According to KCL Stacy who already has her Sunday paper, there is a HOT coupon for $2.50 off Electrasol Dish Detergent. Use it at Walgreens this week for a $0.26  money maker! 

Please note that I have not verified this coupon myself, so check out your paper to ensure that your area received it.
Some coupons, unfortunately, are regional.

Electrosol or Jet Dry Dish Detergent $3.49
Buy 1, Receive a $1.50 Register Reward

$2.50/1 Electrasol Dish Detergent from SS 1/2
Pay $0.99, Receive a $1.50 RR
Final Price: $0.51 Money Maker!

Thanks Stacy!

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136 thoughts on “Walgreens: Possible Electrasol Money Maker!!”

  1. I am a little addicted to living vicariously through you all. I live in Canada and we get almost nothing in the way of coupons. No such thing as doublers, money makers etc. I just checked out Walmart flyer to see what we’d be paying for these. The Cascade gelpacks are advertised on sale for $9.97 (regular $13.97) for the 44 pack size. And that would be a good deal for us. You are all so lucky. I’d be dumpster diving with the best of you if I lived in the US. These coupon blogs are so much fun!!

    • Charlene-

      (Love your name btw) Are you close to the boarder? I have friends from Canada who take a girls day trip to Walmart and Target a few times a year to shop. Even with the Canadian taxes they pay at the boarder, they say they still save a ton.

  2. Liz says:

    If anyone in UT county is still looking for the electrosol at Walgreens, the Springville Walgreens has a lot as of today. The packaging is a little unorthodox, but you still get the same 20 tablets.

  3. Rochelle in SD says:

    Unfortunately my area didn’t get this coupon.

    I paid full price (shudder) the last time I bough “Finish” which is my preferred brand. Today I took the plunge and purchased these from a private party.

    The cost of the clipping service and shipping is still less than the last amount I spent on this item, so I’m coming out ahead.

    The prices I’ve seen seem reasonable(including Heather’s above) considering the high value of this coupon.

  4. heather says:

    I have a bunch of finish $2.25 Qpons left….willing to mail them of deliver in the boise meridian (idaho) area…if anyone is interested let me know ….$8 for 20 Qpons.

    • heather says:

      oops…ment I would mail them or if in the boiseMeridian area we could meet somewhere and avoid the 2-3 day mail game.

  5. alana says:

    I also am in a test area in PDX..I decided to skip walgreens and went to target and used my 1.00 target coupon combined with my 2.25 cents off coupon and made .11 cents cash :)

  6. Sylvia says:

    got my 2 boxes today :) I work in walgreens pharmacy so with my discount and the coupons I made $1.00 and got 2 free boxes! YIPEE!!

  7. Anel says:

    My neighbors don’t use their inserts and they give them to me. I have a total of 42 free inserts and none of them have this coupon, they only came in the papers that I paid for as part of my subscription. Is that normal?

  8. Emily says:

    I just went to my Walgreens in Oregon and both my mom and I used the $2.25 coupon, but for some reason, the $1.50 register reward did not print for either of our transactions. Not sure what happened…Bummer :o(

  9. Heidi says:

    The problem here in N. Alabama is that our Walgreens doesn’t do rainchecks! UGH! And on top of that, if you don’t go EARLY on Sunday you can forget it because it will be all gone and RARE for the store to get anymore on their Friday truck! Also… they only allow as many coupons as you have items.

    • Sarah says:

      If you have CVS in your area, it looks like they will have Finish for $3 next week, plus get $10 ECB when you buy $20 worth of selected Finish, Lysol, and Airwick products…so I’m saving my coupons for that instead of messing with Walgreens and rainchecks. Good luck!

  10. norma says:

    sorry I meant hold 10 boxes, not 20

  11. norma says:

    does anyone know if the qps work on the gel packs also?
    I stopped by my Walgreens and asked them if they could hold 20 boxes, since i am expecting some coupons by mail. the manager is so awesome he pulled all 6 off the shelves that were remaining and is going to order 4 more for me! He will hold them for me til saturday.

  12. Heather says:

    AWESOME deal at BJ’s wholesale club also through the end of the month. There is a BOGO coupon in the BJ’s January coupon book, which I stacked with 2 2.25 coupons, which meant I got 160 tabs for 8.49.

  13. Tanya Peila says:

    Whoo hoo bought 20 coupons last night on eBay. Just in time to get them by Friday!

