Hot diggitiy!  Nestle cookie dough is FREE right now at Target!  You’ll pay $0.96 for the first package each one you buy, after the first will be free!  The cookie dough at my store was mis-marked at $2.29, but after price checking it, it DID ring up correctly at $1.96, so make sure to get a price check if you don’t see the $1.96 price.   The $1.00/1 Catalina is a Target coupon, valid through 12/27.

Buy 1 Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough, 16.5 oz $1.96
Use 1 $1.00/1 – Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough – (
Pay: $0.96, Receive $1.00/1 Nestle Cookie Dough, 16 oz, Target Catalina Coupon

Buy another Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough, 16.5 oz $1.96
Use $1.00/1 – Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough – (
And use $1.00/1 Nestle Cookie Dough, 16 oz, Target Catalina Coupon
Pay: $0.00, Receive $1.00/1 Nestle Cookie Dough, 16 oz, Target Catalina Coupon

Repeat. . . .

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85 thoughts on “Free Nestle Cookie Dough at Target!!”

ATLANTA: Hi there – we visited 3 Target stores in the Atlanta area, no cookie dough for under $1.00

Oh well, at least we tried!

No catalina in So.Cal, but $0.96 cookie dough is not too bad either!!

im in socal and I did the deal last week multiple times and it worked great!! They may have ended it…which makes me really bummed because I just got a hold of a couple more coupons :(

Well, I have about 4 desktops/laptops in the house and each allowed me to print out 2 coupons from but then I noticed that each coupon was exactly the same! Time to crank up the copy machine!
Can anyone verify this as each of my coupons worked fine at local Target.

I am glad you are able to print that many coupons, how exciting! Photocopying a coupon is considered coupon fraud and is illegal. When stores and coupon printing websites find photocopy printed coupons they may stop accepting the coupons and offering the coupons to be printed.

When I try to print the coupon a second time on the website, it says: Sorry! You have already printed
this coupon the number of times allowed. Is there a trick I am missing??

There wasn’t any more cookie dough at our store and the 1.96 promotion (yes, I got the 1.96! woohoo) ends today. I have never considered doing the rain check thing, but I asked and they said “just bring us the little hanging sign since it’s not in the flyer” so I did. I got a rain check to get that price good through january. Hopefully they’ll get more product between now and the Q expiry

Worked great for me!…Sacramento, CA – NORCAL

MY husband works at Target I told him what I planed to do he said, “NO way that will work our store doest allow coupons to zero out the bill”. I said ok watch me (with faith in the Krazy Coupon Lady)LOL. I got the first one for .75 because I get 10% off for being an employees wife and the next 3 free. I loved the face I saw from not only the cashier but my husbands face the whole thing was PRICELESS. Thank you Krazy Coupon Lady for the great day!

Way to teach him a thing or two! I LOVE this story! 😉

That’s hilarious!

(I tried to type just “Hilarious” but it said that my comment was TOO SHORT!!)

Worked in So. Cal:) Wahoo!! Cookie dough cupcakes here we come!!

Tried at my So. Cal Target the other day and it didn’t work. Bummed.

In Medford Oregon today, I stopped at Target for cookie dough. It was $2.31, so I figured I’d pay $1.31 for the first one (after my $1 coupon), then turn it around and pay .31 cents for the next one with the catalina.

My cashier was so awesome! On the second one, she scanned my $1 coupon, the catalina from the first one AND THEN she scanned the catalina from that same purchase! I don’t know when I’ll actually be back at Target, it’s not a frequent stop of mine, so getting to use that extra catalina right then was great! I was so surprised when she said it could be scanned right then, effectively taking $3 off my purchase, and making that particular cookie dough a .69 cent money maker!

how do you get a catalina coupon???

when you purchase the cookie dough it will print at the register. That is why if you are purchasing more than one you should do multiple transactions (to get 1 catalina per cookie dough).

Went to my Coeurd’Alene Idaho Target did receive the Catalina but cashier said I could not use it with the manufact. coupon because the item would be free and they would owe me money. After I checked on the catalina that it said can use one manufact. coupon and one target catalina I went to the customer service to get the facts in order and indeed they gave me the 96 cents back. Guess it just depends on the cashiers training.

