What are you doing Wednesday, December 29th at 8:00PM?  How ’bout watching a new couponing show on TLC?!  I’ll be (nervously) watching TLC’s Extreme Couponing, featuring 4 different Krazy Couponers, including yours truly.  (eek!)  If you think I’m krazy now, just wait til you see what happens when TLC unleashes me at my local grocery store!  It was fun to pull out all the stops and go totally overboard with my coupons!  Gave me a great opportunity to grow my stockpile (wait til you see it!  You’re gonna die!) and then later donate almost everything I bought to my local food bank!  Watch video of my latest food bank donation.

Retail value: $638.64. Final price after coupons: $2.64 (98% savings)!  Beat that! Lol!

Many of you write in and ask where to find the coupons.  On the show, I’m gonna show you my favorite (FREE) place to get em!  Real women dumpster dive! (Krazy Coupon Ladies shooting reality TV shows even take their 4 yr olds!)  The show should be great exposure for couponing and I am so glad to be a part of it!  It’s too early to set your DVRs, but don’t worry, we’ll do much more shameless self-promoting in the next weeks.

Read Extreme Couponing’s press release.

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158 thoughts on “New Show!! TLC Extreme Couponing, with Krazy Coupon Lady, Joanie Demer”

I have to say when I watched the show I was and still am amazed. I have never really used coupons before because I thought they were kind of bogus- you have certainly changed my mind.

One important question though. Most manufacturer coupons I see have that “limit one per customer” or “cannot be combined with other offers” or something like that in the fine print on the coupon. How do you get around that? I think I’m still kind of confused with that whole aspect.

Can you come shop for me?? lol

I actually stumbled on this site after looking at another coupon site on Facebook that mentioned the show and you. I truly love your website and spent a few hours on it reading all the comments and what you have written. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I used to be big time into coupons, but after my mom died in 2004 things just sort of feel apart. After losing a high paying job, two houses to Foreclosures, and a car repossessed, and moving to another state it was time to wake up out of my funk as I call it to get back on track.

I started couponing again but was undereducated on the true power that they hold. It wasn’t until a local TV News outlet interviewed a Florida lady whose trip to Kmart yield many products for basically no cost at all that I started making couponing my second job, which is great as there are no second jobs out there for overqualified individuals such as myself.

I still have some confusions on some areas and hope to work through it so I can save even more money. With over $80,000 in student loans, I seriously need to feed my family of two, pay monthly bills, but find a way to get my student loans paid off quicker as the consolidate payments are really hurting and preventing us from purchasing another car which we need in this one 11 year old car household.

Ares of confusions I have is on BOGOF (buy one get one free) when I have mutiples of those coupons for example like 6 of them, and seeing posts that say an item is on sale and then it lists under the item on sale many different coupons with prices, dates, and which flier it came out of….does it mean you used ALL of those coupons or is it examples of what coupons you can use to apply to the sales price.

I actually watched the show early this morning (at 2am). I started doing couponing after I put my son to bed and couldn’t qite. It’s like an addiction! I really enjoyed watching the show. I got several ideas from it (not sure that I will climb in a dumpster thought. 😉 LOL). I would like to know when you do your shoping, do you go to Walmart and do price match and shop there, or do you go to the drug stores as well. I am trying to figure out which is cheaper. I tried it at Wal-mart, and I have to say most of Great Value brands were cheaper than the name brand with a coupon. I can not really stock pile right now because of space (we rent), but as soon as we get a bigger place, you bet I will be stockpiling! Thanks for everyone’s hard work to keep this site going.

You’re right that often times you can go to the store with a coupon and still find the generic for a better price. The secret (and what separates the coupon ladies from the KRAZY coupon ladies) is we ONLY use our coupons when we can “stack” them with a sale price, store promo and/or another coupon.

I shop at my local higher-end grocery store. It’s the place where regular prices are higher than a Walmart, but when I’m shopping only the sales and gimmicks I’m murdering the generic Walmart prices. (that was probably an inappropriate adj, I apologize.)

Great show lastnight! If anyone is interested in copying Joanie’s method, check out our great selection of deluxe coupon binders: http://www.CouponOrganizerPro.com.

Happy New Year and Happy Savings in 2011!

Hi Joanie,

I watched the TLC show yesterday and have to say congrats to you and your family for being able to live through an obvious hard time thanks to your stockpiling. I’m a single mom of 4 and personally every penney counts, which I believe does to a lot of people (some more than others). You showed what can be done by being frugal and diligent and most importantly doing this to take care of the needs of your family – kudos to you! I was about to get a new coupon book because I lost my binder (similar to yours) but you inspired me to go back to my binder ways. Happy New Year!

OHHH NOOO!! I just saw this post and I missed it!! Any idea if it will be on again?? I’d really like to see this show!! And thank you for doing this!! My family is always surprised on how much I get and save with coupons!! My husband even tries to use them now!!

It’ll re-air on Jan 4th. 8 pm EST and 1 am EST.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who turned their TV on at 8 pm MST, only to find out the show was already on 2 hours earlier! *sigh* I hope they run it again. I was really looking forward to learning some new pointers.

I have to admit I was a bit confused about two things.1) Aren’t there limits on coupons, like ‘can’t be combined with any other offer’ and ‘limit one per transaction’ (with this one I assume people can simply pay and then use another coupon in another transaction, right?). Are these limits not true? Or are there no limits?
2)How does the math work? I want to pursue this, but I first want to understand it.
Watching you and the others inspired me to look at my coupons, and strategize my purchases! Thanks for being smart, strong and shameless!
I recently turned 20 years old and life is hard when money is tight, one thing that I hate paying huge prices for is food and other meer necessities. Its good to know that I wont always have to spend much, and probably not spend anything! woohoo exciting! take that uncle sam LOL :) (cant wait for the reply to my questions signaturejmc@yahoo.com).