  14. Lana says:

    Got the $2.25 coupon in the Texas Panhandle. Going to put it to work tomorrow.

  15. Ellyn says:

    Also did not get that great coupon here in South Florida.
    But used an Excedrin coupon on the 50 pack-good sale this week at Walgreens-$3.99 (around same price as 24 pack regularly is)

  16. Mitch says:

    Didn’t get the coupon in Santa Fe,NM., and are all out of stock. anybody know another seller I could try? thanks.

  17. Meredith says:

    if the walgreens ad in coupon says limit 3 can i use 3 rr too? thanks ladies.

  18. Lindsey says:

    I wasn’t sure if the coupon would work because it said Quantum, but I tried it this morning and it worked beautifully! I paid $1.48 per box after the $2.25/1 coupon and got a $1.50 RR! I’m going to go back with my other coupons: $1/1 and $0.75/1 and stock up later today!!

  19. amber says:

    I can’t seem to find this coupon…silly question, does anyone know what else was on the SS page with it? My plan for 2011 is to create an awesome stockpile and this would really help me start it off right! ;-)

  20. becca says:

    I purchased coupons for this deal…so if I have to..I will stop 3 times a day and collect rainchecks…20 of them!!!! I stockpile very few items but this one of them!!

    • Tanya Peila says:

      Oh becca I feel your pain! Went tonight with y 23 coupons. OUT OF STOCK wentire Western Washington. Asked for a rain check
      #1 would only give me a rain check for sale price not WITH RR.
      #2 would only give me rain check for THREE OF THEM!
      UGH! They lost my couponing respect!

  21. becca says:

    Avid couponer here, outside Houston TX, and our Walgreens at 9 am was still unloading their “bins” and did not have the hair stuff with RR’s, or the kids flue stuff. Also their computers were acting funny and I did not get my RR for the SalonSpa patches so I went back in and they got it out. GENERALLY their computers are o.k. and prices ring up and RR’s come out, but you HAVE to watch, know the prices, know your RR’s coming to you at the end.Mine had not been saying 1 RR coupon per transaction but I heard some are now…sure hope not…that would kill the deal for me even going there. I love CVS way more any-who. But, Walgreens is numbero 1 for drugstores in the U.S. Also, don’t forget to get a RAINCHECK for anything they are out of that you wanted and had a coupon for. If there is a RR offered they will give you the raincheck minus that…so even better cuz they dont expire! For Example:
    Electrasol is $3.49
    We have a 2.25 coupon…..but they are OUT! At the register after or while you are paying tell them you need a raincheck….
    They will give you a raincheck for 1 for $1.99……so now anytime before 2/26 when the coupon expires, go buy it and use your coupon…be sure you have other item to eat the overage since they cant pay you!!

  22. kaite says:

    Maybe that is because we are in a test area? We do have them here in OR where I live. It gives us the sale/ad price.
    Sasha, if I were you, I would go back in with your receipt and ad in hand and have a manager adjust it for you and refund you the difference.

  23. Sasha says:

    A bit confused, first day getting into doing this after researching sites. I got the 2.25 coupon in mail and went to walgreeens where the item was selling for 5.99. So minus the 2.25 is would be 3.74. The they gave me an RR for 2.50 which I could not use on that transaction, the item still came out to 3.74. Should i have just avoided sale altogether? I’m confused any advise would be greatly appreciated. Now what can I but with the 2.500 RR coupon? Thanks

    • Heather says:

      Did you look in your ad for the sale price??? I am not sure why your store didn’t have the price marked down.

    • Annie says:

      You can use the RR towards almost anything in the store with the exceptions listed on the bottom of the RR. Just can’t use it for the same product or any other Finish/Electrasol product if you want another RR. Think of the RR as money with a expiration date.

    • kaite says:

      Just a thought, since you said you are just getting into this I thought maybe you are new to Walgreens. Did you use/sign up for a Rewards card??

      • Annie says:

        I didn’t know Walgreens have a reward card. There are so many possibilities. Maybe Walgreens forgot to change the price with their register, it happens all the time. Today, I bought a Garnier hair gel and the sticker on the item said $1.09 and it rang up $3.34. It was clearanced, but the price was not changed in their register/computer.

  24. Karin says:

    I have the 2.25 coupon but for me it is for the Electrasol Quantum-my Wags only has the regular Electrasol. Is the coupon working on the regular Electrasol?

