Here’s what’s coming up at Rite Aid, starting Sunday 1/30!

Neuragen Gel $19.99
Buy 1, Submit for $19.99 Single Check Rebate
$5.00/1 – Neuragen PN Nerve Pain Relief  – (
Pay $14.99, Submit for $19.99 Single Check Rebate
Final Price:  $5.00 MONEYMAKER

AMO Complete Multi-Purpose Solution $7.99
Buy 1, Submit for $7.99  Single Check Rebate
Pay $7.99, Submit for $7.99  Single Check Rebate
Final Price:  FREE

All Stayfree Pads Buy One Get One Free
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Stayfree product from SS-1/9
New Link Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Stayfree Product – (
B1G1 FREE – Stayfree Product, 14-24ct, Up to $3.00 – (

Final Price:  2 for FREE!

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power or Manual Razor $9.99 (limit 1 per household)
Buy 1, Receive $5 +Up Reward
$4.00/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual or Power Razor from PG-12/26 (exp 1/31)
$4.00/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual or Power Razor from PG-1/30
Pay $5.99, Receive $5 +Up Reward
Final Price:  $0.99

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84 thoughts on “Looking Ahead at Rite Aid: Cheap Razors, Free Contact Solution, Neuragen Gel, and Stayfree!!”

I was about to print Neurogen Gel coupon but Smartsource took it down already =(

Tried to buy the Neuragen Gel yesterday and it is priced $29.99 at my Rite Aid for the .17 size. :( Not a money maker, but you’d get it for $5 after the rebate and $5 coupon. Your OOO would be $24.99 though).

After months of reading about Rite Aid deals, this offer finally made me want to darken their door to give them a try. Up until now the whole process seemed confusing and made my head spin.

Today I purchased about $21 worth of products and paid $8.88 out of pocket and got $11 in UP rewards.

I also special ordered the Stayfree pads as my store was out of stock. The clerk was VERY friendly and VERY helpful and was quite happy to do this for me!!

I told more details on my blog.

Did anyone find the Viactiv in multivitamin (not calcium)?
I didn’t even see where the multi would have been on the shelf.

Got mine!! 8 packs of Stayfree for $1.03(in tax)!

I want to do the two transactions at rite aid listed but cannot because I cannot find the $3.00 Afrin coupon anywhere. It says its on a few different websites and where all I have been it is not on there????

I went to Rite Aid and use the BOGO coupon. I was a little disappointed because the cashier only honored $3 off.

They should honored upto $5 so i bought those $3.99 stayfree and all my stuff were free, only paid tax :)

I had the same thing happen to me. The product was $3.79 and she said that she would take off $3 for the coupon. I didn’t mind paying $.79 + tax for 2 packs. My problem was that when she rang up the pads, the register didn’t take one of them off. She had to do some sort of hoodoo with the register to get it taken off.

The printable coupons had a limit of $3.00. If you used those coupons, then why would you be disappointed? However, if you used the coupons from the newspaper insert, those were max $6.00. If cashier only took off $3, I would have asked for the manager.

Usually BOGO coupons have a max value. If the printable coupon had a max value of $3.00 than the cashier was very right in just taking off $3.00. The store would only get reimbursed for $3.00.

I went to Rite Aid today and used two of the BOGO coupon for the Stayfree pads. I was a little nervous checking out because i was afraid that they would start questioning the transaction, but everything worked out fine. The cashier had mentioned that 15 minutes before I checked out, there had been a lady that use approx. 15 of the same coupons leaving the store with 30 pkgs. I left with 4 since i had two coupons paying only the tax (.42 and .64)with no problems at all and friendly customer service.She even honored the BOGO although each coupon had a “not to exceed” price limit, which she overrode. Can’t wait to print out more to stockpile!!

There is a $2 coupon for the AMO Complete Solution. It’s for 360 ml or larger. Here is the link

the amo complete coupon that you have posted a link for is a canadian coupon it is no good in the usa

Do you have any plans to change to a printable checklist for the deals on your site?

Did anyone ever find the BOGO on the Stayfree? Not seeing it in I thought it might be a coupon. Went over there and they had the $1 off but, that was it. I haven’t printed out any of these so I know I’m not maxed out. Any leads as to where it is?

one of the two that i used came from SS on 1/2 and the other was from . . .try

where can i find the rite aid coupon policy?

I always have trouble using bogo coupons on bogo sales.

here on KLC in the rite aid section, there is a coupon policy PDF

I just came from rite aid (our sales start of Friday not sunday) and the stayfree sale is ANY stayfree. They are priced at 4.49 though so if you use the B1G1 upto $3 coupon you can also use a $1 off stayfree product coupon to make it .49 for 2 packs. I was able to use both coupons with no beep. Although my checker that is always working friday mornings is so rude. Told me next time she wont take that many coupons (split my purchases into 3 organized purchases and let others go ahead of me after each trans.)and rudely told the other checker that she is not checking after i leave cause she needed a break (i was the first person in the store, she had only been at work for 30 min) Ugghhh it frustrates me when people get mad that you expect them to actually work and do their job.