Great questions Nicole, I am so impressed with you! Here’s a little lesson on the wording on coupons:

-Most coupons say limit 1 coupon per purchase, which means per item purchased. So if you are buying 4 of the same items, you can use 4 coupons all in the same transaction. This wording is telling you that you can’t use 2 coupons on 1 item. Make sense?
– Some coupons say Limit 1 coupon per transaction which means you can only use 1 like coupon per transaction. Very very few coupons out there actually have this wording.
– Lastly, “Offer or Coupon Cannot be Combined with any Other Offers”: This means that you cannot combine the coupon with any other discounts, such as a military discount, senior citizen discount, student discount. Also this typically means that you cannot combine a like offer on the same product. For example, if you are using a store coupon that says “Coupon Cannot be Combined with any Other Offers” this means that you can not stack it with another store coupon.

If there is a limit in the ad, like Pasta Sauce $1.00, Limit 8- then you can only purchase 8 in one transaction. However, many stores will let you do 2 back to back transaction, if you wanted 16 cans.

Does that answer your questions?


I hope that you can answer a question for me on BOGOF coupons because Math wise I get confused, or maybe its just my thinking.

Here is my example:

Buy One Casears Wet Dog Food Get one free. (I have six of these coupons)

Now I know that I can do this six times because I have six coupons, but then the logic part of my brain says that I am missing out on what a great coupon this could be to extend my savings.

I hope that makes sense.

Thank you, Kleptosmommie

I AM SOOOO PSYCHED..i can not wait…my hubby is a grocery store manager so i always know whats going on sale…ive got my coupons and scissors ready

Or you could just ask the newspaper vendors Monday morning for the inserts? I do it every week, you would be amazed if you just asked!

which venders do you ask from? i have tried a couple and they tell me they can’t do that. :(

I am so excited to watch this show tomorrow! I have friends in other states tuning in so that theycan checkout what I hope to acheive when shopping! I have a friend who hasn’t used coupons EVER, and I directed her to your site and coupons.com so that she can check out the deals and save her local VFW money for their fundraisers! I love the tip on going to the recycling centers, and have talked my husband into joining me. He thought that I was nuts when I first started couponing about a month ago, but now he sees that I am just KRAZY! lol
Thanks for all the tips on where and what to buy. I appreciate what you do and enjoy trying to do it myself. My daughter still shakes her head at me when we go in the store and I grab my coupons, but she sure doesn’t mind eating the stuff I get cheap! lol
I lso wanted to tell you what I said on another site when they posted about people thiking that we are out of our minds. You can call me cheap, frugal, or nuts, but you can’t call my family hungry! Keep taking care of yor famiy and let the rest roll off your back. Especally since none of the critics pay your bills, no matter how low your shopping bills may get!
Love and peace to you and your family in the New Year!

Is Dumpster diving againg the law? I have done it in the past but I was careful not to get into trouble because I dident know if it was against the law. alsoware is the closest CVS to Utah on the wast side I am not finding any. thank you chelsi

This is so awesome I cannot wait to watch it. Thanks to you ladies and a few other sites I am now just obsessed as you ladies about finding deals!! THANK YOU!!

I’m also bummed because it could actually be a downfall to couponing in the future. People are harsh and I don’t want to be portrayed in the same category as “hoarders”… On the other hand, it’ll be fun to see you gals on tv.

OMG – can’t wait to watch this! You guys are wonderful! My daughter hooked me up with another really good site – and I hooked her up with your site! Love Love Love all the help I can get! Keep up all you do – never mind any negative people!

i will try to remeber to watch it too.i’ve bin couponing for few months now.and jsut now it’s really starting to click how it works.i have to say my bigest thing is CVS.like i only have one card and most of the good deals there is only one per card/houshold.how do you stock up in that store.cant realy get 10 cards?but the job you ladies do is amazing and wanted just to say THANK YOU and wish you Happy New years.
any tips on how to stock up when being military familie.we move around so often and movers can be pain when it comes to packing some stuff.


I share my CVS card with my BF. If there is something that I am not going to use my CVS card for because I don’t use that product but she does, then she uses my CVS card, and vice versa. For example, her skin is really sensitive so she can’t always use the 1 per household for certain shavers where I can. And I on the other hand can’t use certain body washes because of allegrics. So it works out for us the majority of the time.

Definitely will have to remember to watch this!!

Are they going to post it online afterwords? I just have basic tv right now since we never watch it but I really want to see this.

Congrats on the show, Joanie!
I will be tuning in!!
I’m anxious to see how TLC portrays “krazy coupon ladies” lol.
I know some folks think I’m “odd” for stockpiling.. but, only those who haven’t “seen” my stockpiles.. cuz it does NOT take over my house at all.. and I only stock up on items we need/use.
I’m not a whacko who wastes money by buying stuff JUST CUZ I HAVE A COUPON for it. lol
I’m not addicted to “stockpiling”… I’m addicted to “saving money” on food/items we need/want/use. And since my addiction is “saving money”, I am “smart enough” to stock up on stuff when I can get it cheap/free!
(Shelf-life consideration)
So, I’m glad that TLC is going to shed some light on it… and hopefully portray us as not crazy, but, instead, SMART!!
And I love the pic of you in the dumpster! =)
It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do ittttt! lol

I really can not wait to see this!!!!! I am so excited : )

I saw a segment on GMA this morning that featured the TLC special. As I watched I did not realize the dumpster diver was you! I like your blog/website and have benefited from some of your tips and links, but I am nowhere near a coupon expert.

GMA interviewed a ‘relationship expert’ / therapist who shared that some extreme coupon clippers are basically hoarders who achieve a high from good bargains much like a gambler does when they win big.