  25. Kellie says:

    Disappointed…Longview, WA store doesn’t do the points yet

  26. krupa says:

    the coupon wasnt in the inserts in the boston area :[

  27. Lisa V. says:

    Electasol is now called Finish, so yes the coupon will work. $2.25 coupon in Waukesha, WI and $1.50 RR.

  28. Amanda says:

    I got the $2.25 coupon in today’s NC paper. I picked up two copies of the paper this week as there were 5 coupon inserts *five*. Wohoo!

  29. Sarah says:

    I got 5 boxes at Albertsons today! So much less hassle than walgreens. I’ll happily pay .74 a box not to deal with RRs, multiple transactions, and cleared shelves. I walked in, paid my $3.70 for 5 boxes and done. Set for 6 months.

    • Vicki says:

      We don’t have a Walgreens in my little town in East Texas, but Wal-Mart will match the sale price from Walgreens just by showing them the ad and I can use my manufacturers coupon and not have to deal with empty shelves and/or RR! I have sent my 18 year old daughter into town with my list for this week and can’t wait for her to get home with the bargains! She knows we have to watch every penny since it is just the two of us and she is learning at a young age how to coupon!!!

  30. suni says:

    We got the coupon in Atlanta. I had to ring up my purchase 3 separate times, but it was totally worth it! I used the 1.50 RR with 3 other coupon to get 4 boxes of free oatmeal for my son. Score!

  31. Aleisha says:

    I just got back from Walgreens and there is no RR for the electrosol BUT in Oregon we did get the $2.25 off coupon! Still made for a good deal since we are in need of some! Thank you as always you Krazies!!

  32. Amy says:

    We got the coupon in both Cedar Rapids and Des Moines but not in the Quad Cities Iowa.
    Thanks for all you do….APPRECIATE EVERYTHING!!!!
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  33. Tanya Peila says:

    No coupon in Western WA

    • Joni says:

      I got these in my paper – I am in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area. They were in SS 2. I also got 6 copies, so that means I got them both in my Seattle Times and Tacoma News Tribune.

    • Denise says:

      I live in Western WA and I got the coupon, Tacoma News Tribune. 2.25 off. Electrasol and Finish are the same thing. My wags also did not have these marked but it rang up correctly.

  34. Tiffany T says:

    For those of you who were questioning whether or not this deal was rolling … the answer is no (at least in Sacramento CA area). I attempted to roll today, only because I didn’t have anything else I needed at Walgreens and when I used the RR from my 1st purchase it did not spit out another RR on my 2nd purchase of Electrasol.

  35. ANst76 says:

    Got 2.25 coupon in SS , Raleigh NC. Yeah!!

  36. Maria T. says:

    I got the $2.25 off Electrasol/Finish 20 pk. or larger in my home delivery copy of the San Francisco Chronicle. The Oakland Tribune did not have the coupon.

    The SF Chronicle had 5 inserts – 2 SS, 2 RP and 1 Big G
    The Oakland Trib had 3 inserts – 1 SS and 2 RP

    The Trib coupons are always quite different and considerably fewer. :/

  37. Kim says:

    Got 5 of these today. First Walgreens I went to was sold out, but the second one had plenty. Has anyone noticed that Walgreens can be a little slow at setting the ad (putting the sale stickers next to the products)? Luckily I had an ad with me and knew about the deal, because they weren’t marked on the shelf.

    • Jo says:

      I LOVE it when my Walgreens doesn’t put the sale stickers up – there’s always tons of stock all week long lol

  38. Michelle says:

    Here in Kalamazoo, we didn’t get any coupons for Finish…bummer! I stocked up on newspapers today, just for this coupon!

  39. Carly says:

    The Seattle Times had the coupon for $2.50 off each. Haven’t gotten a chance to go use them yet, but I will definitely be doing some transactions this week!

  40. Katie says:

    It worked! Just got back from my Riverton, UT Walgreen’s and i used the $2.25/1 coupon, paid $1.24 OOP and received the $1.50 RR. They paid me $.26 to buy their product!

    This is really only the second week I’ve used coupons and so far I’m a very happy shopper!

    • Vicki says:

      This is only my second week to shop too and I am a VERY happy shopper! I am in East Texas and don’t have a Walgreens in my little town, but we do have a CVS! What does OOP mean?