Worked in Pensacola FL. They ring up $2.18 each. And the cashier even offered to use the catalina coupon with the first purhase! I made 2 seperate purchases and paid only 13 cents each. It would have been .18 but I use recycle bags and they give you a 5 cents credit for each bag.

in MA the cookies were 2.31! my 2nd+ cookies were 31 cents each!!!!!

I tried to go to the site just now and it still looks like their site is down…what a bummer

Can someone please email me the coupon? for some reason, my anicent computer will not let me download the program. Thanks alot!! I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving..Gobble Gobble

Are you trying to get the coupon from If so, it looks like their site is down. Hopefully it’ll be back up soon.

It is up and running now!!! SWEET!

Worked for me in Michigan!!! YAY!!!

Didn’t work in SW Washington :(

No Catalina coupon in Philadelphia. Can’t complain too much about $.96 cookies.

Did not work in El Paso, TX

I’m in Northern VA and the deal worked for me this afternoon. The price tag on the shelf said, $2.54, but I checked the price and they were reduced to $2.18. I paid $1.21 (including tax) for the first one and then 21 cents each after that. Awesome! Only thing is I didn’t want to drive the 30 or so miles to a Super Target, so the only variety they had was reg. chocolate chip. I would have liked more variety, but I can’t complain about it too much. :-)

Worked in Houston, TX. I am so excited for free treats for my Cub Scouts.

Reno Nevada, no coupon printed…Bummer.

Worked in Midland Michigan. They rang up at 1.96 this am and got all the catalinas. 6 packages of cookies for 96 cents!

I purchased one and never received a $1 catalina.

No catalina for me either in Iowa :(

I am so going my husband works at target and I get an extra 10% off the things I have to pay I am very new to the coupon world but every momnet I shop it is now fun to see how much I can save. Going shopping! Thank you coupon lady.

I just did the deal in Portland, OR and worked like a charm. In fact, I got a total of 10 (multiple computers) for free. The cashier used the first catalina on the first transaction (her suggestion!!) so I didn’t have to pay that one– AND we don’t have sales tax here! I love couponing!!!

Tried doing the deal in SE Arizona and no coupon printed. The dough is on sale for $2.16….bummer.

Ringing up at $2.18 in Redding, CA. Worth the confused look when the cashier-in-training asks for “18 cents?”

worked great in Montgomer, AL.!!! got 2 paid .10 each, plan on doing 2 more hope the catalina is still going on, I’m like yall I wish I knew how long that happens!!!WHOOT!

Thank you soooo very much for posting. Cookie Dough here in PA was $2.22 but, ya gotta love .22 cents for cookies!

I picked up mine today in AZ. Paid .96 for the first. .02 for the second one plus still have $1 cat. Thanks!

Picked up mine in Northern California today. I love it! Thank you :)

Here in Jacksonville FL I went to my Super Target and got 8 packs for 96 total. The sale is on all the special cookie types not just the chocolate chip. I paid 96 and the rest nothinhg. I assume Target will catch on to this and turn the catalina coupons off real soon. like tomorrow.

Worked like a charm for me at the Orem, Utah Target. Priced at $1.96 (temporary price reduction). I got a total of four, paying only the tax of $.03 for each of the last three.

Awesome! I’m in Orem too. I’ll have to go get some. Thanks!

They were ringing up at $2.18 in San Antonio,TX but worth paying $1.18 so I can get the cookies for $0.18 each.

Worked in Mankato, MN! Not even any trouble scanning the coupons.

How long is this catalina deal going on? I don’t plan on going to Target until next week. Thanks.

I don’t have an end date for the Catalina, sorry!

Anybody know how long this catalina deal is going for? I want some time to get more coupons together. Thanks.

Could someone be so kind to e-mail me @ the coupon – I am in the process of getting my printer installed and I can’t download it at work since it won’t let me install the software to download the coupon :-< I want some free cookie dough.
Ana in Texas

Hi, I’m in the same boat. Did someone send you the coupon and if so could you email it to me?

It says download, but it actually just takes you to the page to print the coupon so it can’t be e-mailed.

There was a $1 coupon in RP 10/3, so you don’t have to print one! :)

2.31 here in las vegas as well..still a good deal though if you run em through one at a time. Thanks!