Not all extreme coupon clippers donate portions of their stockpiles to food banks. I think sharing your good finds with needy charities is awesome!


Really? Would you expect any other type of response from a “news” report? I did a spot once while working at a pizza chain that was promoting “voting” by having a voter registration form on our boxes. The news channel totally SPUN the spot. I ended up so embarassed at being involved. And; this was a GREAT way to promote voting!

Good luck with the show! I can’t wait to watch! Why 1500 deoderants tho? I was looking for a coupon on ebay a long time ago and was SHOCKED at the amount of items for sale there that “seemed” that they could have been “free” like razors etc…
there is a fine line out there.
I coupon for my family. I had such a great time this year at Christmas when I could go to my stockpile and put together 5 gorgeous gift baskets for males and females in my extended family and knowing that the cost was minimal!

“SEE” you tomorrow night!
Thanks for all you do!

I can’t wait to see this! Good for you! I’m still learning and have yet to master the kind of success I see many of you have. I feel like it takes me HOURS to put together $20-$30 worth of savings. Working and going to school full time doesn’t leave me a lot of time and I want to be with my family. I’m ready for any tips that will help speed things up for me! Thank you for sharing!

I hope I will be able to catch it online, I don’t have cable. Some shows you can get but some you can’t. I will be looking for it the day after it airs to watch it. :-)

Most places will not let you dumpster dive due to liabilities. I don’t think that should be encouraged. You can get in touch with a newspaper carrier (to businesses) and see if you can make a deal to buy the coupon inserts on Mondays.

I can only speak to my personal experience, but I have received permission to dumpster dive every time I’ve asked a recycling center and I’ve tried my best to speak with newspaper circulation about getting extra coupons and they are strictly prohibited to make any such deals. That would be great if you could buy the extra coupon inserts though! Hope it works out and you an avoid the dumpsters. :)

Other great places to get extra coupons include: friends, co-workers, neighbors, convenience stores (ask if you can have their old papers each week), coffee shops, etc. You can also often buy the sunday paper at your local dollar store.

So excited to watch!!!! I dont have cable nor dish but I have internet so I know they’ll be putting the video online! Cant wait! =D

Right? not quite sure lol

I was really shocked to see a “preview” on Entertainment Tonight with your photos shown here only video. There was a guy “confronting” you about dumpster diving with a friend and children with you. They said the show was about coupon hoarders. I am really hoping this was some sort of mistake. I live on the east coast so I saw it during the 7pm EST airing.

Thanks for the heads up! I was able to watch the ET clip myself and I am now officially EXTREMELY nervous about the show. The very short clip portrayed us in a very negative light, I’m just hoping it was ET’s spin on the show and now reflective of the attitude take on the actual show. The guy confronting me was my husband and he was sort of talking sarcastically to me, but it didn’t come off that way on camera. Buckle up Joanie, you might be in for a ride when this thing airs. :)

I figured that ET would spin it :) I’m looking forward to the show on TLC, I’m a big KCL fan!

I too am a little nervous too see what the outcome will be to this new show.I have heard a rumor that our local Publix is already changing their coupon policy. We do not have a local Super Target so they will not be accepting ANY Target coupons ( I have emailed Publix directly to get their policy changes) I had never thought of going to the local recycling center to get coupons. We gave up our DirecTv so I am going to my moms to watch it with her. :) Again hope it all goes well and keep up the wonderful work. Thanks again for all you do.


What city/state is your Publix in, as I am in Orlando/Florida and I have not heard anything yet about Publix possibly changing their coupon policy? Oh boy, I hope not because that is my main store I shop at as each time I go to Walmart I am spending up to four times the amount of money then I would be if I had gone to Publix.

I am too very excited to watch your show….I love your site and get amazing deals!! :} I have my tivo already set!

Hi joanie!

I was wondering where you dumpster dive? I’m new to couponing and would like to also save by not buying as much papers. Are they only found in the recycling centers? Thank you.

Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the show.

I dumpster dive at the recycling center in my city. There are bins for glass, plastic, etc and so i just sort through the newspaper only bin.

I have been following your site and “Krazy Couponing” for about six months now. I have been able to cut our grocery bill from $1500 per month to below $500 AND have a very nice stockpile AND donate lots. No small feat considering my husband and I do foster care for teenagers, and usually have about 6 or 7 teens in the house!
So many times when there is a deal to get something free I just wish I had more coupons…SO after watching the show, the very next day I bribed the kids to go with me to the newspaper recycling bin..we had a lot of laughs about “dumpster diving” and 30 extra inserts in about 15 minutes!
Thank you so much for all you do!!

I have been receiving bulletins from your site for over a year now and have changed my shopping habits so I fall into the category of extreme couponer.

The clerks at the local Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens are also fans. I have shared this site and a few others with the clerks and they enjoy seeing just how low my checkout totals can go. The one clerk was talking to the other clerks saying how she can’t believe how little money I pay for all of the merchandise I buy from them. I don’t imagine those clerks are rich, so they enjoy the savings also!

They were happy when I gave them your site (and a few others) so they could become extreme couponers too.

As for the manufacturers – my friend who works at a drug company said she almost fainted when she saw how much her company paid one of the large drug stores to belong to their program.

I don’t mind large companies subsidizing my grocery and sundry purchases.

My son will be in college to post-graduate so I need all the angles I can find to stretch my dollars.

Thanks for your help getting me to those $1.00 and less checkout totals!

My CVS and Walgreens cashiers know me now too, and just the other day, the guy at CVS said he took at look at this KCL site and had his wife bookmark it. Glad to hear others are promoting this incredible resource too!