  41. sarah says:

    NC didn’t get the coupon in the paper… :-(

  42. Sylvia says:

    I’m in South Texas and I did not get the coupon in the Smart Source in today’s paper:(

    • Tjdiva says:

      I am in north texas and we got the Finish coupon in ss 1/2 …$2.25/1 and $1/1 and I noticed walgreens has Electraol (by name on pic has electrasol finish)3.49 with 1.50 RR.

  43. Arnold Semmons says:

    In Phoenix AZ we got a $1.50 coupon off *two* Finish or JetDry products. They are in the process of changing the name from Electrasol to Finish, at least out here.

  44. greg b says:

    Once again test market areas get left out. We get 300 points instead of 1.50RR. 300 points amounts to less than 1.00. Enjoy these deals while you can cause once this point system goes national the deals wont be as good. That being said. . . I’m off to CVS. lol

    • Corrie says:

      I’m so glad you posted this — I was so confused! I guesss I’m in a test market area also, because half the deals listed in the Walgreens post that are supposed to generate RR only gave me “Bonus Points.” I don’t even know what those are, but it did not make me happy that I had already purchased several items in a transaction before I realized I was not getting the RR. When I referred back to the Walgreens circular, I saw that almost NONE of the items generate RR — they’re all points! I don’t want stupid points!

    • Corrie says:

      And, yes, from now on I’ll just stick to CVS!

    • Krista S. says:

      Be thankful you have a CVS! Here in the Portland, OR area we also are in the test market so we get 300 points for this product instead of RR. Plus Oregon doesn’t have any CVS stores! Arghh!

  45. Stacy says:

    My coupon was for 2.25 not 2.50, I was a little tired when I posted last night.

    I purchase 3 this money with no problems but I had to complete separate transactions.

    THANKS for posting!

  46. Dawn says:

    WOW! With my husbands discount I got them for free!! I got 8 boxes.

  47. mindy says:

    This worked perfect for me too! Thanks kcl! On a side note be nice to the cashiers! It only helps you out. The woman in front of me was being a beast because her coupons weren’t working right. They were willing to help me get mine to work right because I was nice. The mean lady left empty handed.

  48. Annsley says:

    i am so sad, my newspaper does not have this coupon.

  49. Heather A. says:

    I got the $2.25 coupon in my paper this morning. Just left the walgreens in Erlanger, KY & I picked up 3 boxes of electrasol gelpacs for $1.24 each & got $1.50 RR back. Had my husband buy 3 as well. What a score!!!!

  50. Thomasina says:

    This is my deal for today if it will help anyone.

    Transaction #1

    Electrasol Dish Detergent $3.49
    Buy 1, Receive a $1.50 Register Reward
    $2.50/1 Electrasol Dish Detergent from SS 1/2
    Pay $0.99, Receive a $1.50 RR

    Transaction #2

    Air Wick Compact for $3.99
    20oz DT Coke for $1.59
    1 Holiday Pinceil $0.12

    Air Wick coupon from 1/2 for #3.00 off
    Dt Coke coupon for $1.00 I print.
    and The $1.50 RR from Transaction #1
    I payed $0.58

    For Both Transaction I payed $2.05.
    I did this 2 time’s

  51. Candee says:

    Wahoo!! We got them in The Idaho Statesman (2.25), now to locate them at Walgreens!

    • Jaimi says:

      Where did you get your newspaper? I am a subscriber in 83709 and my paper did NOT have it so I am officially irritated. I would like to get some if you wouldn’t mind letting me know where you got your paper.

    • Susan says:

      Candee, I was at 3 different Eagle area Walgreens stores before noon today and two were completely out. At one store, I was told that two women came in together and cleared the shelves. At the third store I did find two boxes left on the shelf, which I bought. The store I normally shop at will get a truck in on Wednesday, so I’ll be checking back then for more, since I’d like to get two more boxes. They also said that they’d put some aside for me if I call to inquire when they have them on the shelf, so that’s an idea for you in case you can’t find any today. Good luck.

