is NO WAY Walgreens is gonna let you get $5.00 off a $2.49 product! I can hear the register beeping now. Why would you even post something like this?????

    • Heather says:

      Haha, I love how we are all so scared of the registers at Walgreens. We posted this deal because even if you don’t get overage- you are still getting FREE Olay and a $10 Reward for buying Secret! ;)

    • Shelley says:

      No beeps. (-: I think you could make the argument that the coupon is for 2 products which total more than $5.

  43. brooke says:

    you can’t use 5 pg coupons together, they say right on them “limit 4 like coupons per shopping trip”

    • Leah says:

      I noticed that too! So I’m going to use 4 of the $5 off coupons and add a Cover Girl eye product, use the $1/1 coupon and end up paying $0.91 for all of it after the RR.

  44. Sara says:

    I Love this, thanks!

  45. Sherri says:

    I can tell you there’s no way my Walgreens will allow this transaction. They’ll price adjust my $5.00 coupons down to the price of the Olay.