I don’t know how long I’ve been a KCL fan, but I didn’t even bother going to CVS before then, I just assumed they were overpriced and not worth my time. But KCL taught me how CVS (and Walgreens) ARE great places to shop, and now I get to encourage their employees that KCL’s website is a great place for them to go to learn how to shop at the stores they work at!


That is so awesome Joanie!! I wish I got TLC…I’ll have to Hulu it or something!

Leah, You can use youtube and I saw her video in youtube.One problem that I cannot read her lipread. I prefer Closed captions. Ihave to set up Direct TV this Wednesday night on TLC. TLC always provided a close captions most of time whole different channel. Youtube. You have to make a subtitle for hard of hearing or Deaf. I do not allow the “Hearing impaired ” it is wrong words. I also dont allow to say Deaf-mute is very insulted. I prefer to say Hard of hearing or Deaf need to read subtitle on youtube. I think she would not have time to set up. it is very hard to put post.

Joanie, you made me laugh about dumpster. I will asking few of my next door to pick up the coupon instead of dumpster. Cute story.. I am forward to see this wed at TLC. I’ve bought two books for my daugther and myself.. My older daughter use Target. Told me Target is really cheaper for yogurt. I just collected reasonable price,etc.

Two days ago,I bought Glade candle with discount tab. it say 1.29 and I use four coupons. I save lot money. I discovered that I spent 29 cent each of candles. I say myself” Wow!!.it is learn to match with a big sale.
I am hard to wait to see the tv show on TLC.

Margaret A-T…

I am soooooo EXCITED!!!

I am excited to see the upcoming show. I have been visiting your site for the past couple of months and am just beginning to to really take advantage of coupons to save real money. Just wanted to say thank you for all of the info on the website. It’s great!

I’m very happy for you concerning the new TLC show, however I’m very concerned about this being very misleading to new couponers. Although I’ve only been couponing for 9 months, I’m well know around my city as the resident coupon queen. My husband and I have saved THOUSANDS this year. But, in the beginning, blogs like this, Youtube videos and news clips about extremee couponing got me excited BUT failed to warn me about what I was going to encounter. I have had soooo many arguements and embarrassing incidents this year with cashiers and managers who either don’t understand coupons or won’t allow this “extreme” saving to happen in their store. I went to the TLC website and read about the 4 couponers that are going to be featured and what their retail vs. OOP was. That kind of “extreme” checkout (2000 or so items in one transaction) would not fly ANYWHERE in the Charlotte/Concord NC area (and I’m talking about the 50 or so stores that I frequent on a weekly basis). Even grocery stores like Bi-lo who impose very few limits regarding couponing would NEVER allow those kinds of transactions. I just hope that the new show isn’t going to be misleading. 100% of Proctor and Gamble coupons now say LIMIT 4 of a like item per transaction, so I don’t understand how ya’ll are doing this legally on TV. I’m also extremely confused regarding what state you live in??? We still have to pay sales tax in NC. So, if you have $2000+ retail, the tax alone would still be $30-50 depending on whether it was food or non-food. How are your OOP totals so low? Does your state have no sales tax? Curious to hear your response. Thanks!

Hey Laura! Thank you so much for the respectful manner in which you asked these VERY valid questions!
I’m very anxious as well to see the show on the 29th. When I was contacted by TLC the show wasn’t even called “Extreme Couponing”, but “Coupon Masters”. It was clear that the show wanted to focus on showing stockpiles and the potential big savings. I talked at length with the creators and casting agents about some of the concerns I had about how they would/could portray these big savings without getting backlash. I was never told who else was being profiled and I’ve not met any of the other 3 participants, so I speak only for myself.
I don’t know how many items I bought (not 2000, a few hundred though) My purchase was well-rounded (with produce, bread and milk). I did 4 transactions and rolled all of the catalinas from my first 3 transactions into the last transaction. The total I spent out of pocket on the first couple transactions was under $20, can’t remember exactly. The final transaction was nearly $700 and I paid only $2.68! (It was a record, but it was all totally legit and I’ve got the VERY long receipt to prove it!) I live in Nor Cal, where prices are high, and coupons are not doubled, but also no sales tax on food, which was nearly all I purchased.
In a one-hour special with 4 people, I have no idea what clips of our 20+ hours of footage will actually air. I’m expecting it to be an hour of trying to WOW the audience with what is possible with coupons. If the show is well received (and I don’t mean happily received, I just mean has good ratings), then it may continue and I believe in future episodes, the producers would be more interested in showing the everyday grind and specifics of HOW to coupon.
About me, my ethics and what you’ll see of me on the show: I don’t clear shelves, I don’t use coupons in any way other than they specifically state, I NEVER resell any products and I don’t have more than a couple-year supply of anything. That said, I’m proud of my stockpile, my shopping trip and my dumpster diving! I make no apologies for any of that because I did it all the right way. I will be ready when the show airs to answer questions and guide any new couponers in the correct way to have success with using coupons.
With all that said, I want to reiterate that I think your concern is valid and no one will be more nervous to watch than I am! I do feel that more coupon users in this country would be a VERY good thing and I am grateful that this show can bring attention to the industry.

Joanie, Thanks so much for the quick reply. I think your website is awesome and I definitely respect you so much as a legit couponer who also gives back sooooo much to her community. I loved your donation video! I completely understand now that you’ve explained it. I’ve worked with TV before also(the music industry) and understand what you mean by being nervous about the finished product. The promo spot on TLC’s website makes it look like you and the other 3 participants did all of the items in one transaction. For the sake of hyping the show, I don’t think they realize how misleading the promo spot is on their website. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around how that was possible. But, now that you’ve said it was multiple transactions, rolling CATs and no food tax in CA, it makes sense! I’ll be very interested to see the episode! Thanks again for all of the hard work you do!