Oh, and at the end of one of the aisles there was a gillette razor that had a travel shave gel and something else in the pack too and it was the 9.99 price with the 5 ups. Score!!

Sounds like you live in Cali where we start our sales on Friday as well. I’ve had the same rude cashier tell me the same. Killing her with kindness just doesn’t work for her either. I’ve never been able to use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO ad. :(

Print a copy of their coupon policy and take it with you…it specifically addresses combining B1G1 sales with B1G1 coupons.

Wow. Perhaps you and Summer need to remind your cashier that she wanted to work there and it is her job to ring your purchases. I would most likely take her name and report her to higher ups since she doesn’t want to work there. I think she is really jealous that she is working there and you are working the deals. *hee hee* I’ve had a few rude cashiers too but I just tell them what their ad and the coupons say and show them the print and they cannot deny the legitimate deal I am doing. Right is still right. Good luck.

Hate the rude cashiers.

Luckily my store has some of the nicest RA cashiers out there. I submitted a contact form via RA’s website the other day to compliment them and got a response within 24 hours saying they would be passing the compliments on to store and corporate management. So, I would think they’d respond re a complaint pretty fast too.

I’m pretty sure they’re gonna know who wrote it…I’ve gotten a bit of a reputation at that store (I only used 1 coupon the other day and the cashier said “is that it?” and seemed genuinely shocked! LOL).

There’s nothing worse than a rude cashier who fights your every coupon! GRRR Last week at Rite Aid I had a cashier who called the manager for EVERY coupon I used and I had 5! She claimed that my lightbulbs were not the ones pictured on the coupon. I read the coupon to her and it said “FOR ANY GE LIGHTBULB” but she still insisted on calling the manager even though the coupon scanned and worked. I explained to her that usually a coupon wont scan or work if it doesn’t match the product I’m buying. Oh well. I just will never go to her again. THe more I coupon the more I discover who’s line I will go down and who’s I avoid. 😀

There is one cashier in my local Rite Aid who does the same thing. I usually stand there and smile politely but it grates on my nerves too. There seems to be haphazard education of the cashiers about coupons not making the store lose money.

My Rite customer service people are also so rude that they relly just about make me not ever want to go in there, its it not free I don’t bother. You would people would think about their jobs in these days. Maybe if we all started complaining to managers it would get better.

Hi. New to this site and enjoying the conversation chain very much. Don’t be too hard on the cashiers who are picky with coupons. Most of them got that way because they got in trouble from a manager for accepting coupons they shouldn’t have. So now, if there is the least little question and the customer argues, they call the manager.

Just ordered 20 coupons from EBAY!

Are the Stayfree pads ANY of the pads or JUST Maxi? The last deal they had on them was just Maxi and a lot of them didn’t have wings. Plus, overnight & the thin ones weren’t part of the offer and I really like those.

I have the ad RIGHT in front of me, and it is ALL pads, INCLUDING OVERNIGHT!! I love those! But, don’t use the printable smartsource q. Those only go up to $3, and the cheapest stayfree is 4.29 :)

Also, an extremely regional thing is FREE ICE CREAM/CHIPS!!
By extremely regional, i mean town regional.
Here’s the deal:
Get a $5 +up reward wyb $15 worth of select items.
Edy’s ice cream is included, which is already on sale for 2.99, get back $2. Also, Lays Stax is on sale for 2 for $2 (you can buy just one!) And they produce a monthly $1 +UP
Scenario #1:
Buy 5 ice cream – 14.96
Buy 1 lays stax – $1
Pay $15.96 (utilize +ups if you have them)
Get back $10 from ice cream, $1 from lays, and $5 from the promo!
Scenario #2:
Buy 15 lays stax (only if your store has enough!) –
Pay $15 (again, utilize ups if you have to)
Get back $15 (monthly up) and $5 (promo up)
Free + MM
The $5 up is limit 1 per card. 😀

Can you give me more information on the $1 monthly +UP for the Lays Stax which makes them free? Where is this advertised? I just want to have something to show the cashier in case it doesn’t print. Thanks!!!

Why is it that Colgate coupons are never in my paper? phooooey.

Buy them online on ebay! I bought 10 last week for $1.75 shipped! Now I’m going to get 10 tubes of toothpaste for $1.75 + they’ll count towards the healthy heart promo! Ebay is a great place to get coupons that you missed, are sold out, need more of, or were regional and not found in your area! Good luck!

you say u bought them on ebay? How do you do it and dont you have to pay shipping fees? And would you wouldn’t possibly know what they mean when they say you have to submit for the $19.99 single check rebate means? sorry lots of question = )

The Single check Rebate (SCR) is Rite Aid’s rebate program-they run them on various items. See the flyer by their ad papers in their stores-for the current month’s offerings (note the “month’s” dates vary-not a true month). On the back cover it tells you how to submit them-online at You could also mail the info in, but it is very quick and easy to do it online-just need info from the top of your receipt.
The important point is-don’t request your check (which can be cashed or used at Rite Aid) until you are sure you have bought all the items you want for that month-as you can only do it once per month. You have almost a month to request it after the period is over.
Throughout the month various items from it may be on sale so they are free, or nearly so, so keep your eyes open for more of them. Of course the krazycouponlady will let you know also!