  52. In our Madison, WI 1/2/11 Smart Source, I see two coupons:
    $1.00 off any ONE Finish Quantum 10/12 ct., expires 2/21/11
    $2.25 off any ONE Finish Quantum 20 ct. or higher, Powerball or Gelpacks (offer excludes 10 ct. Finish Quantum), expires 2/21/11

    I hope to take a closer look at this at my nearest Walgreens early this week…It would be GREAT if this deal works out because I just ran out of dishwashing tabs! :-)

  53. Leigh says:

    No coupon in SW Washington. Bummer! I am on my last box from getting these for 50 cents at Fred Meyer last year. :(

  54. Corrie says:

    I’m headed out to try out some of the Walgreens deals, but I’m a bit confused — the RR don’t roll? So that means I can’t use RR on a future transaction to pay for an item that generates more RR? Does this mean I’ll have to pay OOP for all items that generate RR, and I can then only use the RR on items that DON’T offer RR? That’s going to mean a lot more $$ OOP, right? No wonder I usually shop CVS!

    • nina says:

      I’m headed out to try out some of the Walgreens deals, but I’m a bit confused — the RR don’t roll? So that means I can’t use RR on a future transaction to pay for an item that generates more RR? Does this mean I’ll have to pay OOP for all items that generate RR, and I can then only use the RR on items that DON’T offer RR? That’s going to mean a lot more $$ OOP, right? No wonder I usually shop CVS!


      Wisconsin paper has $2.25!!! The wording is confusing… at first read, it appears to be for Quantum only, but the pic on the coupon has Finish gelpacks. So re-reading the coupon, it appears for be for Finish, too. It is confusing wording though.

      • nina says:

        I’m headed out to try out some of the Walgreens deals, but I’m a bit confused — the RR don’t roll? So that means I can’t use RR on a future transaction to pay for an item that generates more RR? Does this mean I’ll have to pay OOP for all items that generate RR, and I can then only use the RR on items that DON’T offer RR? That’s going to mean a lot more $$ OOP, right? No wonder I usually shop CVS!


        Wisconsin paper has $2.25!!! The wording is confusing… at first read, it appears to be for Quantum only, but the pic on the coupon has Finish gelpacks. So re-reading the coupon, it appears for be for Finish, too. It is confusing wording though.

        EDIT: You can’t use RR on the SAME item that generates a RR. For example, if Huggies generate RR, you can use it to buy M&Ms that generate a RR. If you use the Huggies RR on Huggies, the second transaction of Huggies won’t generate a RR. Clear as mud?

    • Kristin M says:

      You can roll them on different items (different manufacturers) but you CANNOT roll them on the same item. (Example you can use your $1.50 RR from the finish electrasol on a shampoo generating a RR, but not towards another finish – (well you can, but you wont get another RR back)

    • Susan says:

      Corrie, you can use RR’s to buy an item that qualifies for another RR and you will get another RR provided that the item is from another manufacturer. As as fictitious example, you can use an RR that you got from buying dish soap to buy chapstick, and you’ll get an RR from the chapstick. But you wont’ get another RR if you use the dish soap RR to buy another dish soap.

      Make sense? Walgreens is quirky, but you can get great deals there once you figure out how to do it.

    • Vicki says:

      Okay, I am new at this and have just about figured out what all the abreviations are, but what is OOP? For the longest time, I didn’t know that Red Plum and SmartSource were inserts in the paper since I have NEVER taken the Sunday paper! lol This is my second week to go shopping and I have friends, co-workers and neighbors saving their Sunday paper coupons for me! I wish we had a Walgreens here in my little town in East Texas, but we DO have a CVS! I have been shopping their GREAT deals for YEARS since they were Eckerd Drug WITHOUT a coupon and now I love it even more! I never dreamed in a million years I could get so excited about buying Depends for me and tampons for my 18 year old daughter!

      • Joi says:

        OOP means: Out Of Pocket, the amount of money actually spent. It tokk me a while to figure out the lingo too. Welcome to “Couponing” :)

  55. Barrie says:

    No coupon for me but I still have 3 or 4 boxes left from the CVS deal a few months ago!

  56. Rhonda says:

    My paper also had the $2.25 coupon! Whoo hoo!!!

    • Maxx Brown says:

      Mine was only 2.25 also. Still a great deal though. Free box of dishwasher tab & .26 for something else I am getting.

  57. jen says:

    GOOD luck if you live any where in the Crystal lake, Lake in the hills, il location. I went this morning and tried to get 4 boxes(didn’t clear the shelf) and the cashier said they are now inforcing the “limit 1 per person” rule on the RRs!! I was soooo mad. I told the Manager that I have always been able to do mult trans when it comes 2 RRs. She said that WAGS has the right to limit it. With the gas prices as high as they are…it not worth making mult trips!! BUMMER!