Hi Joanie and all the other KCLs ~

I hope it’s okay to jump in on this thread, but this seemed like the most appropriate place to post this ….

I was setting my DVR to tape the TLC show, and I was a little surprised by the description in the info screen (we have DirecTV). It described you and the other three couponers as “shopoholics” who dumpster dive and spend “hours a day” finding deals.

Sounds to me like they’re trying to focus on the “extreme” aspect of what we do rather than all the good couponing can do for a family (like mine!) and the community we KCLs live in.

It seemed to portray us KCLs as Crazy, rather than Krazy.

I just wondered if you – or anyone else out there – noticed that at all.

As a side note, THANK YOU! I’ve been a certifiable KCL for 2 1/2 months now and have saved HUNDREDS already. For a growing family of five, that has made a huge difference for us, especially this Christmas.

With gratitude,

I hope it doesn’t portray couponing too negatively as well. I hope it shows that each of us has our own “thing”. My thing is getting coupons from my recycling center, some others might spend hours a day finding deals. I spend hours a day only because of this website, I only spend about 2 hours a week clipping and shopping for myself.

I know that you Joanie where the shy one when you first started to coupon. Do you ever get nervous when you call the recycling centers to see if they will let you look through there papers? Have you ever called the new paper to see if they will let you look through there’s? Do you buy any Sunday papers or do you get them all for free?

I am not shy about using coupons anymore! No recycling center is going to get mad at you for calling to ask (probably because they’ll really appreciate you attempting to get permission the right way).

I have asked the newspaper companies themselves about extra inserts or discarded papers and in my experience, they are regulated and strictly do NOT allow anything in the neighborhood of dumpster diving. (that’s just my experience. Could vary for you!)

In my city, the newspaper carries smartsource insert only and it’s the tiniest coupon insert you’ll ever see. So, unfortunately, I have to buy all my coupon inserts online. I use collectablecoupons.com. I also have the option to get the San Francisco chronicle, but at $3 per paper, it’s too much to spend, in my opinion.

our recyling bin is on a church parking lot and they get money for recyling the paper items so yes that is stealing i suppose

It’s definitely not okay to take newspapers (or anything) from private dumpsters. I recommend doing what I’ve done and calling your closest recycling center to ask about their policies. When I first moved to this area I was surprised when I spoke with the owner of my local recycling center. Not surprised that he gave his permission to come search for coupon inserts, but I was surprised that he told me “oh yeah, we’ve always got people digging through there; it’s totally fine”. I moved to a very low-coupon-shopper area, but I still wasn’t alone in my search for goodies in the newspaper bin. :)

about the dumpster diving my husband says its stealing people around here get cops called on them for going through dumpsters alot due to people stealing personal info which yes i know should be shredded but still they say it is stealing.

I also love love love this site but I do have to agree with some of the comments about hoarding. I am sick of going to Rite Aid and Walgreens and finding the shelves bare by 9am. I mean yes I’ll grab 2 things I have a family of 6 but I don’t take them all. I also believe in giving but its also hard for us who are trying to support our own family. I was very dissapointed about the Safeway deal but life goes on. My Walmart is actually getting picky about some coupons now. I have saved so much money from the kindness and hard work this site provides but please leave some product for the rest of us you don’t need 10pks of razors or 20 bottles of shampoo, etc.

Thanks for your comment Vicki! Please know (as all of our long-time readers can attest) that we never clear shelves. During the TLC program, I had gone over every item I was buying with my local store manager, so that he had plenty of stock on hand. As we write in our book and in various posts on this website (example: http://thekrazycouponlady.com/2010/01/04/how-and-why-to-special-order/ ) we always do everything in our power to avoid clearing any shelf. When someone like me has been couponing a few years, they may have 30 razors, purchased no more than a couple at a time over many different sales. This is the appropriate way to build your stockpile and the only way I shop or endorse shopping.

I promise if you found an empty shelf at the grocery store, it wasn’t from me! The important thing to do is to TEACH others that they have another option if they want to stockup and don’t want to leave an empty shelf. That’s one of the beginner lessons we try to teach here at TheKrazyCouponLady.com.

I have a question I have a really good coupon that I have never seen before so I printed as many as I could from my two computers. When this happens do you call the store ahead of time so that you can really stock up? Or do you just go to a few different stores? It doesn’t expire for a few weeks so I would have time to make multiple trips with it.

It really depends on so many factors:
If I think I’m going to make a ‘noticeable dent’ in the store’s inventory, then I try to special order.

So, if my store normally stocks about 20 cannisters of ovaltine, I don’t want to buy more than maybe 4 of them without trying to do a special order.

BUT, if there is a cereal sale and my store builds a small castle out of 1000 cereal boxes at the front of the store, I can pick up 30 boxes without anyone batting an eye.

Remember why stores are here: to sell as much as they can. Stores WANT you to buy, buy, buy! When you use a manufacturer coupon, the store gets paid just as if you used cash. The only reason a store would even care about an empty shelf is it would make them wish they’d known to order in more merchandise. When you special order you are HELPING your stores. Great question Krystal!

I have a question….how do you get around the “dumpster diving is stealing” issue? I know many dumpsters have signs on them that you can’t take “their” trash lol….someone needs to say this trash is mine sigh…

Just answered this question below. Stay away from the private dumpsters behind stores and instead call your local recycling company and let them know what you’d like to do and ask where you may legally look for coupons with their permission. I’ve not had anyone turn me down yet.

Coupons are great, but not worth getting thrown in the slammer. lol.