If you printed the Stayfree coupon from a week or two ago, (for the last sale), they may not be available to you this time??
And the one in the smartsource may be regional?..I don’t think I got one.

i had written before that I think the smart source is regional because i was in arizona on a sunday morning….grabbed my aunts smart souce coupons…came home and went through my own that evening and had quite a few different. [hair dye for example].

Does one per household mean 1 per wellness card?

Yes, only one razor per card. You may want to give them to your friends!

I wish i had known the 1/30 newspaper will have the 4/1 razor coupon, i ordered 20 of them on ebay…..

Is this a stock up price for the razors, i been couponing for 1 month so i am not sure but to me it seems an amazing deal.

It is a great price for a men’s 5 blade razor. We just didn’t put the stock-up icon next to it, since the limit is one.

Me too :( Seven dollars wasted.. Does anyone know of any sales going on right now for the Gillete razor?

There is the same razor at Walgreen’s for $9.99-$4 coupon-$4 RR= $1.99. It ends up costing a dollar more per razor but if you do several transactions, you can stock up. I usually just drop in a few times a week and get one at a time, but I live close by.

I was able to find the $10 coupon at I don’t know if she still has any left, but it’s worth a shot. :-)

I can not seem to find the B1G1 Free stayfree that is at Anyone have any tips for me-maybe a different zip code?

I can’t find the BOGO Stayfree. Is it gone or what zip you using?

I am not able to find the stayfree coupon either,maybe a different zip code?

I do not see the Stayfree coupon at

I have the same question on the B1G1 Free Stayfree How does that work?

I just did this transaction- 6 times. Check your coupon for the max value allowed. Then select the Stayfree products that match up to your max value. ie. coupon will be good for either ‘up to $3 or $6″. Stayfree products at my store were either $3.99 or $6.99. For two products all you will pay is the difference between the max value of the coupon + the sales tax. So if the max value of your coupon is $5 you will just pay .99cents +sales tax.

Too bad we dont have one..=( (texas)

Anyone know the zip code for the stayfree?


Can’t find the always coupon. It’s it a certain area code or is it gone?

I can’t find the BOGO coupon either, what zip code is it in?

Does anyone know…at rite aid, on the buy $100 get $20 ups, if I buy BOGOfree items (like stay free), do both count toward the 100 or just one?

I’ve noticed that if it’s their sale (Stayfree, for example) then only 1 will count, but if it’s a B1G1 coupon then both will count. Does that make sense? So, if you’re combining a B1G1 sale and a B1G1 coupon to get both for free then one will count towards your $100.


You’re welcome!

How are the stayfree pads free, when its only buy 1 get one free, what about the bought one?

Keith-on a BOGOfree (buy one get one free) in ad/store promotion, you can use a BOGOfree coupon, making both items free…I’m assuming the free one from the store promotion is the “bought” one…

when something is bogof, ur getting the price of one off. using bogof q is getting price of one off, so both free you’ll pay sales tax

thanks kris

Your welcome! P.S. you do have to pay tax (if applicable)

Just curious. Are you married or have you figured out another use for them?

So am I reading this right that there is going to be another gillette razor coupon in this Sundays paper? Also if the limit is 1 per household how can I stock up?

That’s just it, you can’t stock up. The good news is that there (at least in my rite aid stores) are tons of those gift packs still out there.

Can you if you go different days? Do they keep track? Or is that ‘wrong’??

It is automatically tracked through your card. Most of their Ups don’t have limits-but occasionally they do so you need to check out the fine print on their ads (on the bottom of the box for each item).

Yes, there will be another $4/1 coupon in the upcoming P&G insert. To preview the coupons that will be in the upcoming inserts, check out this site:

The Neuragen in the ad is the .28 oz gel and the coupon is for the .17 size.

$10.00/1 rp 12/5 rp (regional coupon, i live in S. cali.. got it 😉
Neuragen gel .28 gel or .17 pn

Don’t forget free Colgate tp, $2.99 – $1/1 1/16 ss = pay $2 get $2+up. Also if u buy a ton there is a extra +up offer

How many Colgate do you need to purchase to get the extra Up Rewards?

I think she may be referring to the heart healthy up reward. Spend $30 get $10 up reward, spend an additional $20 and get another $10 up reward.

I got this $10/1 q., too. It expires 1/31!

The Colgate is bogo this week at rite aid…no +up reward

Took $2+up and got
Dreyers 1.5 qt ICE CREAM $2.99 – 2+up = .99!!!! – no limit and if you buy $15 worth you get a $5 +up (double dip?)!!!

😉 yum Choc Fudge Brownie!

Colgate – No there is 2 offers in my ad! I live in S. cali 😉

Page 4 middle of page, you get $2+up for each tp you buy and if you buy a ton in 1 transaction you get to double dip and get an EXTRA +up, Spend $30 get $10 up reward, spend an additional $20 and get another $10 up reward.

Btw the Ice cream Dreyers / edy is on the back page of the ad 😉