$2.00/1 – Challenge Tuscan Style Butter – (facebook.com)

I have seen this butter on sale for $0.99-$1.99 at Kroger Stores, Albertsons and Safeway! So keep your eyes peeled while you are shopping! This is a really HOT coupon!

Thanks Vanessa!

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21 thoughts on “$2.00 Challenge Butter Coupon, Possibly Free at Various Stores!”

I used my coupons at Fred Meyer today on Chinden in Boise, Idaho. The butter was priced at $1.99. I later saw it at Wal-Mart for $1.98, so you could use these coupons either place.

Fred Meyer in Twin Falls didnt accept my coupon so I went to our WalMart and didn’t have any troubles even though butter was $1.78 each.

Tried using this coupon at walmart, and was excited because the butter was only $1.98, so free butter! But the cashier, who is also a CSM refused to take it. I asked why, he said “Um…we don’t take internet coupons here”. I told them I use them all the time and it clearly states that you do on the bottom of every receipt, he still would not take it! ( I did have other items too, so it was not because of a negative purchase) I called corporate and am waiting to hear back. I will have to see if Albertson’s carries this butter as I am fed up with Walmart.

The Walmarts I have been too in my area (MN) have the little advertising “TVs” at the check outs and have been advertising that they gladly take the internet printables!!

The Fred Meyer here has it regular priced $2.19. I will happily pay 19 cents for a tub of yummy butter. I’m in Corvallis, OR.

I know how you feel Arnold…I went to walmart with my New York Style coupons and the 1st trip I forgot my policy and the lady wouldn’t take them. The 2nd trip I realize as I’m waiting in line to check out the chips were expired. I handed them to the cashier and took off after another bad…They were ALL expired. I am not a happy camper… :) And today I go for the Challange butter and they only carry one kind/size and it was 3.75. Guess I’m gonna have to travel to Albertsons to get this one :)

No Challenge butter shown on the map for Illinois– this is for Texas and every state west of Texas! I am jealous because it sound yummy! :(

vons is $2.49 this week,$.49 after qpon is a good price.

I just printed mine today and it expires on 1/31/11 so hopefully I see it on sale this weekend

Don’t wait too long though…expiration date is 01/31/2011

If you printed this coupon last time it was available then it’s not available now. It was $1.99 when I got in at Safeway – so wait for a sale!

Anybody in Houston know where they sell Challenge butter? I’ve looked at Randalls, Kroger, and Walmart and can’t find it.

In Houston, try looking at Food Town and HEB

You should be able to find it at HEB. That is where I buy it regularly.

Thanks, Tonya and Mary Anne! I’ll look there.

they have it at HEB :)

all the stores USED to carry it. But I know HEB carries it Houston

I love such a high-value coupon like this, but yesterday I was at Fry’s (Kroger) in Phoenix trying to use that New York Style bagel chips coupon that was on KCL the other day. The coupon value was $3.99 but the item was on sale for $2.50. The checker told me that he would let me do it “this one time” but told me that because of fraud they usually don’t accept internet printed coupons when the item ends up being free. I looked on the Kroger web site when I got home, and it *does* say that on their coupon policy. Buy one get one free coupons are OK. I guess it depends on which checker you get; as some may not know or don’t enforce the rules so strictly. I’m going to avoid that guy in the future!

Our Kroger here in Va Beach won’t accept internet coupons for an item that is free either. They wouldn’t even accept a buy one get one free coupon!

Most stores’ policies are no coupon values higher than item. What you can do is buy a ‘filler’ item that you might need such as milk, bread, etc.. As long as your end total is a positive total, you can use coupons. This was taught to me from a coupon class I took here in TN. This works for Kroger, Target, Wal-mart (they do not take e-mail coupons), Publix, Wal-greens, CVS, Rite-aid, and Foodlion. Also some stores let you double stack…use a store coupon w/ a manufactures’s coupon (even if the manufacture’s coupon states you cannot. Store computer does not know that)