I’ll have to find one of my friends who gets TLC and throw a party to watch this. :)

And it’s in the works! There will at least one group of ladies throwing a KCL party that night to watch your show. :)

OMG me & my sister used to have to go in the recycling bins when we were little too lol but we always wanted to go in! But only to get the Tribunes out I guess the ones that they didn’t sell or were extras because they still had that strong plastic thing around them

My son thought he was the coolest kid on the block, for sure, when I let him climb up the step ladder and come in the recycling bin! Glad he isn’t the first kid to dumpster dive! :) I think the key to successful parenting post-dumpster-diving is a lot of purell and hand washing, maybe even a bath. :)

I will be watching and telling all my friends to watch too. I am so happy for you.

Is this going to be a series or is this one episode?

It’s a one episode/pilot.

love it! im so excited. id love to not have to pay for newspapers anymore and get all my coupons for free.

I have been a huge KCL fan since last spring, and I am finally realizing i NEED to donate some of this stuff, and since several of you have mentioned doing just that, where should I take it? I mainly need to give away the toothpaste…. LOL. Thanks!!! and I love you all, and this website – it has completely changed my life!

I think that I’m more excited for this than Christmas! haha!

I just had to say I never knew you lived in McKinleyville.

Sorry if that sounds creepy. My grandparents lived there when I was growing up, so I spent lots and lots of time there.

I am really excited to watch the show. I was wondering how many inserts do you get out of the dumpster on average?

I’m tickled that this is finally coming out… I was in Safeway shopping while they were filming this, and have been waiting since then to hear any info on it! :) Thanks again for all your hard work!

Ahem! Real women dumpster dive! And oddly…. I have so much fun doing so…. people just don’t know how much money they throw away when I go and fish out their coupons!!!! :) I think it’s a long-lost sport maybe… 😉


Up here in Montana I am a definate minority in the dumpster diving department. Not even zero degree weather keeps me back, the week following a P&G insert,;) And I can’t wait to see your show!!!!!!

O my word! So glad to see someone else dumpster dive!!! HAHA! I sneak out to our dumpster with my trash then peek in the recycling bin to take the abadoned coupons :)
I feel better about that now 😉

Cant wait for this, it’s gonna be a hoot!!

OMG, I soooooo cannot wait!!!! Congrats!!!!

Brilliant! I look forward to watching the show.

Jackie :)

This is great, can’t wait to see it. I have read all your tips, but I am more of a visual person, so this will be terrific

This is seriously awesome and I can’t wait to watch! As a newlywed and a graduate student, couponing has really helped us out and it is definitely my new favorite hobby! Thank you for all of your help Joanie :)

I am beyond excited to see this TV program. I think it will help a lot of people in this hard economy who are uneducated with couponing and the extreme amounts of money it can save each and every family; such as my own. I dont understand why people have to be so critical and judgemental; to me it just seems that you are so jealous and or just straight out being a HATER… and to go as far as saying something about ones parenting – just wrong. I love this site; love you gals and just want to say from someone who has been using your site for over a year now CONGRATS!! Keep doing what you do.. much love! :)

I love your blog! I’m a 22 year old college student who’s trying to make ends meet. I have so much more now because of couponing! I love it and i have a group of friends who we all share coupons with. So it’s not just moms us college students are jumping on the band wagon too. Thanks so much for your blog and i’m so happy to see that you will be on TLC! I can’t wait for the show! Lots of love from San Jose, CA Silicon Valley.

Ohman hilarious, I can’t wait to watch

First why on earth would you have your 4 year old in a dumpster? Second are you actually proud that your and extremeist? At third shouldnt yu be spending more time with your children and less time couponing. Is it really worth making yourself look stupid on punlic television for a little cash?

LOL. Did you really just criticize me for taking my son with me dumpster diving and then criticize me for not spending more time with my children. I guess you’re right. I left my 2 yr old daughter home with dad. Next time I’ll bring her.

And TLC didn’t pay any of the participants. We are happy to share our coupon skills with anyone who’s OPEN enough to listen. :)

Dont pay no mind to that comment… I do not know you personally, but can tell your a fabulous Mommy. Cannot even believe one would take the time to say something so nasty.

Thanks. :)

I don’t really considering what the picture shows as you guys “dumpster diving”. That has coupons and papers in it, not trash. I surely would put my 3 year old in one to get my coupons! I’d also send him over to a strangers table at a restaurant to ask them if they still wanted their Sunday paper after reading it! Me couponing benefits him too. If I didn’t use coupons at checkout, he would think something was wrong with me!

Russtaco – what’s a “punlic”? Personally, I take people seriously when I can actually read what they have written.

Joanie – You have such an amazing way about handling these comments with style and grace! Keep up the good work.

Seriously? Couponing is fun for my family, especially the kids. I have a list of what we are going to get. I point out what we are buying and my three year old gets it off the shelf for me and puts it in the cart. It’s a fun hide and seek game. Teaches him directions, left, right, up, down, and the names of each item we are buying. Trust me, couponing and shopping are some of our family time.

As far as cutting coupons, especially the ones printed off the internet, my oldest is just jumping up and down for my scrap paper so he can do something fun with them with his crayons.

Ok… after all that, have a Merry Christmas and sorry that I’m so defensive. That statement you made slightly offended me and me being Irish and hot-headed, I felt the need to explain myself. I wish you many happy couponing days in your future!

What I want to know….how in the heck do you find such a dumpster that has copuons in it? Did you just notice one day? Like happening upon it? I know there’s a rural church near my house that has a huge paper recycling bin, but you can’t get inside it. Not that I think I could find a dry pile of papers in Portland lol!!!

I can’t wait to watch this! And by the way, your sweater in the promo picture, is adorable! :)

Thanks! Glad you’re excited. And I swear 😉 I always dress nicely and do my hair and makeup before dumpster diving. . .

