$1.00/1 – Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, 24 oz or larger – (coupons.com)
on pg 1 in zip 22222, for me

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8 thoughts on “$1.00 off Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup coupon!”

My hubby is doing the happy dance!!! It is his favorite and he gets so ticked that I wont stockpile it. Now he will have his own personal stash 😉

YAY! My favorite syrup!! :)

I also found a $3.50 off on Excedrin PM that I had not seen before. (Plus a BOGO Free Wonka Exceptional, which may turn into a really good deal closer to of after Christmas!)

hmmm, cant find the q. What zip is it?

haha i found it

where…i searched and searched…please share

i put in for the zip 22222 then on the second page the syrup coupon and others i do not receive at my zip code. what gives with that ?

Awesome! I don’t see many coupons for syrup, thanks!! And a heads up, you can print these through swagbucks (the coupon tab under “Earn”) and get 10 swagbucks for every coupon you use that was printed from them!

Yeah, but doesn’t KCL get credit for us printing them through their link? I’d like to support them if that really is the case…