Great Deal! $2.31 @ the Bellingham, WA location. I got the Ultimate Chocolate chip lovers variety though…the original was sold out, same price and you get more chocolate!

I went today and bought, or should I say received, all the great things you posted today….Wooo! M&m’s, shampoo, makeup, peanut butter, etc. Thank you so much for all your great information and for having a free website!

Yep, works here in N. TX just as reported. Thanks so much!

$1.96 here at my Target in Houston Texas, so the coupons self adjust themselves to 96 cents for the the catalina coupon! I just did this deal 20 min. ago! Works like a charm, I paid for first one so it cost me 96 cents, then (2 computers to get manufacturer coupons) did 3 more transactions which all show the total as ZERO and saving $2.26! So I came home with 4 different kinds of cookies all for 96 cents!

$2.31 at my Target in Nor Cal. Still a great deal, though!

Definitely still a great deal at $2.31, but bummed to get excited about the ‘free’ (with the exception of the first .96 cents mentioned) cookies to find out it’s not AS free as others can get them LOL!

They scanned for 2.18 at my Target, paid $1.18 for first package, and 18 cents for second, still an awesome deal!!!!

There is also a $1/1 in the 10/3 RP that doesn’t expire until 12/31.

I was looking through my coupons and found some $1.00 off coupons for the cookies that expire in December. I think I got them from a redplum insert. Just wanted to let everyone know so they can use their coupons and the printed ones to get even more cookies.

NM! I just re-read your post! Thanks!

How many of the coupons can you print out from one computer?

thank you.goe mine here i cookies

this is really off the subject, but I have an HP printer and I have it set to greyscale but it just doesnt print anything where the colors should be, alot of my coupons are printing out without the pictures on them and cashiers are reluctant to take them. does anyone know how to fix this?

Try changing your print resolution. You might have it set to the fastest setting that uses the least amount of toner/ink. You might need to set your resolution to a mid range.

Bonnie, I have an HP too. You have to set your printer so that it prints with black ink only. You can do this by going to the page that has the option to print in grayscale. I believe there is a pull down tab that lets you change from “print in high quality” to “print in grayscale.” if you’re like me and don’t have any colored ink the your printer, then setting it to grayscale won’t work, because that setting requires colored ink which is why no pictures print.

Maybe you need to do this: In your browser, click on Tools, then Internet Options, then Advanced. Look for “Print background colors and images” and check that. Maybe that will work.

try grayscale in black and white

Thanks for this KRAZY find! I did notice that one of my kids gave the catalina first, and it only took off $.96. Then when he scanned the $1 manufacturers coupon, it came up to a zero balance, so be sure to check the screen!

just an FYI- I got free Jet Puff marshmellows at Target. I used the Vons Thanksgiving Coupon book for $1.00 off. Target has them on sale for 96cnts right now! Worked great!

my coupons states $1 off wyb one jet puffs and 2 bakers bars.

Can I buy more than one package at a time and still get the deal, i.e., two packages the first time? I’m new at this, sorry! Thanks! :)

You’ll want to just buy one package at a time. But, let’s say you have 2 computers and you print 4 coupons. You can buy all 4 cookie-doughs in the same trip, you’ll just need to separate your transactions. Use the black dividers in the check-out lane and lay 4 of them up there on the belt. Pay for one at a time and in each transaction, use one $1.00 off manufacturer coupon (the one you print from home) AND use the $1.00 off 1 Target store coupon that prints from each previous transaction (which can be used in addition to the manufacturer coupon, as per Target coupon policy).

i had to read that couple times to understand.i can be sooooooooooooo slow some times.

You and me both!

How do I get this coupon?

Click the link in the above post to print the $1.00 off 1 manufacturer coupon. The Target coupon will be received at checkout, AFTER you pay for the first package of cookie dough.

Where do we get the target coupon if we don’t get them in the mail?

The Target coupon will print at checkout, then you can use it on your next transaction. Make sense?

Sweet! Does this stuff freeze well!

It freezes perfectly. One time I set something heavy on it before it was totally frozen and it got smashed. I just had to kind of free form the cookies when I wanted to bake them instead of them being in their preformed condition.

GREAT DEAL!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!