I’m not to sure about this show. I 100% support the education of others on how to be a “savvy shopper” but I don’t support showing others how to hoard and be selfish. I agree with the general rule that we should leave things for others and not clear off the shelves and what I’m reading under Nathans info being courteous to other couponers is far from his mind. Maybe he did pre-order the items that are listed on the site but I honestly doubt that the store had anything left for themselves after that. And realistically what they are showing is going to make everyone think we really are crazy. I think the portion for the KCL will be funny and light hearted and I would watch that but anything else I really wouldn’t. I also think that showing that doing this gives us the ability to donate is a great thing. I do it all the time.
On another site someone mentioned that this could open the door to more coupon fraud and I have to agree. This is just way to extreme. And I also agree with Tiffany that this could have an effect on us who already coupon in terms of stores and manufacturers changing coupons and policies. As well as others thinking that it’s okay to clear the shelves and possibly even get cashiers more frustrated with those of us who come through their check out lanes. I think at this point the blogs will have to start seriously promoting coupon ethics more than ever. I also wish that this show would actually educate. Like how to properly stockpile and use the coupons in an effective way not just show people going nuts. That’s just my two cents I’m sorry if I offend anyone.

I can’t wait to watch this new show, and am hoping to learn something new. I showed my boyfriend the picture of the coupon dumpster diving, he rolled his eyes at me and said, “Oh great, you’re not gonna make me start doing that, are you?” Too funny! He has been great with my new coupon addiction, he thinks I am crazy but loves the money I’m saving us.

You go girl. I buy 4 papers and anything else I get comes from the dumpster. I do think though that someone else has found my great dump site because I do not get as many Q’s as I used to. I will need to find a new one. I just wish I had a 4 year old to send in there. Most are sooooo high that I cannot reach even with tools. Keep up the good work!

This has got to be the best Christmas present I have received in a very long time! I am actually looking forward to December 29th more than I am the 25th! Lol now thats addiction!

Now, that is truly krazy!

That pic looks like me and my kids at the recycling center!

Very exciting, can’t wait to see the show. I wish there was a way we can save as much money on gas, car maitenance, electric, cable/internet/phone and cell phone bills. Those are all the things that really bust my budget. And the oil for my oil furnace. Wish there was a coupon for that! :) congrats on the show.

Sounds like a GREAT new show to make TLC interesting again! :) So excited to watch it!

I am so excited for you guys! Your book and website has changed my life and because of couponing my dream of being a stay at home is a reality. I am totally addicted, passionate, and obsessed with couponing! thanks

Just a note from a “former” insider…the manufacturers feel that coupons drive sales in a down economy so, they don’t really care about the number of coupons-however, the reason that you may see the values of coupons declining is a decrease in the marketing budgets for any particular brand. Usually, once the new year rolls in then those budgets are renewed which should mean better coupon values again!

Interesting insight, thanks for sharing! :)

I remember when you did that blog on dumpster diving for coupons and I laughed and laughed. Now I tell my son “all the best mom’s have their children dumpster dive!” :-) Actually all he does is pick up the free papers from our neighbors that don’t want them-so I get the coupons!

Kind of bummed about this show. P&G has started putting limits on amount of q’s per transaction….the more this gets out that us couponers can land deals at 99% savings etc all the time, it may make stores, and manufactures rethink their coupon policies, limits, doubles etc…I hope this doesn’t start a negative reaction causing us who get great deals at the store all the time, to have anything change for us in the end.

I’ve got to say that nobody is fooling manufacturers now. The latest coupon redemption statistics showed overal coupon usage WAY up AND showed that a high percentage of coupons being redeemed by a small percent of consumers (ie Krazy Coupon Ladies and Gents).

It’s easy to think that we’re flying under the radar, but the fact of the matter is we’re not. Manufacturers are distributing MORE coupons than ever and paying to do so! The redemption rate is on the rise, but less than 1% are still being redeemed. Manufacturers are even trying to cater more to this particular EXTREME coupon crowd. I know that this saving 90% seems too good to be true, and that somebody’s gonna pull the plug once the hypothetical ‘big man upstairs’ finds out. But the ‘big man’ (or big woman) already knows and is loving it.

The coupons, limits and store policies will constantly evolve. Some things will get worse and then they’ll come out with a new type of coupon to make things better. I feel 100% confident that there will ALWAYS be away to achieve these savings available to those who are willing to find it! And TheKrazyCouponLady.com will always be finding the deals and passing them on to you!

Just my two cents. I appreciate your comment.

I totally agree. And thanks for saying all that. Am very excited to watch the show. HOWEVER… I have been extreeeeeeemely disappointed with the coupons especially on food, lately. For example – Yogurt & Cereal coupons. They’re 1/3 – 1/2 the value of what they used to be, & cereal coupons are hardly even out there anymore. Some stores, like Safeway, seem awesome to shop at most of the time, from what I see on all the blogs. But even Albertsons is going down hill. I used to save 72% + EASY, but the past 3 months, I’m *lucky* to save 50%. I’m watching food prices rise, and coupon values go down. Hope it doesn’t stay that way…

I was thinking the same thing Rachelle! Exciting but also kinda bummed because it could actually be a downfall to couponing in the future,
Congrats to you though.

No offense here, love this site. But, part of the reason the 1% coupon redemption is at that low of a level is because there are not tons of people doing it. The WAY in which it is done really isn’t that widely known or used. I certainly don’t want more people doing it like this, then it will cease to exist in this form. Look what happened to e-coupons and safeway. They figured out what people were doing with the stacking and stopped it in its tracks. Now in my part of the world safeway is not an option and we only have two chain stores. I realize you want to help people and spread the word and all that but all these tv shows? The news the morning shows, now TLC. And believe me its not that I don’t want others doing it but its not going to help any of us by having millions exposed. Think about it….your standing in a parking lot giving away $5, but only one person of the 100 you told showed up? You would give them the $5. But what if 50% of the people showed up? You’d be out a lot more money. The same thing could happen with the coupons. If the manufacturers start losing money they won’t keep putting out the coupons. Now maybe this will happen and maybe it won’t. But I’m starting to wonder what the real purpose of the tv appearances is. Is it genuinely to spread the word? I’ve seen more negative changes in coupon rules in the last year than ever. Again I love this site, and I don’t want a bunch of negative backlash please. I certainly don’t want my commenting priveleges removed like ahem another site lol.

