I love love LOVE shopping at Target after a holiday when they mark their merchandise to 50% (and more) off!  End of season clearance is my favorite time to shop! If you plan it right you can purchase many of the things you will need for next year’s Halloween festivities, THIS YEAR!  Last night I scored 2 Pumpkin Carving Kits, 2 Costumes which I will use as “Dress Up” clothes for my kids, Halloween treat bags and more!

My favorite purchase was the Star Wars Light Sabers and Storm Trooper Guns! These will make awesome birthday presents for my kids friends!!

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25 thoughts on “Target: Halloween Clearance!”

Just went to Target in Nor CA, got coustoms for $1.20 can’t beat 90% off. Great for my son’s preschool class and for dress up outfits at home.

I went to Target on November 1 and by looking at the aisles it seemed like they had not sold any candy since there was so much! However, it was only 30% off so I went back on November 5 and all of the candy was 50% off but other Halloween items were 75% off. I am curious as to why they don’t restock their regular candy shelves with the Halloween candy as most of the bags looked just like those that are sold year-round (i.e. no Halloween decorations)?

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yeah, I went nuts on target today. I drove to two different ones really far apart from each other, but got some awesome deals for next year.

Are there any candy coupons to be printed right now? I didn’t print any, oh well.

I went to Target on my lunch hour and I need to go back when I have more time before all the good stuff is gone! Paper plates – .37 cents. Cake mix – .42 cents. Pumpkin leaf bags – .50 cents. Halloween oreos – .74 cents. Halloween candy is 50% off, so I bought a lot of that too for nieces and nephews I didn’t see before Halloween, so they will love a treat bag as a belated Halloween treat just as much! Got all the stuff I put prices beside and 5 big bags of candy (even had a coupon for one kind that hadn’t expired yet), plus a gift bag and tissue paper that was not on sale (for a birthday) and it was all $22.56!!!
If I had more storage I’d buy the huge stuffed pumpkin and who knows what else! Shopping is fun when it’s that inexpensive!

I purchased: 2 Halloween piggy banks (witch and pumpkin), 2 nut-crackers (skeleton and rock star), a placemat, 2 cupcake pans (pumpkin and ghost), napkins,paper towels -2 pk, 2 cat sweatshirts size 24 months, 1 t-shirt boys small, 1 24 month one piece outfit, some black fishnets for me for next year, some cute knee highs for me next year, and maybe a little more……all for $60.00 bucks at Target the morning after Halloween, we went at 8am right when they opened! We have a 3 yr old who commented on decorations in peoples yards and said “they make him HAPPY”…and EVERY store we went in he had to go look at WEEN decorations…so we HAD to get some more stuff!!!!

My target was 75% off all Halloween! I got a pumpkin bucket, 3 tombstones, 4 6pks of skull walkway lights, 2 costumes ($3!!), some cupcake cups, 2 signs, a 40 pack of pencils, a candy bowl with hand, and some other small things. I love clearance!

This year I did not have much for Halloween until CVS offered their $5 coupons off Halloween items. Between my family and myself I got about $30 worth of stuff free–enough to get kids through Halloween. Well I originally targeted $20-$25 for Halloween but saved it for after holiday sales. I went to Target and another local store–got 5 packs of napkins, cups, plates, makeup, scar kit, fake teeth,2 table clothes, treat bags, socks, ghost toy, blanket for Halloween, pumpkin decoration for table, Happy Halloween sign, cupcake baking cups, invitations, and more. Got all this for about $15. At the non-Target store most of the Halloween items were 25 cents a piece. I skip Halloween costumes since we make our own. Good dress up idea though! Next year I am planning a Halloween party for the kids and friends.

Got a pack of Halloween cookies too!

our target had signs for 50% off but it was ringing up 75% off! got tons of goodies for next year and 3 costumes!

I was at Target yesterday & the candy was only 30% off-but they had tons of it, so I will watch until it is at least 50% off & I also prefer at least 75%!!

Oh and rite aid has fall merchandice at 75% off. Got 4 dish towels an two oven mitts for .50 each and a turkey baster for .25

Thanks for the heads up-I’m going to check today.

I am going to hit dollar general. They usually clear out there stuff quick. Last year I got Christmas stuff at 90% off. Hope to luck out this year

Always do! Last year after Halloween I purchased several costumes at 75%- 95% off for each of my children. For Christmas, they received costume boxes with four outfits each! It was great! I also purchased Halloween candy at 75% off and used it for my holiday baking. No one knows that the Christmas peanut butter cookies were made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that originally had black and orange wrappers!

I never buy decorations during the holiday season, I always wait until afterwards! I’m glad I hit Target early Monday morning, because things were going fast. I started putting everything I thought was cute in my cart, and thought I would sort it all out later. They were such good deals though, that not much came out of my cart. I can’t wait until next Halloween! :) I got a table skirt, a Halloween pillow, a bath mat (going to use in the kitchen though), a kitchen towel, two pumpkin luminaries, a door mat, a cobweb platter, paper plates, and napkins (for next year’s party). I really wanted more, but I had to use restraint! :)

I bought a cauldron, 2 plastic door covers (1 scream theme and the other a cute pumpkin) and ugly hand gloves for my 11 year old. All for $7.50 + tax (50% off $15.00 at Walgreens). I had to restrain myself…waiting for 75% and I will see what is left. I have a lot of decorations…so I just add a little of something to look forward to for next year. All the candy was 50% but I really can’t look at it anymore and most of the candy coupons expired on 10/31. :) Happy Halloween Hunting to all!

I bought the Halloween Oreos for $1 a package yesterday. That combined with the Toy Story 3 deal and it was a great day at Target!

our target had next to nothing! they moved a ton of stuff into the stock room (did the same thing last year). And our local Walmart didnt mark anything down but candy.

I had to cancel my son’s orthodontist appointment when I realized it was the day after the holiday…lol

our target didn’t have much of anything though :(

I love getting paper towells, napkins, plastic cups and paper plates. You can almost always use coupons with them, and who cares if we’re drinking out of orange cups? They were $0.50 for the whole pack!

YES! Me too! Except I like paying 75% off- 50% just isn’t cheap enough!

i want to start shopping after holiday sales but as Heather said,50% off of something that is outragiously overpriced to begin with isnt much of a deal.i was thinking of checking out Lowes and Home depot too for their holiday stuff

I like 75% off too but sometimes if I wait I miss out on something I might want so 50% off is good for some things.