  58. Peggy says:

    any ideas on deals to roll register rewards between this and the posted diaper/ trash bags/ flu medicine with? I typically won’t do wags unless it’s a krazy good deal…

  59. amber says:

    I received the coupon, but it was for these are also on sale at Albies for $2.99 so only $0.74 if you didn’t want to bother with the RR :)

  60. Jennifer says:

    My Tribune had a $2.25 coupon but it is for Finish Quantum, doesn’t say Electrasol.

    • Cheri D says:

      You must be from MN. We get screwed on coupons a lot plus we don’t have the gracery store options that other states have. Jennifer, be glad you’re not in St Cloud where we have ONLY Walgreens.

    • kellis says:

      Mine doesn’t say it as well but everything else matches so I’m goign to run it if they won’t take it then I will walk away. I’m Portland Oregon

    • kellis says:

      Mine doesn’t say it as well but everything else matches so I’m going to run it if they won’t take it then I will walk away. I’m Portland Oregon

  61. Mena says:

    Just to clarify, Walgreens will not let you use a RR to pay for your next item’s if it will produce more RR’s? Like if you split up your transaction’s for this deal, you can’t use your RR’s to pay right?

  62. Katie says:

    Does Walgreens offer multiple register rewards in one transaction? Or would I have to separate into several transactions to stock up? (not familiar with walgeen policy)

    • Heather says:

      9 times out of 10 they will not print multiple RRs (from the same sale/item) in the same transaction. You will have to separate transactions.

      • Katie says:

        Thanks Heather! Night ladies :)

      • guysdocouponstoo says:

        Yeah- learned that one the hard way… had two coupons, so still got a great deal on DW pacs, but didn’t separate the transactions so only got one RR.

        The lesson was especially hard because I had also grabbed to of the Oscillucum(sp?) Flu stuff, had two coupons for that. If I had split the transactions, I’d have twice the RR’s.

        Live and learn.

  63. Cheryl B says:

    Im new to the walgreens shopping. Do the RR roll?

  64. Stacy says:

    Your are right! I need to go to bed now!

  65. Emily says:

    Sweet!! We love this dishwashing detergent at our house!!!

  66. Lynda says:

    By my calculations that should be a 51c moneymaker??

  67. Julie says:

    The coupon in Oklahoma Smart Source is $2.25! Awesome was needing to stockpile this!! PS…I have been to my sons school recycle bin!! LOVE IT!!

  68. Denise says:

    This would be so awesome. I just ran out of my stockpile of electrasol from last year’s krazy Wags deal!!

    • Scott Kurtz says:

      Hi Guys,

      Can I ask you a silly question please? You mentioned stocking up on Dishwasher soap Electrosol. How can you buy more than one box? What limits stop you from buying more than one box?
      Here in Chicago the coupons is also good for 2.25 off. Thanks for answering me. Happy New Year

      • Annie says:

        You will only receive 1 RR per transaction so if you bye 1 box, you will receive $1.50 RR. If you buy 2 boxes in the same transaction, you will still only receive $1.50. Therefore, you have to do seperate transactions. Oh and you cannot pay for the second transaction using the RR from the first transaction (same product). If you do, you won’t receive a RR at all.

    • Lynette says:

      Question? I never used the Register Rewards, would this work?

      Trans 1 Finish Electrasol 3.49 – 2.25 Coupon = $1.24 RR = 1.50
      Trans 2 Finish Electrasol 3.49 – 2.25 Coupon = $1.24 RR = 1.50
      Trans 3 Finish Electrasol 3.49 – 2.25 Coupon = $1.24 RR = 1.50

      Huggies Diapers $6.99 – $2.50 Coupon = $4.49 and use the RR from the other transactions which = $4.50 = Free Huggies

      Can I do this?

      • Erica1908 says:

        Yes Ma’am you can!!! Great Idea!

      • Allison says:

        Yes – but you will need 3 separate (CHEAP!) filler items (for each of the Register Rewards you use). Also, be sure to use the $2.50 Huggies printable coupon (on the Huggies website). Good luck!

      • Shannon says:

        But you will need filler items because RR are treated like coupons so you will have to buy three smaller items – you can’t just buy the Huggies and use a coupon + 3 RR’s. It’s like you are using 4 coupons so you need 4 items in your cart – does that make sense?