I’ve started couponing and now live by your site…I am no where near Krazy but saving 60% at the grocery store last week was my highest savings so far and my one income family is very grateful for any help we can get! Keep it up Krazy Lady.

Oh so cool! A show I can look forward to wathing

Wasn’t sure where to post this, so I thought I’d try here: My question is for all of you KCLs who live in rural areas … what percentage of your grocery bill are you currently saving?

I live in a small town (pop. about 3,000) with two non-chain grocery stores. There’s no doubling and never any sales like a 10/$10 deal. I’ve been at this about two months now, and I’ve saved an average of 40%. I’m pleased with this total but wanted to check in here to be sure I wasn’t missing out even more savings.

Any tips from other rural couponers?

I guess it depends on how rural is rural. It’s a 75 mile round trip to the nearest grocery store for me but I usually get to town once a week. Once your stockpile is well established it is easier to up your percentage saved as you rarely if ever buy more than produce just because you need it. I’m fortunate that Safeway doubles up to $1 off (even an old 15cent no UPC no Exp date becomes $1 off!) so I’m not happy unless the total is at least 75% off and generally try for 85%.We can’t get a newspaper delivered-too far between homes- but a friend brings the Sunday paper down to the coffeeshop each week. I trade homemade cookies and free products for additional inserts. Good luck.

Thank you Janis! I appreciate you taking the time to write. Sounds like we’re not quite as rural as you … we have grocery stores right here in town, but they aren’t the chains. It’s a 150-mile round trip to get to a Safeway, Walmart, Target, etc. for us, so we usually stick right here in town.

I’ll continue to plug away and — like you mentioned above — hopefully see the percentages increase. The way I figure it, savings is savings and every little bit helps us.

Have a good evening!

WOOOOOHOOOOO! Did TLC request a particular checker? “Biscuit” would be AWESOME! LOL! Safeway is where you are headed, I am thinking…..You go, SistahFriend! I miss you oodles and my food storage and non-starving family are eternally grateful to you!

Miss you too! And yes, I shopped at Safeway. They were great and very supportive of me and the show.

I don’t have cable – do you know if I’ll be able to watch it on Hulu?

I know nothing! In fact, I will be watching the show for the first time on the 29th with all of you! (Actually, since I’m pacific time, probably AFTER many of you!)

Huku doesn’t pick up TLC shows. They just sometimes have random clips about 20-30 seconds long. :(

I can’t wait to watch!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!! This is amazing. I can’t wait to watch it. I’ll be glued to my television, probably eating a bowl of popcorn (that I got for free, of course!)


So happy to see this I can not wait! I am gonna make my hubby watch it too. He thinks I am CRAZY when I go dumpster diving for loads of coupons. Now he can see that I am not the only one:)

Good luck with that. My husband still thinks I’m krazy.

Yep. I do. :p

You are not the only one! I do it too and I haven’t paid for papers in weeks!! It is definatly the way to go!!

Cannot wait to see your show!!

Can’t wait! Finally a show for all of us clippers!

You guys are so great! You look so hot and hip all the while dumpster diving and couponing! Way to go!

You really get in the dumpster ? I would if i knew where to go but I guess when i watch the show on the 29th I will find out more of your secrets !!!!!

Well, you don’t necessarily always have to get in the dumpster. Usually you can access the coupons from reaching in the front. BUT. . . it’s not as ‘krazy’ or as fun. :)

i’ll defiantly be watching this! i can’t wait to see it.

I just love that you donate so much of what you do! It’s inspirational :-)

Oh man, when you see how much I buy, you would DIE if I kept it all! I’d be buried alive!


i can’t wait, how exciting!

That picture of you in the dumpster is priceless! I GOTTA watch it now! Congrats on the show!

wishes she had cable! :-(

Nooo!!!… The Couponing Secret is out!!!.. Lol… =)

LOL! Oh no! What was I thinking? Maybe it’s not too late to undo it! :)

NOOOOOO! LOL thats what i was thinking too. I just hope people dont ruin it and then they stop doing coupons and deals!

How exciting!! I will definitely be watching!!

Know I wish I stil had cable (I wish there was a way of couponing that). Speaking of the dumpster diving. Where do you find the dumpsters with news papers in them?

paper dumpster at the recycle centers

been doing it since march lots of coupons right on top ( do not actually dumpster dive) plenty in there!!!!

You’re welcome to come to my house in New Orleans.My girlfriends and I are having a coupon party tonight.We’ll be watching!!!
Congrats on the show Joanie!
PS Your lil boy is too cute,(in the words of my son)can I have him?can I,can I?,mom can I, pleaassssse can I?( sometimes I call my son “can I”. lol

Exciting News!! I can’t wait to see the Kraziness! I am putting it on my calender right now so I remember to watch!

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I am so excited to see this. Teaching/exposing people to couponing is such a tremendous act of service. I am totally grateful to those that have showed me the way. Rejoicing in your newest endeavor with you!

OMG! I’m excited to watch.. setting my tivo now 😉

This was a great show done seen it and it was worth watching and gave me a better perspective on using coupons and now I want to do it even more. I have a big family and hope they will list online all the ways we at home can do the something. They tell you slot in the show but I hope they will offer great ideas online too and with this show TLC may be onto something great.